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Blennerhassett Baronets papers

Papers of the Blennerhassett Baronets family.
In private possession.


Schoolbook, 1793


Schoolbook dated April 1793 of Rowland Blennerhassett (born 26 Dec 1780, son of 1st Baronet).
At Long Ashton Academy, near Bristol. Rowland is age 12.
See larger and full size.


Grant of Arms, 1808

Grant of Arms to Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, 1st Baronet. 13 Mar 1808.
Copy retained in the Baronet's family.

Grant of Arms, 1808.
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See cover and seal.


Letter from Daniel O'Connell, 1820


Letter to unknown, but must be 1st Baronet, or one of his sons, or one of their agents.
From Daniel O'Connell. Dated 13 Dec 1820.
Letter is about accounts. Apparently about legal work done for 1st Baronet.
See larger and full size.

Signature of Daniel O'Connell.
See larger and full size.


4th Baronet

Collection of papers from time of Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, 4th Baronet (succ 1849, died 1909).


Recipient uncertain

The Baronets family inherited some material from their cousin Rowland Ponsonby Blennerhassett MP.
So it is uncertain if the following is to the 4th Baronet or to Rowland Ponsonby Blennerhassett MP.



Family letters in time of 4th Baronet

Family letters from the time of Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, 4th Baronet (succ 1849, died 1909).

Probably irrelevant: Partial transcript of letter from Dorothy Wordsworth, 1800

This is almost certainly irrelevant.
A partial transcript of a letter from the sister of the poet William Wordsworth. Found in the Blennerhassett Baronets papers.
I am certain this is just a (partial) transcript made by someone of the letter (which is published in various books), and not the original.


This is a known, published letter.
Here is a full transcript published on pp.293-301 of The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth: The early years (1967).
This says the letter comes from the Wordsworth Library at Dove Cottage, Grasmere, and has been published in two previous collections. See abbreviations.
So we are certain that this Blennerhassett copy is not an original but is just a transcript someone made of it. We do not know why. Maybe someone was just interested in Wordsworth.

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