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Things to do - O'Mara

Things to do - O'Mara

Fr. Paddy O'Mara tree

  1. Does a family tree exist by Fr. Paddy O'Mara?
    • Someone in the family (I have forgotten who) told me before 1991 that Fr. Paddy traced the family tree, and "left his work with the Jesuits".
    • There is no tree in Fr. Paddy O'Mara papers at IJA. There is one page of notes for a tree.
    • This and other Fr. Paddy papers came from Gardiner Street.

  2. Maybe another box exists at Gardiner Street?
  3. Maybe he deposited his tree in Jesuit Library. Formerly Milltown Park. Moving to DCU All Hallows Campus.

  4. Pat Lavelle typed out pages called "Uncle Paddy's notes". Implies the original Uncle Paddy's notes may exist elsewhere.


  1. O'Mara

  2. Foley



  1. Transcript of James O'Mara senior's will exists. (Source for this lost. Maybe not in NAI but in private papers.)
    Mentions wife's sister Mary Foley (died 1890).

  2. Murray's Mill was willed to Margaret Casey of Clogheen about the year 1825 by her uncle.


  1. [VO]

  2. Glasnevin cemetery

  3. Museum of Literature Ireland had exhibition on Kate O'Brien. With O'Mara photos.

Parish records

  1. Clonmel - see original paper register!
    • O'Mara of Clonmel.
    • Microfilm illegible.
    • The other O'Mara baptisms may be hidden in the illegible entries.
    • See entries to look at here and here.

  2. St John's and St.Michael's, Limerick

  3. Limerick CoI records


  1. [UL Archives]

  2. Crescent College, Limerick, student records.

  3. Hartstonge House - get into yard. Compare it to 1908 photos.
  4. Identify O'Mara house on Mungret St.
  5. Identify O'Mara houses on Roches St (has been re-numbered).

  6. Ebrill made stained glass window, Redemptorists church, Limerick city.
    There are Redemptorists archives at Limerick (Mount Saint Alphonsus).


  1. [GRO.UK]

  2. British Army

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