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Things to do - Herbert

Things to do - Herbert

Pembroke estate papers

  1. NAI - Pembroke estate papers


  1. [GRO.UK]

  2. [NA.UK] - Royal Navy records

  3. [COA]

DNA from a hair

  1. We have hair of Elizabeth Montgomery
    • DNA test it?
    • DNA from a lock of hair. 2012 article. Says can only do mtDNA testing.
    • Female-female line of Elizabeth Montgomery leads up to Anne Vassal, born c.1700 (French or Greek).
    • - DNA testing from envelopes, stamps, hair, and more. Very expensive.


  1. Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre


  1. Earl of Pembroke papers in various archives
  2. Barons Herbert of Chirbury papers in various archives

  3. Portsmouth - Royal Naval Museum

Lost portraits

  1. Lost portrait of Reebkomp and Susan Maltass

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