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Things to do - Cashel


Things to do - Cashel

  1. Our Cashel family, directly connected to Blennerhassett problem.
  2. Our Cashel family, areas not connected to Blennerhassett problem.
  3. Random Cashel/Cashell families that may or may not be connected.


DONE first pass of the following.


  • Pursue the idea that George Cashel could have been baptised in Killarney (records burnt in 1922).

  • Cashel of Killarney

  • Any list of residents of Killarney 1800 to 1830?
  • Schools in Killarney




  1. DONE - CASHEL in NAI wills and admins 1858-1941
  2. DONE - CASHEL in Irish will index, 1828-1839 (index into summaries of wills)

  3. Rowan Francis Cashel will

  4. Search for Kickham wills
  5. Does will exist of Ellen Kickham, granted 1889



  1. State of the Country Papers.
    "G. Cashel, Killarney".

  2. Mullinahone Civic Guard Station, OPW/5HC/4/266, Sketch plan showing 'Mr Stephen O'Connor's house, 27 July 1923
  3. Bagenalstown RIC Barrack (OPW/5HC/4/46). Plan showing proposed sanitary accommodation, 29 April 1921.


Mullinahone and Fenians

  • Can we find any report on the link between George Cashel and Charles Joseph Kickham, the Fenian?
  • The Fenian was involved in Young Irelanders' rising in Co.Tipperary, July 1848.
  • Outrage reports, for the 1848 rising, [NAI]. Any mention of Kickham and Cashel?

  • [Comerford, 1979, pp.20-21, p.226] talks about "Young Ireland" activity at Mullinahone in 1848. It references:
    1. "Communications to undersecretary, Dublin Castle, July-Aug 1848 (S.P.O., Outrage papers)."
      This cannot be identified in [CSORP] index for 1848.
      There is a short letter from Mullinahone from Benjamin Wright, 3 Oct 1848, reference I 9540, but nothing interesting in it.
    2. Hue and Cry (Police Gazette), 2 Sept 1848. (todo) See in [NLI].



  • DONE properly: 1827-1843, 1861-1862
  • DONE quick pass of: 1818-1826, 1844-1846, 1853-1860, 1867, 1882
  • To do: Proper pass of: 1818-1826, 1844-1883


To see - Cashel

  1. 1838, 1118 or 1181, John Cashell, Constables applying to be reinstated
  2. 1839/34/4416. Cashel. Illegible, but think may be Anne, widow of Constable Cashell.
  3. 1839, 34.10302, Claims. Anne, widow of Constable J. Cashell.
  4. 1843/17/9743. Threat to (think Mr. H.) Cashel.

To see - Other

  1. 1838, 2552/1, Constables claims, William Armstrong
  2. 1839, no.171, Co.Tipperary, 22 Jan 1839, Rev. J. Armstrong, pig stolen.



  1. Hue and Cry (Police Gazette).
    See 2 Sept 1848 for possibly Mullinahone.

  2. Armstrong pedigrees and Mss.

  3. Kickham, Armstrong, Lecoq

  4. DONE first pass of the following:



  1. O'Connell papers
    • Rowan Cashel trial, Mar-Apr 1816. Defended by Daniel O'Connell.
      See: Letters of Daniel O'Connell to his wife, 1800-16.

  2. Check [Ms 4112] again for any notes on Cashell in transcript of "Black Jack's Book".

George Cashel drunk incident

  • George Cashel drunk incident - 1829 - Clashmore Petty Sessions

  • findmypast has Clashmore Petty Sessions only from 1851.
  • Ancestry has Clashmore Petty Sessions only from 1851.

  • (todo) Get exact date of 1829 Clashmore Petty Sessions.
    Find an Irish Law Calendar 1829


  • Waterford newspapers. Short period: 17 Aug 1829 to 2 Sept 1829.
  • Clashmore is close to Co.Cork border. Could also try Cork newspapers.

  • DONE search in irishnewsarchive
    • No Waterford titles.

  • Waterford Mail

  • Waterford Chronicle.

  • Waterford Mirror.
    • NLI (microfilm) and BL have this period.
    • DONE - Searched 17 Aug 1829 to 12 Sept 1829.

Other newspapers

Known articles:
  1. George Cashel death 1855.
Things to search for:
  1. George Cashel Petty Sessions appearances.

  2. William Henry Cashel arrest 1891.

Other Cashell:

  1. Rowan Cashell duel 1816
  2. Rowan F. Cashel divorce - Nenagh Spring Assizes 1859

  3. George Cashel death 1834
  4. George Cashel death 1855
  5. Francis Cashell death 1805


  1. Do any group photos of Irish Constabulary men exist before 1867? Seems like the kind of thing that could get photographed.

  2. Systematic search of [RIC List]
    • search for events - rewards etc.
    • any way of tracking his exact station before 1846?

  3. George Cashel's wife Mary Kickham was 1st cousin of the Fenian Charles Joseph Kickham. This may be why George was transferred out of Co.Tipperary in 1858. Could RIC notes on his Kickham wife's connections survive? In London?

Petty Sessions


  • RCB
  • Killarney - 1782 to 1838 burnt (near Churchtown)
  • Any sort of abstracts at all of Killarney parish records?
  • Killarney Vestry Books survive?


  • DNA from stamp:
    Any letter ever written to the railway from any of the 3 Cashel employees?

  • GSWR records at IRRS
    • Found all 3 in GSWR Register of Officers and Servants.
    • Minutes of Board of GSWR.
    • Any correspondence?

  • Records of the Irish Transport Genealogical Museum, Joseph Lecky, Irish Railway Record Society, 1985. [NLI] Ir 385 L 8

The 3 men

  • William Henry Cashel (died 1891).
    Worked for GSWR 1866 to 1889.
    He gave evidence at an inquiry in 1873 when a GSWR fireman killed a GSWR driver close to his station.
    He was station master at Carlow station 1877 to 1889.
    Apparently he drank too much and he was "called on to resign" in 1889.

  • Blennerhassett Cashel (died 1915).
    Worked for GSWR 1866 to 1911.
    He was GSWR head at Limerick, 1881 to 1893.
    He was GSWR goods head at Cork, 1893 to 1911.
    He also gave evidence in a number of legal cases involving the GSWR.
    Including the trial of a subversive in London in 1882. (Cases containing arms had arrived at Limerick station.)

  • George Cashel of Canada (died 1956).
    Worked for GSWR 1899 to 1901.


  1. Riordan

  2. Johanna Cashel, Killarney.



  1. MacSwiney papers.
    • Go through the catalogues.
    • See O'Mara.
    • DONE search for Cashel.
    • No mention of Riordan in the catalogues.

  2. O'Connell papers
    • Rowan Cashel trial, Mar-Apr 1816. Defended by Daniel O'Connell.


Other Dublin

  1. NMI, Collins Barracks, has:
    • Alice Cashel uniform

  2. [TCD]
    • "A full account of the murder of Mr. John Cashel, June 28, 1732", by John Burnsides, Dublin, 1732, [TCD] Irish pamphlets, vol. v, no. 265, Press 1. 62.

George Cashel in letters / politics

  • George Cashel is apparently supporting Home Rule politics at Carlow in 1879.
  • According to my theory, his 1st cousin's son Rowland Ponsonby Blennerhassett was elected Home Rule MP in 1872.
  • Maybe George wrote to him?

  • Note that Letitia Blennerhassett (Hurly) is of the Home Rule line. Though she died long before Home Rule times. She died before 1834. She is grandmother of the Home Rule MP. She may be George Cashel's aunt or even stepmother.

  • Records of Home Rule association at Carlow?
  • DONE - Initial newspaper search for Cashel at Home Rule meetings in Carlow.

Blennerhassett Cashel in letters / politics

Blennerhassett Cashel knew Stephen O'Mara, Home Rule MP.
He knew David Sheehy, Home Rule MP.
He was apparently 2nd cousin of Rowland Ponsonby Blennerhassett, Home Rule MP.
He was apparently 2nd cousin of Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, 4th Baronet, Liberal MP. He went to a talk by him.
Did he correspond with any of these? Was he interested in politics? Does he appear in any letters?

  1. UL - Stephen O'Mara the younger papers
    Partially consulted. Images photographed.

  2. David Sheehy, MP letters
    • Sheehy Skeffington Papers. [NLI] Ms.
      Not much on David Sheehy. No Cashel or O'Mara mentioned in guides.

  3. Rowland Ponsonby Blennerhassett, Home Rule MP letters
    • He was alive in 1900 when James O'Mara became Home Rule MP. Wonder did he write to James, who had married (possibly) the dau of his 2nd cousin.

  4. 4th Baronet, Liberal MP papers
    • Did (his 2nd cousin?) Blennerhassett Cashel of Cork correspond with him when he was President of Queens College Cork?
    • For 4th Baronet papers from Queen's College, Cork, period, try reading the histories of UCC.
    • 4th Baronet was alive in 1900 when James O'Mara became MP. Wonder did he write to James, who had married (possibly) the dau of his 2nd cousin.


  1. George Cashel, 1882, Killeshin
    • Known graveyard but not known grave.
    • Apparently no church burial register exists.
    • "Gravestone Inscriptions ..", 1997, Laois County Library, Portlaoise.
    • 1984 survey.

  2. Cashel Hill, Co.Galway: Check out the stone at the apparent grave of the Conacher twins.

  3. Limerick - known Sheahan grave but no headstone.

Search for graves

  1. Mary Kickham death

  2. William Henry Cashel, Croom, 1891

  3. Mullinahone area
    1. Nothing found in these transcripts of Lismalin graveyard. See street view.
    2. DONE - Have searched:
    3. There is a new cemetery to the N of Mullinahone. See street view and map. It does not yet exist on 1887 to 1913 map.

  4. Ferns area
    1. Ferns graveyard
      • Ferns inscriptions in Memorials of the Dead, Brian J. Cantwell, Co.Wexford, vol V, 185-186, [NAI] RR, [NLI] Ir 9295 c 2. No CASHEL found.
      • Ferns inscriptions meant to be in [JMD] vol.5-7, [NLI] IR 9295 I 1, but Ferns not found there

  5. Leighlinbridge area
    1. Agha graveyard
    2. Newtown graveyard
    3. Wells graveyard
      • Wells inscriptions meant to be in Co.Carlow Tombstone Inscriptions vol.4, by Muintir na Tire, [NLI] IR 9295 c 3, but vol.4 not found in [NLI]
  6. Bagenalstown area
    1. Dunleckny graveyard
      • (todo) see "Dunleckny headstone inscriptions", Andrew Morris, [NLI] GO, also [LDS] film 6342811
    2. Curraghacruit graveyard


Other Cashell


  • Cork solicitors.
    • John Stanton and Sons, Solicitors, 47 South Mall, Cork, dealt with admin of Blen Cashel 1915.
    • Think the firm is gone. Was any archive saved or transferred? Do they have a letter from Blen Cashel?

  • Fr. John McSwiney (died 1928)
    Augustinian Fathers, Cork, have his papers?
    Find letter from brother-in-law Blennerhassett Cashel.

  • Cork Catholic Young Men's Society
    • Blennerhassett Cashel moved to Cork 1893. He went to meetings 1896-1904 of the Cork Catholic Young Men's Society (or Cork Young Men's Society).
    • NLI search.
    • See Cork Catholic Young Men's Society - A History - 1852 - 2010. This advert is the only evidence this exists.


George Cashel's lost will
  • Could this will exist in a solicitor's office in Carlow? Will proved 21 Sept 1882 at Dublin.
  • A lot of Carlow wills were up for sale by Whytes in 2024. I looked through them entirely. No George Cashel.
  • Carlow local history people?




Kickham papers


  1. DONE - CASHEL in KCL drawers


  1. Any Alice Cashel papers?
    • Galway County Council
    • Clifden R.D.C.

  2. John Blennerhassett Riordan (died 1955) was an Urban District Councillor at Tralee, heartland of Blennerhassett. Did anyone ever ask about the "Blennerhassett" in his name? He had no issue.


  1. [NA.UK]

  2. [GRO.UK]

  3. DONE - CASHEL in [BL Ms] online catalog and Index of Manuscripts

George Cashel at school

  • Find listing of school children 1810-28
  • Blennerville
  • Churchtown

  • Erasmus Smith school, Blennerville
  • Erasmus Smith schools archive says about Blennerville school:
    • Founded 1811. Patron Sir R. Blennerhassett
    • Architectural plans exist 1812
    • Property documents exist 1812-1840.
    • No correspondence exists. This means no list of pupils exists.
    • Discontinued (from Erasmus Smith system) 1839. New school built 1840.

  • There is a controversy about a school at Blennerville in Kerry Evening Post, May 14, 1828. It mentions parents who were getting attacked for supporting the school. Maybe some papers exist with names of parents?

Kildare Place Society

Cashel family trees

  1. Find any existing CASHEL / CASHELL family trees

  3. Cashel of Limerick being researched by: Leonie Bedggood, Waimate North, R.D.2, Kaikohe Nthld 0454, New Zealand
  4. James M. Niall in Australia (born 1915) did Cashell of Bushfield genealogy
  5. LDS IGI possible Cashell family trees here and here

  6. find Emily Cashel, family tree 1920s

The name "Agnes Cashel"

  • George Cashel called his daughter Agnes Cashel in 1838.
  • She died and he called his next daughter Agnes in 1842. Or Agnes Mary Cashel. Or Mary Agnes Cashel. His wife was Mary.
  • This may be evidence that George Cashel's mother was Agnes.
  • Maybe Agnes Blennerhassett or Agnes Cashel.

  • We note that Agnes is a name in the Baronets branch.

  • Stephen of Tralee:
    • There is a George Cashel, baptised 1808, Tralee, Catholic, son of Stephen Cashel and Agnes Noonan.
    • Our George Cashel is also written "George S. Cashel". Could "S." be Stephen?
    • But where does Blennerhassett come from?

  • There is an Agnes Blennerhassett in the Ballyseedy branch. Her marriage in 1761 was witnessed by "George Cashel" (who must be George Cashell of Rathanny, who is her relation through Rowan).

The name "William Cashel"

  • George Cashel named his 2nd son William Henry Cashel in 1844.
  • This may be evidence that George Cashel's father was William.
  • Maybe William Blennerhassett or William Cashel.
  • Though William could also have come from Kickham.

  • William Blennerhassett of Blennerville married in 1805. It would be a bit early in marriage for him to be having an affair.

  • There is a William Cashell of Tralee, bapt 1787. This could be George's father.
  • Note this William's father is George Cashell, which could explain our George Cashel's name.

LR - My Cashels

  1. George Cashel deeds

  2. Story than Blen Cashel bought Scattery Island around 1883.
    • Seems unlikely.
    • DONE - Searched for Scattery Island 1870-1914. No Cashel found.
    • Could widen the search to all locations in Moyarta barony, looking for Cashel, in case it was near Scattery Island. Would be a big search. Have to search all A-Z places. Arranged by barony not parish.

Have searched:

"From" Looking for ("To") Dates

LR - Other Cashels

  1. DONE first pass of CASHEL/CASHELL in 1758-1812

    (todo) See transcripts of the following ones of interest:

    Grantor Grantee Date Vol Page No
    Henry Cashell Going 1758-68 215 87 140894
    Henry Cashell Going 1789 404 72 267241
    Francis Worth Cashell Lowndes 1793 477 375 302664
    Francis W. Cashell Maunsell 1797 509 28 illegible
    Francis W. Cashell Maunsell 1797 492 358 328136
    Francis W. Cashell White 1798 513 280 337126
    George Cashell Powel 1802 547 136 360293
    George Cashell Markey 1805 578 194 387732
    George Cashell and wife Sim 1806 586 20 394595

  2. done first pass of CASHEL/CASHELL in 1840-59
    (todo) see transcripts of the following ones of interest:

    Grantor Grantee Place Year Vol No
    George Cashel, and George Cashel the younger Thomas Bennett Co.Limerick 1840 10 206
    Jannett Cashel Thomas Bennett Co.Limerick 1840 10 206
    Alicia R. Cashel John C. Walker Co.Tipperary 1842 4 239
    Henry G. Cashel George Roe Co.Tipperary 1842 6 21
    Elizabeth Cashel George Roe Co.Tipperary 1842 6 21
    Henry G. Cashel George Roe Co.Tipperary 1842 9 81
    George Cashel William Chute Co.Kerry 1842 13 158
    Henry G. Cashel Sir William Galwey Co.Tipperary 1844 3 119
    Elizabeth Cashel Sir William Galwey Co.Tipperary 1844 3 119
    Henry G. Cashel Samuel Webb Co.Tipperary 1845 12 4
    George Cashel   Co.Kerry, Co.Tipperary 1846 8 263
    Robert Cashel   Co.Kerry, Co.Tipperary 1846 8 263
    Robert Cashel Richard McGillicuddy Co.Kerry, Co.Tipperary 1846 8 264
    George Cashel Robert Cashell Dublin, Co.Kerry, Co.Tipperary 1846 12 217
    Rowan P. Cashel William L. Cashel Co.Tipperary 1847 6 99
    George Cashel   Co.Kerry 1847 19 55
    Henry G. Cashel Christopher Delmege Co.Tipperary 1848 16 281
    Rowan P. Cashel Patrick Meara Co.Tipperary 1848 18 267
    William L. Cashel Patrick Meara Co.Tipperary 1848 18 267
    Henry Cashell Patrick D. Jeffers Co.Kerry 1840 17 152
    Ellen Cashel George Cashel   1854 16 29
    George Cashel   Co.Kerry 1850 7 109
    George Cashel and wife Robert F. Cashel Co.Kerry 1853 5 171
    Frederick K. Cashel Edward Biggs   1856 2 111
    Frederick K. Cashel Edward Biggs Co.Tipperary 1856 19 263
    Frederick K. Cashel Edward Biggs Co.Tipperary 1858 2 182
    Henrietta A.M. Cashel George Bolton Queen's Co, Co.Tipperary 1850 11 291
    Jane A. Cashel and husband Robert F. Cashel Co.Kerry 1853 5 171
    Rowan P. Cashel Anthony Parker Co.Tipperary 1859 4 290
    Rowan F. Cashel Thomas Pine Co.Tipperary 1859 35 9
    Rowan F. Cashel Thomas Pine Co.Tipperary 1859 35 10

  3. done first pass of CASHEL/CASHELL in 1880-89
    (todo) see transcripts of the following ones of interest:

    Grantor Grantee Place Year Vol No
    Charlotte Cashel Frederick Willington Co.Tipperary 1885 48 139
    Francis Cashel James King Co.Kerry 1888 33 114
    George Cashel Commissioners of Public Works Co.Tipperary 1881 4 41
    George Cashel Thomas King Co.Tipperary 1885 37 143
    Susan Cashel Michael Ryan Co.Tipperary 1887 11 24


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