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Things to do - Flanagan

Things to do - Flanagan

  1. [Voters of Dublin city, 1835].


  1. Go through all known deeds again.

  2. Find more Flanagan deeds.
    • Find later Greenhills deeds and work backwards to prove they reference earlier deeds.
    • Have searched HODSON to FLANAGAN 1800-1924.

  3. Transfer of Greenhills around 1940 from Flanagan to Kavanagh.
    • Have searched (FLANAGAN or HODSON) to (KAVANAGH or FLANAGAN), 1925-54. Nothing found.


Other land records

  1. [NLI Ms].
    • Estate papers of Hodson, Flanagan landlord.

  2. [VO]

  3. Sandes of Greenville. Moore (and later Stack) may have worked on the estate.


  1. GROI

  2. RIA
    • Liam Cosgrave and W.T. Cosgrave papers.
    • Any Flanagan material? Flanagan letters after 1923? (After Cosgrave house was burnt.)

  3. [IJA].
    • Records of Frank's time with the Jesuits.

  4. Tallaght cemetery - William grave 1874

  5. Search Rathfarnham graveyard (near Protestant church)

  6. St. James' Hospital
    • Has a local history display. To RHS of reception, down corridor.
    • Had photo of Portmahon House. Is it this photo or a new one?

Parish records

  1. Rathfarnham, Co.Dublin

McGuirk papers


Flanagan and Maguirk in 1798 and 1803 Risings

  1. Looking for Michael or Edmond or Dennis Flanagan in 1803.

  2. Rebellion Papers. Index in [NAI] RR.
    • Have searched FLANAGAN and MAGUIRK and MCGUIRK in Name index
    • "W. Flanagan" meant to be on p.112 of Main index. Only entry on that page is:
      • List of prisoners in Dublin Castle, 27 Nov 1803. Rebellion Papers, Carton 620/12, 142/1-17.

Outside Dublin



  1. Tralee - Visit Ballynabrennagh
    Identify farms of the different O'Callaghan branches.
    O'Callaghan apparently farmed there up to 1950s.

  2. Ardfert - Visit Liscahane
    Identify Carmody farm.
    It is on the main (Tralee) road.


  1. British Army

  2. [GRO.UK]

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