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Richard Francis Blennerhassett

Miniature portrait of unknown person, from family of Richard Francis Blennerhassett.
Sold at auction by Phillips, London, 7 Nov 2001.
See bigger.

Richard Francis Blennerhassett,
of Kells, Co.Kerry,
born 26 April 1820.
Listed as of Tralee at mar.

He mar 1849 to Honoria Ponsonby [born 1820, descendant of Henry VII].

His father died 12 Apr 1854.
Richard died 1854, age 33 or 34 yrs.
[Bill Jehan] says he died 20 Sept 1854, NOT 16 Feb 1854.
Page 24 of [Rowan, 1846] says died 9 Feb 1854.
His will pr 1854. Would be burnt in 1922.
See entry in Irish will index 1854-55. Executor Honoria Blennerhassett. Residence Kells Lodge.

Honoria mar 2ndly, 29 Jan 1857, to Dr. James Barry, M.D. [born 1800, son of Philip Barry].
Obituary says he was from Killarney.
They mar in London. See mar cert.

They lived at Villa Nuova, N of Caherciveen (across the bridge), Co.Kerry.
James is described as Landed Proprietor, M.D., J.P., at his death. He is described as J.P. at wife's death.

James Barry was Catholic and was a strong supporter of Home Rule and even of the Fenians (despite himself being a J.P.).
He helped Fenians at the time of the Fenian rising of 1867.
Part 8 of Police reports of 1872 recalls Dr. Barry at the time of the 1867 rising: "when the Police and myself were harassing ourselves night after night endeavouring to arrest Fenians in 1867, they, the Fenians, were in his house and fed there."
James' stepson Rowland Blennerhassett followed his stepfather in political views, and became a Home Ruler, and was elected a Home Rule MP in Feb 1872.
In the 1872 election there were violent mob scenes in Co.Kerry. Police reports say that Dr. Barry, J.P., encouraged the mob violence rather than dampened it. One of the documents (Part 8) angrily describes him as: "a disgrace to the Bench" and recommends he be removed as a J.P.

James died Villa Nuova, 6 July 1873, age 73 yrs.
See death cert from here.
Funeral Thur 10 July 1873.
See obituary in Tralee Chronicle, 11 July 1873.
See obituary in Munster News, 12 July 1873.

Honoria died 3 Dec 1883, Villa Nuova, age 63 yrs.
See death cert from here.
See admin of her estate 1884 [NAI].
Richard Francis and Honoria had issue:

  1. Rowland Ponsonby Blennerhassett, MP,
    born 1850, Kells, Co.Kerry.
    One of the first Home Rule MPs.
    Admin of mother's estate says he is the only (surviving) child.

Silhouette from family of Honoria Ponsonby and Richard Francis Blennerhassett.
This is apparently Honoria Ponsonby when young.
Sold at auction by Phillips, London, 7 Nov 2001.
See bigger.

Villa Nuova, N of Caherciveen, on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern street view of W gate.




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