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Casey of Clogheen, near Clonmel, Co.Tipperary.

Proof that Margaret Casey is mother of our James O'Mara

There has been confusion about whether Casey is mother of James O'Mara or mother of his wife Honora Foley.
She is mother of James O'Mara. Here is the proof.


This O'Mara family tree says the mother of James was "Margaret Casey" of "Cloheen Mills".

The top of O'Mara family tree, post-1961, gives the mother as Peggy Casey.
"Peggy" is of course Margaret.
The father is guessed as "John". This turns out to be wrong.

Another part of O'Mara family tree, post-1961.

The mother of James was definitely Margaret O'Mara (born 1779 or 1785, died 1863) as shown here on her grave.
See full size.

When Mary O'Mara acted in the film Knocknagow (1918), she went under the pseudonym "Miss Peg Casey".
This was said to be the name of the mother of James O'Mara.
Of course "Peg" is "Margaret".

The final proof is the discovery of the baptism of James' brother Andrew O'Mara, 8 Jan 1817, St. Mary's, Clonmel, with mother Margaret Casey.

The only reason we thought Casey was mother of Foley was because of these notes by Pat Lavelle.
She thinks Casey was mother of James O'Mara's wife, rather than James O'Mara.
But the account is confusing. She says her great-grandmother was Margaret Foley but that is wrong. She was Honora Foley.
"Honor Casey" and "Margaret Foley" seem to be confused references to the real people: Margaret Casey and Honora Foley.
In fact, Pat mentions "Margaret Casey of Clogheen" without making it clear who she is.
From [PAT/1, p.5]. See full page.
See also [PAT/32].

It is clear that the Clogheen link is through Casey, and Casey is mother of James O'Mara.
His wife's family Foley are from Limerick city with no link to Clogheen or Clonmel.


Our family


Might be her brother:


William Casey, spirit store, Main St, Clogheen, Co.Tipperary, listed in [Pigot's directory, 1824].
This could be Margaret's brother.


Clogheen, near Clonmel, Co.Tipperary

Pat Lavelle in [PAT/1, p.5] said Casey had a woollen mill in Clogheen, Shanrahan par, S Co.Tipperary (SW of Clonmel, near Co.Waterford border, see modern map).
Pat says: "In Clogheen .. just under the mountain pass that leads to Mount Mellary there is a woollen mill in ruins. This was known up to 1800 as Murray's mill. It was willed to Margaret Casey of Clogheen about the year 1825 by her uncle. The story goes that somehow she never came into this legacy."

This mill can be identified. This is "Manor Mill" on the SE road out of Clogheen.
This was once Murray's Mill, owned by Murray as at 1839 [O'Riordan, 2010].
Murray lived in nearby Glenleigh House to the SW.
Murray sold the mill to Fennell in 1847 [O'Riordan, 2010].

There is no evidence that Casey or Foley were connected to it.
However, maybe Margaret Casey's mother was Murray, and her uncle Murray owned it.

Clogheen was a centre for milling, and there are various ruined mills there today.
There is also a Clogheen in Kilronan par, N Co.Waterford (near Ballymacarbry, S of Clonmel, across the Waterford border, see modern map).

Manor Mill (Murray's Mill) on the road out of Clogheen, Co.Tipperary, heading in direction of Mount Melleray.
From 1887 to 1913 map.
Not much is left today.

[PAT/32] said Murray's Mill was "within 1/2 mile of the convent in Clogheen."
The above wider shot from 1887 to 1913 map shows that makes sense.

Manor Mill (part of) and Lamberts' House, on Convent Road, Clogheen.
See full size.
From Ed O'Riordan at Used with permission.

Street view at same location today.

Miscellaneous Casey

Casey of Clogheen:

Searching for Casey marrying O'Mara or Foley:

Casey of Clogheen, Co.Waterford:

Grubb of Co.Tipperary

I was told by someone before 1991 (I have not recorded who) that Fr. Paddy O'Mara said that James O'Mara's mother was descended from the Grubb family.
No evidence for this has been found.
There is indeed a Grubb family at Clogheen and Clonmel, Co.Tipperary, but they are wealthy business owners and landed gentry and it seems unlikely there is a descent from them.

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