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Ebrill Brothers auctioneers, Limerick

Estate agents and general auctioneers (cattle, horses, furniture, etc.) in Limerick.
Agricultural Hall, Military Road (now O'Connell Ave), Limerick.
Run by brothers William Ebrill and Frank Ebrill.

Crescent College Review 1898 says Ebrill Brothers are already established at Agricultural Hall, Military Road.
[P106/30] is 1902 invoice from Ebrill Brothers for sale of cattle for Ellen Mangan of Quinsborough.
In [P106/357] Ebrill Bros. are carrying out sale of cattle in 1902 on behalf of Dr. David Humphreys of Quinsborough.
In [P106/167] Ebrill Bros. are carrying out sales in 1903-09 on behalf of Anna Rahilly of Quinsborough.

Headed notepaper of 1903 lists "Ebrill Brothers" as auctioneers and valuers, with:

An ad in the Limerick Leader, January 26, 1906, has Ebrill Bros. at 60 George St.
An ad in the Limerick Leader, January 15, 1908, has Ebrill Bros. at Agricultural Hall and an office on George St.
See sale of items by the O'Maras of Strand House, 7 June 1910, using Ebrill Bros.
Ebrill Bros, House, Land & Estate Agents, Agricultural Hall, listed in [Guy's directory, 1913] and [Cork & Munster directory, 1918].
Ebrill Bros, Auctioneers & Valuers, Agricultural Hall, listed in [Limerick City Trades Directory, 1931] and [Thom's, 1931] and [Thom's, 1933].

About 1932, William and Frank's partnership ended. William left and moved to Dublin. Frank carried on the business.
The story was that Ebrill Brothers went bust in the Anglo-Irish Trade War (De Valera's crippling economic policy, 1933-1938).
But Frank says William left the business around 1932. In Draft agreement of 1945 he says that "William Ebrill on or about the year 1932 abandoned the said business and ceased to take any part in same and went to reside in Dunlaoghaire near Dublin and the said Stephen F. Ebrill continued to carry on said business".
Ebrill Bros. is not listed any more in [Thom's, 1934].
In 1934, Frank has his own business without William. Office on O'Connell Ave (Military Road). Might still be Agricultural Hall.
In 1940-1943 letters in Ebrill papers, Frank's business is at 2 O'Connell Ave.

Location (red cross) of Agricultural Hall, Military Road (O'Connell Ave).
From 1887 to 1913 map.
The site is now the Limerick School Project primary school.
See modern street view.

(Left) The site on modern OSI map. Red cross is same location as on map above. Note "Jasmine Villas".
(Right) Entry for Jasmine Villas, O'Connell Ave, in [Guy's directory, 1912] confirms this is location of Agricultural Hall.

"Ebrill Brothers" notepaper from 1903.
See full size.
Courtesy of Paddy Waldron.
This is from Letters of Tot Waldron.

Ebrill ad of 1903.
See full size.
From Fete in aid of St.John's Hospital, Limerick, June 8th to 13th, 1903. Limerick City Museum. See PDF.

Letter header of Frank's business in 1934 after the departure of William.
See larger.
See full sheet.

Letter header of Frank's business in 1943.
See larger.
See full sheet.

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