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Frank Ebrill

Frank Ebrill.
Photo c.1954.

Frank Ebrill,
Stephen Francis Ebrill,
born 2 Aug 1875, Limerick.
He was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1891-92.
He was educ Clongowes.
His father died 1892. He left to "my son Francis": Frank was an auctioneer, M.I.A.A.
Listed as "auctioneer" in 1901 census.
He ran "Ebrill Brothers" family business with his brother William.
He is listed at Summerville Cottage in Deed of 1905.

The wreck of the Leon XIII, 1907:
In 1907 Frank witnessed the rescue of the crew of the French ship, the Leon XIII, which sank off Quilty, Co.Clare.
See account by Frank in letter of 7 Mar 1954.
He says he helped with the rescue, but had to keep quiet since he was meant to be doing work somewhere else.
He says the ship broke up, and the bell was recovered. It was given to the French Consul.

He is listed as "auctioneer" in 1911 census.
He must be "S. Ebrill" at funeral of William de Courcy 1915.
Listed as auctioneer, of Summerville Cottage, in deed of 22 Sept 1921.
His mother died 1924.

He didn't marry.
Lived with his sisters Mary and Elizabeth in family home, Summerville Cottage, Limerick.
Listed as auctioneer, of Summerville Cottage, in Deed of 1932.
About 1932, William and Frank's partnership in Ebrill Brothers ended. William left and moved to Dublin. Frank carried on business alone.
Letting agreements of 1940 in Ebrill papers show Frank still in Summerville Cottage.
Listed as auctioneer, O'Connell St, Limerick, in Draft agreement of 1945.

The bell of the Leon XIII:
In letter of 7 Mar 1954 Frank says about 40 years after the wreck of the Leon XIII (about 1947) he bought the bell of the ship from the French Consul.
He says he kept it "for some time" and then gave it to the church at Quilty.
He had it engraved. On Sun 6 Nov 1949 (NOT Fri 11 Nov) he presented it to the Stella Maris (Star of the Sea) church at Quilty.
The church has a memorial honouring those involved in the 1907 rescue.

He is living Summerville Cottage at Mary's death in 1952.
Living Summerville Cottage at Elizabeth's death in 1955 and admin 1956. He is retired auctioneer and valuer.
Living Summerville Cottage as at 1957.
Listed as retired auctioneer at death.
He died 20 Jan 1959, St.Benedict's nursing home, Limerick, age 83 yrs.
See death cert from here.
Will pr 3 July 1959.

The Leon XIII sinking on the reef off Quilty, 1907.
From Quilty National School.

The bell of the Leon XIII.
Presented by Frank Ebrill to Quilty church.
From Quilty National School.

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