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William Ebrill

William Ebrill.
From Crescent College Review 1898.
See larger and full size.

William Ebrill,
born 9 Apr 1869, Limerick.
He was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1880-1886.
He was educ Clongowes.
See essay on railways, 1886, by William Ebrill, p.1 and p.2.
"William Ebrill junior" of "Laurel Cottage" was admitted as a member of the Catholic Institute, Limerick at meeting of 8 May 1892.
"W. Ebrill" is on organising committee of Grand Ball to celebrate 700 years of Limerick, 28 Dec 1897.
He ran "Ebrill Brothers" family business with his brother Frank.
Crescent College Review 1898 describes him as head of Ebrill Bros. Auctioneers.
Listed as "auctioneer" in 1901 census.
Listed at Summerville Cottage in Deed of 25 July 1905.
Listed as "auctioneer", living Summerville Cottage, Limerick, at marriage.

He mar 26 July 1905 to Sarah Nestor [Sarah Josephine, Sadie, born 1883, Limerick].
She is "Sara" on mar cert, but "Sarah" in all other records.
She was dau of Augustine Nestor, merchant.
See entry for her family in 1901 census, living South Circular Road, Limerick. Her father is "hardware shop keeper".
She was living 28 Georges St, Limerick, at marriage.
They mar at University Church, St.Stephen's Green, Dublin [GROI]. Double wedding with George.

Their children were born Limerick.
At children's births 1907-1911 they were living 14 Victoria Terrace, South Circular Road, Limerick. He is listed as "auctioneer".
They are listed in 1911 census at 14 Victoria Terrace. He is "auctioneer". They have two servants living with them.
Listed at 13 Victoria Terrace, South Circular Road, in [Guy's directory, 1912].

They moved across the road to "Greenville", South Circular Road, Limerick.
Living "Greenville" at children's births 1917-1920. He is listed as "auctioneer".
Still at "Greenville" in 1927.
Listed as auctioneer, of "Greenville", in Deed of Sept 1932 and Deed of Dec 1932.

About 1932, William and Frank's partnership in Ebrill Brothers ended. William left and moved to Dublin. Frank carried on business alone.
William and family moved to Dublin. They had a lot less money after the end of Ebrill Bros.
They lived 5 Grosvenor Terrace, Monkstown, Co.Dublin.
He is listed as living 5 Grosvenor Terrace, Monkstown, at wife's death 1938.

Sarah dies, 1938:
She died 14 Feb 1938, 5 Grosvenor Terrace, Monkstown, age 55 yrs, of stomach cancer [GROI].
William is listed as living 5 Grosvenor Terrace, Monkstown, at dau Aileen's mar, June 1939.
He moved to "Corrymeela", Cunningham Rd, Dalkey, Co.Dublin. There are various spellings in records, but "Corrymeela" is what is on the gate now. See street view. So we will use that spelling.
He is not at Corrymeela yet in [Thom's, 1939, p.1621]. Moved there before death 1942.
At death 1942 and admin of estate he is listed as retired auctioneer, of Corrymeela.
His burial record lists him as "married" at death but this must be error. Death cert lists him as widower.

William dies, 1942:
He died at St.Michael's Hospital, Dun Laoghaire, 27 Nov 1942, age 73 yrs [GROI]. Though admin of estate and later family deeds say 28 Nov 1942.
See death notice, Irish Independent, Sat 28 Nov 1942.
Funeral Mon 30 Nov 1942, bur in Deansgrange Cemetery, Co.Dublin.
Admin of estate granted 25 Oct 1945 to his son Liam. Copy in Ebrill papers.
Family continued to live at Corrymeela for some years.
"Mrs. Ebrill" (unidentified) is listed at Corrymeela, Cunningham Rd, Dalkey, in [Thom's, 1945, p.1375] and [Thom's, 1951, p.1418].
William and Sarah had issue:

  1. Grace Ebrill,
    Grace Mary Ebrill, born 31 Jan 1907, 14 Victoria Terrace, Limerick [GROI].
    She mar Charles O'Neill.
    They went to America.
    She fl 2000.
    They had issue:

    1. Graine O'Neill.
      She mar B. Fishwick.

  2. John Ebrill,
    John Gerard Ebrill, born 27 Jan 1908, 14 Victoria Terrace, Limerick [GROI].
    He died 11 Mar 1908, 14 Victoria Terrace, Limerick, age 6 weeks, of bronchitis [GROI].
    (todo) See death notice in Limerick Chronicle, 14 Mar 1908.

  3. Liam Ebrill,
    William, William Gerard, born 12 Oct 1910, 14 Victoria Terrace, Limerick [GROI].
    He was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1919-1928.
    He was administrator of his father's estate, Oct 1945. In this and in Draft agreement of Oct-Dec 1945 he is listed as living in family home, Corrymeela, Cunningham Rd, Dalkey. Admin lists him as "civil engineer", though Draft agreement lists him as "accountant".
    In 1957 letter in Ebrill papers he is living 105 Anglesea Rd, Ballsbridge, Dublin.
    He didn't marry.
    Lived 4 Ballsbridge Court, Dublin 4, or 4 Anglesea House, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.
    He died 2005, age 95 yrs.

  4. Aileen Ebrill,
    Eileen Mary Ebrill, born 11 Nov 1911, 14 Victoria Terrace, Limerick [GROI].
    She signs her name "Aileen" in 1957 letter in Ebrill papers. So we will use that.
    But she is "Eileen" in some records, such as Deed of 1959.
    "Aileen Mary" at mar. "Aileen" on death notice.
    She mar 7 June 1939 to Jim Macken [born 1907] and had issue.
    They mar at St.Patrick's church, Monkstown, Co.Dublin [GROI].
    Honeymoon in Germany (on eve of WW2). See Irish Independent, June 8, 1939.

  5. Eithne Ebrill.
    She didn't marry.
    Living 4 South Mall, Cork, as at 1957 letter in Ebrill papers.
    Lived 20 St. Clare's Avenue, College Rd, Cork.
    She died 1992-2000.

  6. Brendan Ebrill,
    Brendan James Ebrill, born 26 Jan 1917, "Greenville", Limerick [GROI].

  7. Delma Ebrill,
    Phedelma Moira Ebrill, born 1 Nov 1920, "Greenville", Limerick [GROI].

William Ebrill and Sarah Nestor, c.1916.
From this picture.

Ad of 1903 for Sarah Nestor's family's business, 28 George St, Limerick.
From Fete in aid of St.John's Hospital, Limerick, June 8th to 13th, 1903. Limerick City Museum. See PDF.

Limerick Field Club


The committee of the Limerick Field Club in 1899.
Also the Ebrill section in the list of members.
From Preliminary pages of Journal of the Limerick Field Club, vol.I, no.3, 1899.


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