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My ancestors - Ebrill - Contents


Thomas Power,
mar 1841, Limerick city, to Kate Ebrill [Catholic, born est c.1820],
had issue:

  1. Edward Power,
    changed name to "de la Poer", probably NOT "de la Power",
    mar --- Croker.

  2. Kate Power.
  3. Tom Power.

Must be the same as the following. Edward de la Poer must be a Catholic who married a Protestant:

Thomas De La Poer,
thus written at son's mar,
had issue:

  1. Edward John De La Poer,
    listed as "Edmund" at son's birth 1881, "Edward" otherwise.
    He was living Gort, Co.Galway, at mar 1880.

    He mar 27 Mar 1880 (her age 36), St.Ann's (Church of Ireland), Dawson Street, Dublin [GROI]
    to Frances Mary Croker [born 1844, possibly born 12 Mar 1845, descendant of Edward I].
    Edward is listed as "private gentleman", living Lakeside House, Loughrea, Co.Galway, at children's births 1881-82.
    He is listed as "gentleman", living 63A Haddington Rd, Dublin, at son's death 1888.
    Can't find family at Haddington Rd or in Dublin alphabetic list in [Thom's] 1886 to 1891.
    Can't find family in [Census, 1901].
    Frances died 20 Feb 1902, Clifton, Dalkey, age 58 yrs [GROI]. Listed as "Married" and "Lady". Her sister is Alice Croker.
    Can't find family in [Census, 1911].
    He must be Edmund John De La Poer, widower, corn and wool merchant, of 24 Wentworth Place, Dublin (now Hogan Place, see map), who died 1 Jan 1914, St.Patrick's Hospital, Dublin, age 64 yrs (born 1850) [GROI].
    Though can't find him at Wentworth Place or in Dublin alphabetic list in [Thom's] 1911 to 1915.
    Edward and Frances had issue:

    1. Raymond Edward John De La Poer,
      born 11 Jan 1881, 22 Clare St, Dublin [GROI],
      died 26 Dec 1888, 63A Haddington Rd, Dublin, age 7 yrs, of "valvular disease of heart" [GROI].

    2. Harold Chester Croker De La Poer,
      born 7 Sept 1882, at Croker family home, 5 Leinster St, Dublin [GROI].

Power of Co.Galway

Edward De La Poer's wife Frances Mary Croker has an exotic family tree.
She descends through nobility from Power of Co.Galway.
"Power" and "Le Poer" and "de la Poer" were already in use as middle names in her family before he married her (see her brothers' middle names).
This might be what made Edward Power change his name to "De La Poer".

Charles MacCarthy, 1st Viscount Muskerry, born 1564.
He mar Margaret O'Brien.
She descends from 7th Earl of Desmond and 8th Earl of Ormond and 8th Earl of Kildare, all descendants of Edward I.
They had issue:

Elena MacCarthy.
She mar John Power.
They are ancestors of Power of Coorheen, Co.Galway, ancestors of:

William Power Keating Trench, 1st Earl of Clancarty,
of Garbally, Co.Galway, born 1741.
He mar Anne Gardiner [dau of Charles Gardiner (died 1769) and grand-dau of Luke Gardiner (died 1755)].
Charles Gardiner (died 1769) is descendant of Edward I. See descent and descent by Leo van de Pas.
1st Earl and his wife had issue:

Frances Trench,
mar Henry Stanley Monck, 1st Earl of Rathdowne,
they lived Charleville House, Co.Wicklow,
had issue:

  1. Lady Georgina Ellen Monck.
    She mar Edward Croker [2nd cousin of "Boss" Croker].
    Both Edward and "Boss" Croker are descendants through Pennefather of Edward I. See descent by Ed Mann.
    Edward's family home was Ballynagarde House, Co.Limerick.
    He died 1869.
    "Lady Georgina Croker" is listed in [Thom's, 1884] at Croker family home, 5 Leinster St South, Dublin (see map).
    She died 1887.
    They had issue:

    1. Frances Mary Croker,
      Frances Mary Monck Croker, born 1844.
      She must be the dau born 12 Mar 1845, at Charleville House, whose birth is announced in [Freemans Journal, 14 Mar 1845].
      She was living at Croker family home, 5 Leinster St, Dublin, at mar 1880.
      She mar 1880 to Edward John De La Poer and had issue.

    2. Courtney le Poer Trench Croker [son], born 1853.
    3. Charles de la Poer Beresford Croker, born 1856.

Ballynagarde House, Co.Limerick

Or Ballynaguarde House.
See BALLYNAGUARDE in [Irish Country Houses]

Ballynagarde House, Co.Limerick, on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern satellite view of ruin.

Ballynagarde, Co.Limerick.
See other shot.
From here.

Ballynagarde, Co.Limerick.
From here.

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