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Death of Catherine Ebrill, 23 Dec 1874, Mungret St, Limerick.

Thomas Power.
He mar 29 July 1841 to Catherine Ebrill [Kate, born 1811, dau of John Ebrill, Catholic].
Catholic marriage, in Limerick city.
He must be "Thomas Power" listed on Mungret St in Griffith's Valuation, 1850. This is the street Catherine's parents are living on. We think this is him since Catherine died on Mungret St.
He died pre-1874.
At death Catherine is listed as shop keeper, widow.
She died 23 Dec 1874, Mungret St, Limerick, age 63 yrs.
See death cert from here. Death registered by her sister Ellen Pigott.
Thomas and Catherine had issue:

  1. John Power,
    bapt 28 Aug 1842, St.John's RC cathedral, Limerick.
    Bapt sp by James Ebrill (unidentified, maybe a cousin) and Mary Anne Bouchier.
    Must have died young. There is another John.

  2. Edward Power.
    He changed his name to "de la Poer".
    Probably NOT "de la Power".
    He mar --- Croker.

  3. Tom Power.
    He had some problems. O'Mara family letter of 11 Oct 1893 says: "Tom Power is or must be improved .. but I think Tom will never be well."
    Letter of 2 Mar 1894 from James O'Mara to his family in Limerick asks: "How's Tom Power?"

  4. Margaret Power,
    bapt 27 Oct 1848, St.John's RC cathedral, Limerick.
    Bapt sp by George Ebrill (unidentified, maybe a cousin) and Bridget Ebrill (maybe the grandmother).

  5. Kate Power.
    There is a Kate Power listed in 1901 census on Mungret St. She is "general shop keeper", unmarried, Catholic, age 34 (born 1867), born Limerick city. Mungret St looks good, but this would be too young to be her, unless age is grossly exaggerated.
    She must be:

    Mary Catherine Power,
    bapt 17 Feb 1851, St.John's RC cathedral, Limerick.
    Bapt sp by William Harrington and her aunt Ellen Pigott.

  6. John Michael Power,
    bapt 26 May 1853 (mother age 42), St.John's RC cathedral, Limerick.
    Bapt sp by John Tuite and Bridget Coghlan.

Edward De La Poer who married Croker

There is an Edward De La Poer, son of Thomas, who married in 1880 to Frances Mary Croker, the grand-daughter of the Earl of Rathdowne.
This looks like it might be the Edward above, who was meant to have married a Croker and changed his name. Though it would be quite a thing for someone of his background to marry the grand-daughter of an Earl. It is interesting that the father's name matches.
He would then be a Catholic who married a Protestant in a Protestant church.
More proof is needed that this is him.

Marriage of Edward John De La Poer and Frances Mary Croker, 27 Mar 1880.

Thomas De La Poer,
had issue:

  1. Edward John De La Poer,
    possibly born 1850 (see below).
    "Edmund" at son's birth 1881. "Edward" otherwise.
    Living Gort, Co.Galway, at mar 1880.

    He mar 27 Mar 1880 (her age 36) to Frances Mary Croker [born 1844, possibly born 12 Mar 1845].
    She was grand-daughter of 1st Earl of Rathdowne and descendant of Edward I.
    They mar at St.Ann's (Church of Ireland), Dawson Street, Dublin. See mar cert from here.
    She descends through nobility from Power of Co.Galway.
    "Power" and "Le Poer" and "de la Poer" were already in use as middle names in her family before he married her (see her brothers' middle names).
    This might be what made Edward Power change his name to "De La Poer".

    Edward is listed as a "private gentleman", living Lakeside House, Loughrea, Co.Galway, at children's births 1881-82.
    He is listed as a "gentleman", living 63A Haddington Rd, Dublin, at son's death 1888.
    Can't find family at Haddington Rd or in Dublin alphabetic list in [Thom's] 1886 to 1891.
    Can't find family in [Census, 1901].

    Frances died 20 Feb 1902, Clifton, Coliemore Rd, Dalkey, Co.Dublin, age 58 yrs [GROI]. Listed as "Married" and "Lady". Her sister is Alice Croker.
    See admin granted 3 May 1902 to her sister Alice Croker. From here.
    Edward fl 1902.

    Can't find family in [Census, 1911].
    He must be Edmund John De La Poer, widower, corn and wool merchant, of 24 Wentworth Place, Dublin (now Hogan Place, see map), who died 1 Jan 1914, St.Patrick's Hospital, Dublin, age 64 yrs (born 1850) [GROI].
    Though can't find him at Wentworth Place or in Dublin alphabetic list in [Thom's] 1911 to 1915.
    Edward and Frances had issue:

    1. Raymond Edward John De La Poer,
      born 11 Jan 1881, 22 Clare St, Dublin [GROI],
      died 26 Dec 1888, 63A Haddington Rd, Dublin, age 7 yrs, of "valvular disease of heart" [GROI].

    2. Harold Chester Croker De La Poer,
      born 7 Sept 1882, at Croker family home, 5 Leinster St, Dublin [GROI].

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