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Summerville Cottage, Limerick

Laurel Hill Cottage.
Later called Summerville Cottage.
Summerville Avenue, off the South Circular Rd, Limerick (see map).
In Courtbrack townland.
To the E (across the S Circular Rd) is Ballinacurra (Bowman) townland.
Deed of 1919 describes it as Summerville Cottage, formerly called Laurel Hill Cottage.


Summerville Cottage, Limerick.
The entrance side (the S facing side).
See full size.


Before Ebrill (before 1863)

"Laurel Hill Cottage" is mentioned in a letter in the Limerick Reporter, 24 June 1853.
See Deed of 5 Sept 1854. Rev. Richard Dickson to Thomas Kelly. House lately held by Mr. Thom. Ebrill papers say this deed is for Summerville Cottage.
Rev. Henry O'Farrell is listed at "Laurel Hill Cottage, Victoria Terrace" in letter in Clare Journal and Ennis Advertiser, 19 May 1856.
"Mrs. Frances O'Farrell" died at "Laurel Hill Cottage, Victoria Terrace" on 17 Feb 1860. See item in Freemans Journal, February 22, 1860.


Ebrill (1863 to 1959)

John Ebrill died at "Laurel-hill Cottage" in July 1863.
William Ebrill is listed as living "Summerville" at son's birth and death in Nov 1864.
Though later he is found elsewhere.
William Ebrill settled at Summerville Cottage from 1874.
Beside the Ebrills was Laurel Hill school (founded 1840s). Ebrill daughters were educated there. Ebrill later sold some of their land to Laurel Hill school.
William Ebrill is listed at "Summerville cottage" in entry for South Circular Road in [Guy's, 1886, p.631].
He lived there until his death in 1892.
His family continued to live there for decades.

In 1901 census, Summerville Cottage is listed as having 14 rooms, 7 windows in front of house, and 7 out-buildings (consisting of 3 stables, 1 coach house, 1 cow house, 1 fowl house and 1 shed).
In 1911 census, it is listed as having 18 rooms, 7 windows in front of house, and 5 out-buildings (consisting of 1 stable, 3 cow houses and 1 shed).
Charles Ebrill lived nearby at "Little Summerville" from 1920-21 until at least 1941.
Frank Ebrill is still living at Summerville Cottage in 1956.
Frank Ebrill died Jan 1959.


Sale and demolition (after 1959)

Letter of Feb 1959 in Ebrill papers shows Summerville Cottage is being sold. Report of 15 May 1959 says "Summerville Cottage is in a very poor condition" and proposes developing a housing estate on the site to replace it.

Summerville Cottage (Laurel Hill Cottage) is now gone.
The site is now Summerville Gardens (housing estate). Only the old back boundary wall survives. See street view.


The old "Summerville Cottage"

There are early mentions of a "Summerville Cottage" before 1863. This is unidentified.
There are problems with identifying this with either the later Summerville Cottage or with "Little Summerville".
This needs more work.

"Summerville Cottage" in 1842:

"Summerville Cottage" in 1845:

"Summerville Cottage" in 1860:

Extract from map of Limerick, by Coffey, 1823.
N is somewhat up, at an angle.
"Little Summerville" exists.
Summerville Cottage (Laurel Hill Cottage) does not exist.
See larger and original (rotated).

Location of the future Summerville Cottage on 1829 to 1842 map.
(At the "C" of "TBRACK".)
Something exists at the site.
South Circular Rd to the E (red boundary).
See also "Little Summerville" and the large Summerville House ("Summerville").
Summerville House was built 1786. Home of the Harvey family. Later home of Bannatyne and then Goodbody.

John Ebrill died at "Laurel-hill Cottage" in July 1863.

William Ebrill living at "Summerville" at birth of son on 6 Nov 1864.
He is also listed at "Summerville" at death of son on 21 Nov 1864.
Though later he is found elsewhere.

Laurel Hill Cottage (Summerville Cottage), South Circular Road.
From 1870 map.

William Ebrill living at "Summerville Cottage" at birth of dau in 1874 (apparently 28 Apr 1874).
And consistently at Summerville Cottage from then on.

Summerville Cottage ("Laurel Hill Cottage") on 1887 to 1913 map.
See also Little Summerville, and the large Summerville House ("Summerville").

1948 aerial photo showing Summerville Cottage. View from W.
The huge building is Laurel Hill convent and school. Summerville Cottage is just to top RHS of that.
See larger. Photo is damaged.
From Britain from Above. Non-commercial use.

Summerville Cottage. Detail of above.
View from W. 1948 aerial photo.
See larger. Photo is damaged.
From Britain from Above. Non-commercial use.

Summerville Cottage, Limerick.
The porch was on the E side.
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of John de Courcy.

Summerville Cottage, Limerick, 1955.
The entrance side (the S facing side).
See full size and original.

Modern satellite view.
"Little Summerville" is gone. The site is just below "Sports Grounds".
Summerville House survives. It is now part of the campus of Mary Immaculate College.
Laurel Hill survives.
Summerville Cottage is gone. The site is just above "Mary Immaculate Training College" here.


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