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Victoria Terrace, Limerick

Ebrill properties, Victoria Terrace, South Circular Road, Limerick.
In Courtbrack townland.
To the E (other side of the S Circular Rd) is Ballinacurra (Bowman) townland.


The Ebrill houses.
"Myrtleville" (no.14, left) and "Corona" (right).
At the S end of Victoria Terrace.
From street view.

List of Victoria Terrace documents lists earlier deeds related to this property, before Ebrill, going back to 1825.
Deed of 1905 lists deed of 21 Nov 1857 related to this property, Commissioners of Incumbered Estates to John Watson.

William Ebrill acquired these two houses in Victoria Terrace in 1872.
Deed of 26 Feb 1872 from Anne Watson to William Ebrill is mentioned in List of Victoria Terrace documents.
The entry for South Circular Road in [Guy's, 1886, p.631] shows Victoria Terrace with houses numbers 1-7, 9-10, 12, 13-14.
William Ebrill's will of 1887 left his two houses in Victoria Terrace to his dau Mary (born 1866, died 1952).
He died 1892.
The list of Ebrill property in Deed of 1905 refers to the houses as formerly 9 and 10 Victoria Terrace. Copy of deed says they went to Mary.

His son William Ebrill was living in 1907-1911 at 14 Victoria Terrace.
See him listed in 1911 census at 14 Victoria Terrace.
He is listed at 13 Victoria Terrace in [Guy's directory, 1912].
He is gone by 1917. (He moved across the road.)

Ebrill relation Kat O'Mara and her husband lived for a short time around 1918 at "Corona House, South Circular Road". This must be one of these Ebrill houses. (See the name in use later.)

Agreement of 25 June 1932 says Mary owns "13 and 14 Victoria Terrace".
A draft letting agreement of 1941 in Ebrill papers shows Mary letting out 14 Victoria Terrace, which is now called "Myrtle Ville".
A draft letting agreement of 1949 in Ebrill papers shows Mary letting out the other Victoria Terrace house, which is now called "Corona House".
A draft letting agreement dated 1953 in Ebrill papers shows Frank letting out "Myrtleville".
List of documents, apparently dated 1959, describes the two Ebrill houses as "Corona" and "Myrtleville", 12 and 13 Victoria Terrace (formerly 9 and 10).
They are still "Myrtleville" (now no.14) and "Corona" (not sure what no.) today.

Extract from map of Limerick, by Coffey, 1823.
N is somewhat up, at an angle.
Victoria Terrace does not exist.
See larger and original (rotated).

Location on 1829 to 1842 map.
Victoria Terrace exists, and so do the two Ebrill houses on their own at the SE end.

Victoria Terrace, South Circular Road.
From 1870 map.
The Ebrill houses are the two on their own at the SE end.
Across the road is the Ebrill property on E side of South Circular Road.

Victoria Terrace, South Circular Road.
From 1887 to 1913 map.
Note the Ebrill family home, Summerville Cottage (Laurel Hill Cottage).

The Ebrill houses at the S end of Victoria Terrace.
"Myrtleville" (no.14, left) and "Corona" (right).
2019 screenshot from street view.

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