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P.A. O'Farrell.
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P.A. O'Farrell,
Patrick Aloysius O'Farrell, Patrick, Pat, born 1855.
He was from Cobh, Co.Cork. Left, never went back.
Went to America as a young man.
Journalist, wrote for the New York Sun and the Boston Globe.
He was involved with the development of the Canadian Pacific Railway (Canada's first trans-continental railway, built 1881-85).
He was a friend of Thomas Shaughnessy, 1st Baron Shaughnessy (president of the Canadian Pacific Railway).

He mar pre-1894 to Lizzie Flanagan [Elizabeth, born 5 July 1868].
He never permanently left Ireland. They lived periodically in Dublin, but travelled all over the world. Children would be put in a convent while parents went travelling.
His address is given as his wife's father's house, Portmahon House, Dublin, at dau's birth 1894.
He was involved in mining in Spokane, Washington.
He was "confidant of and publicity man for F. Augustus Heinze, the brilliant mining engineer, surveyor, financier and operator" [Toronto article].
He was one of original investors in Anaconda Copper Mining Company, made lot of money.
He wrote articles about metals and economics.
Obituary says he was a friend of T. P. O'Connor, John Dillon, John McCormack, Senator George Crosbie and Prof. William Magennis.
He was on the Reception Committee that met (his brother-in-law) Irish prime minister W.T. Cosgrave on his official visit to the US and Canada in Jan 1928, the first overseas visit by an Irish Prime Minister. He was with W.T. and his party when their train had an accident in Canada in which the engine driver was killed.
He lost most of his fortune in 1929 stock market crash.
He came back to Ireland c.1931.
At death he is listed as "journalist", formerly of Vancouver, Canada.

He died Portmahon House, Dublin, 14th Dec 1933, age 78 yrs [GROI].
See death notice, Irish Independent, Friday, December 15, 1933.
See obituary, Irish Independent, Saturday, December 16, 1933.
Funeral 16 Dec 1933, bur Glasnevin Cemetery.
At funeral were W.T. Cosgrave, Dick Mulcahy, John A. Costello and Prof. William Magennis.
See funeral report, Irish Independent, Monday, December 18, 1933.

Lizzie lived on for many years.
She died c.1962/63, age c.94/95 yrs.
P.A. and Lizzie had issue:

  1. Finola O'Farrell,
    Finola Mary O'Farrell, NOT Fenola,
    born 24 Feb 1894, Portmahon House, Dublin [GROI],
    NOT born 1888,
    she is listed as student age 17 boarding in Sion Hill, Dublin, in [Census, 2 April 1911],
    lived Spokane, Washington,
    mar Gerry Gorges [NOT Jerry],
    lived Vancouver, Canada,
    had issue:

    1. Desmond Gorges.
    2. Kevin Gorges.

  2. (dau) O'Farrell,
    born Ireland,
    died in infancy, bur Glasnevin, no inscription, (todo) see graveyard register.

  3. Liam O'Farrell,
    born Europe,
    died Europe, age 6 yrs, bur Glasnevin, (todo) see graveyard register.

  4. Michael P. O'Farrell,
    born Montreal, Canada,
    died young,
    bur Glasnevin Cemetery, (todo) see graveyard register.

  5. Brendan O'Farrell,
    born 2nd Feb 1898, Spokane, Washington,
    census 1901 says born America, think census 1911 is wrong to say born Dublin,
    NOT Brendon,
    listed as staying with the Alderman in Ireland in Census 1901, age given as 5 (think inaccurate),
    raised Ireland, educ Castleknock College, Dublin,
    he is listed as a boarder at Castleknock in [Census, 2 April 1911],
    educ TCD, played rugby for Leinster,
    friend of Nancy Flanagan (later Winter) as kids in Ireland,
    went to US 1916 to join US Army in WW1,
    only came back to Ireland once - visited Frank Flanagan,
    living Vancouver, Canada, at father's death 1933,
    mar Eleanor C. Peck [Anglo-Irish, born Ireland, 12th May 1905, widow of ---- Powers],
    lived Los Angeles,
    died 30th Mar 1982, age 84 yrs,
    bur back in Ireland in Glasnevin Cemetery,
    Eleanor died 11th Nov [grave] or 13th July [Brendan O'Farrell] 1991, age 86 yrs,
    bur Glasnevin Cemetery,
    had issue:

    1. Brendan O'Farrell, mar Ani Mugrditchian and had issue:
      1. Papken O'Farrell.
      2. Alana O'Farrell.
      3. Fiona O'Farrell.

  6. Desmond O'Farrell,
    born 1901, Butte, Montana, USA,
    educ Castleknock College, Dublin,
    died at St. Vincent's Hospital, Dublin, 23rd Nov 1910, age 9 yrs,
    died of "tubercular meningitis" [GROI],
    his address at death is given as Portmahon House, Dublin,
    bur Glasnevin Cemetery.

Finola O'Farrell.
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Finola O'Farrell.
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