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My wife's ancestors - Gibbon - Contents

Alexander Gibbon

Alexander Gibbon,
mar Janet D'algarno and had issue:

  1. Arthur Gibbon, "went to London".

  2. Elizabeth Gibbon, born 1734,
    mar 24th Dec 1765 [Nigg] to Capt. Thomas Brebner [poss. connected to BREBNER in [Burkes LG, 1953]],
    he was master of the smack Gerloch,
    he must be "T. Brebner" who was Owner and Captain of the sloop Diligence (built 1777), sailed on London to Ostend route,
    she was bur 22nd Feb 1829 in Aberdeen area, age 95 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Janet Brebner, bapt 2nd Oct 1766 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen], Gibbon family tree says "Jessy".
    2. Alexander Brebner, bapt 19th Apr 1769 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].

    3. James Brebner, bapt 21st July 1771 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].
      He might be James Brebner, Trustee of the Aberdeen and London Shipping Company as at think 1825.
      He might be James Brebner, Merchant, co-owner think as at 1825 of the smack Triumph (built 1819).

    4. Thomas Brebner, bapt 4th July 1773 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].

  3. Mary Gibbon, think died unmarried.

  4. Ann Gibbon, died unmarried.

  5. Martha Gibbon, born 1738,
    mar 1768 to Hugh Cochrane (or Cochran),
    both died 1826, bur Nigg Bay,
    Martha bur 9th Feb 1826 at Nigg Bay, age 88 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Jean Cochrane, mar --- Welsh and had issue:
      1. Jane Welsh, mar --- Williams.

    2. Hugh Cochrane, mar --- Hull.
    3. James Cochrane.
    4. Martha Cochrane.

    5. Alexander Cochrane, born 1775,
      would be named after grandfather Alexander Gibbon,
      shipowner, Aberdeen,
      mar 2ndly, 31st Dec 1818 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to Elizabeth Campbell [born 1785],
      he died 19th Oct 1837, age 62 yrs, bur Nigg Bay,
      a board of the Shipmasters Society at Aberdeen Maritime Museum shows that "Capt. Alexander Cochran, of Aberdeen" bequeathed £100 in 1837 for the Poor of the Shipmasters Society,
      Elizabeth died 1st Aug 1848, age 63 yrs, bur Nigg Bay,
      he had issue [don't know by which mar]:

      1. F.J. Cochrane [son], mar --- Smith and had issue:
        1. Alexander Cochrane.
        2. (dau) Cochrane.
        3. (son) Cochrane.
        4. (son) Cochrane.
        5. Margaret Cochrane.

    6. Sophia Cochrane, mar --- Thompson.

  6. James Gibbon,
    born 1742 or 1743.

  7. Robert Gibbon.

  8. Margaret Gibbon, born 1745,
    mar 27th July 1766 [Nigg] to John McKenzie [born 1732, shipmaster, Aberdeen, think NOT Mackenzie],
    John died 18th Apr 1812, age 80 yrs, bur Nigg Bay,
    she died 16th Aug 1832, age 87 yrs, bur Nigg Bay,
    had issue:

    1. Margaret McKenzie, bapt 18th Aug 1768 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

    2. Janet McKenzie,
      bapt 7th Jan 1770 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
      mar 1stly, 29th Nov 1794 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to John Stephan [or Stephen, born 1761] and had issue:
      1. Mary Stephan, bapt 29th Sept 1795 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
        died 29th May 1796, age 8 months, bur Nigg Bay.
      2. John Stephan, bapt 16th Dec 1798 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
        died Batavia (unidentified), 23rd June 1825, age 26 yrs [grave, Nigg Bay].
      John Stephan was shipmaster, Aberdeen,
      he was lost at sea on voyage to (think NOT from) the West Indies, 15th May 1799, age 38 yrs [grave, Nigg Bay],
      she erected the gravestone at Nigg Bay,
      mar 2ndly, 10th Aug 1804 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to John A. Young [born 1771] and had issue:
      1. Charles Young, born 1807, died 29th Jan 1840, age 33 yrs, bur Nigg Bay.
      2. James Young, born 1809, died 19th May 1829, age 20 yrs, bur Nigg Bay.
      3. John Young, born 1812, died 29th June 1833, age 21 yrs, bur Nigg Bay.
      John Young died 18th Sept 1834, age 63 yrs, bur Nigg Bay,
      she died 8th Mar 1847, age 77 yrs, bur Nigg Bay.

    3. Isabel McKenzie, bapt 7th Dec 1771 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    4. Charles McKenzie, bapt 1st Aug 1773 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen], mar and had issue.
    5. Betty McKenzie, mar --- Gilliss [Gibbon family tree].

    6. Hugh McKenzie, born 1778, lost at sea 1796, age 18 yrs [grave, Nigg Bay].
    7. James McKenzie, born 1778 (must be twin), lost at sea, 29th Aug 1809, age 31 yrs [grave, Nigg Bay].

    8. John McKenzie, bapt 23rd Nov 1782 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
      lost at Yarmouth Roads (the area of sea between Yarmouth and the sandbanks offshore, Isle of Wight), Aug 1796, age 13 yrs [grave, Nigg Bay].

  9. Agnes Gibbon.

  10. Charles Gibbon,
    mar 1stly and had issue
    1. James Gibbon, mar in India and had issue.
    mar 2ndly and had issue
    1. Alexander Gibbon, mar --- Innes and had issue:
      1. Elizabeth Gibbon, mar --- Peerson and had issue:
        1. 2 sons, Peerson.


Above is a Brebner family of the Aberdeen area that is descended from Gibbon.
The following is a Brebner family of the Aberdeen area that used Gibbon as a family name.
Not known if connected to the above.
John Brebner is researching this family.

William Bremner,
mar 1824 [St.Machar's, Aberdeen] to Margaret Milne,
he might be "W. Bremner" who was Master in 1845 of the Pomona,
had issue:

  1. William McPherson Bremner,
    bapt 1825 [St.Machar's, Aberdeen],
    mar 1851 [Gilcomston Church, Aberdeen] to Jane Sinclair,
    had issue:

    1. Margaret Gibbon Brebner,
      born 1854, Aberdeen,
      mar 1876 to Edward Udall and had issue.

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