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Alexander Gibbon of Johnston

Signature of Alexander Gibbon on letter of 6 Feb 1870 from Morningside, Edinburgh, to his 2nd cousin's son Arthur Augustus Gibbon.

Alexander Gibbon,
born 14 Sept 1793.
2nd cousin of Arthur Gibbon.
He was an advocate (lawyer).
Admitted to Society of Advocates, Aberdeen, 1817.
Alexander Gibbon, advocate, listed at Shipmaster's Court, 96 Shiprow, Aberdeen, in [Aberdeen Directory] 1824-25.
Alexander Gibbon, advocate, listed at 30 Adelphi Court, Union St, Aberdeen, in [Aberdeen Directory] 1825-26 to 1831-32.
Alexander Gibbon, advocate, listed at 4 Dee St, Aberdeen, in [Aberdeen Directory] 1832-33 and 1833-34.
He inherited Johnston Lodge, near Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire, from his uncle James Farquhar (who died 1833).
Alexander Gibbon, advocate, listed with house at 214 Union St and office at 1 Huntly St in [Aberdeen Directory] 1834-35 and 1835-36.
He is described at mar as of Johnston.

He mar 1835 to Margaret Allardice Innes [born 4 September 1809, Fetteresso, Kincardineshire].
She was bapt 6 October 1809 at Fetteresso.
She was dau of John Innes of Cowie, Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire.
He was grandson of John Innes, 7th of Edingight.
Alexander and Margaret married on 28 Nov 1835 at Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire. See entry. She is living Laurencekirk.
See a second marriage entry on 4 Dec 1835 at Old Machar, Aberdeen. [Johnson, 1894] says this marriage was at Union Grove, Aberdeen.

Apparently see them listed in 1841 census at Fetteresso.
They lived 55 York Place, New Town, Edinburgh.
See them listed in 1861 census at 55 York Place. He is "Landed Proprietor".
See him listed at 55 York Place in Electoral Register 1862. He is "Gentleman". From here.
See him listed at 55 York Place in Electoral Register 1864-1865. He is "Gentleman". From here.
He writes [Letter of 10 Oct 1865] from The Mine Cottage, Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire. He says he is soon returning to his Edinburgh home, 55 York Place.
See him listed at 55 York Place in Electoral Register 1865-1866. He is "Gentleman". From here.
He is "Alexander Gibbon of Johnston" who did the early Gibbon family tree in 1866-1868.
He lived 6 Newbattle Terrace, Morningside, SW side of Edinburgh.
He writes [Letter of 6 Feb 1870] from Morningside.
He died at 6 Newbattle Terrace, 14 Sept 1877, age 84 yrs.
He was bur at Laurencekirk. See findagrave.
Margaret died at Morningside, 4 Apr 1882, bur Laurencekirk.
Alexander and Margaret had issue:

  1. Elizabeth Gibbon,
    Elizabeth Abercromby Gibbon, born at Florence.
    She mar 4 Dec 1860, Edinburgh, to David Alexander Pearson [of Northcliff].
    She inherited Johnston, near Laurencekirk.
    They had issue:

    1. Alexander Pearson, born 1864.
    2. Andrew Pearson, born 1866.
    3. David Pearson, born 1868.
    4. Margaret Allardice Pearson, born 1869, died 1872.
    5. Robert Barclay Pearson, born 1871.

Johnston Lodge, SE side of Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire.
From 1864 map.
See modern satellite view.

Alexander Gibbon grave, Laurencekirk.
At back of church. See street view.
See full size. From findagrave. Added 2019.
See wider shot.

Entry on p.95 of [Johnson, 1894].

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