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Our common ancestors - Herbert - Contents

Portraits of Henry Herbert, 10th Earl of Pembroke

Portraits of Henry Herbert, 10th Earl of Pembroke.

The 10th Earl as a boy, 1748 (age 14).
Portrait by follower of Jonathan Richardson (died 1745).
Used here with the kind permission of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

The 10th Earl as a youth, c. early 1750s, by Pompeo Batoni.
From here.
Batoni later painted the 11th Earl as a youth in 1779.

10th Earl, by David Morier, c.1764-1770.
From the Royal Collection. At Windsor Castle.

The 10th Earl, his wife Elizabeth Spencer, and their son the 11th Earl (born 1759) as a boy.
Engraving by James Watson, after painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds, published 1773.
See full size. From NPG. See terms of use.

The 10th Earl, by Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Colonnade Room, Wilton House.
From here.

10th Earl.
Engraving by Charles Turner Warren, after portrait by W.H. Brown, published 1792.
See full size. From NPG. See terms of use.


Lost portraits


A portrait of the 10th Earl was inherited by his descendants the Gibbon family.
Will of Arthur Augustus Gibbon (died 1907) mentions portrait of "Henry, Earl of Pembroke".
This would be "1 Lord Pembroke's Portrait" that was packed on a trip to the Continent by Arthur Gibbon in 1856.
The will here says it went to Monty Gibbon (died 1920).
Whereabouts now unknown.

AI animations

AI animations of old portraits.
Made using Deep Nostalgia at MyHeritage.

AI animation of portrait of 10th Earl of Pembroke, Colonnade Room, Wilton House.

AI animation of portrait of Kitty Hunter.

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