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Our common ancestors - Herbert - Contents

Sidney Herbert, 14th Earl of Pembroke

Sidney Herbert, 14th Earl of Pembroke.
From NPG.
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Sidney Herbert, 14th Earl of Pembroke,
and 11th Earl of Montgomery, and 3rd Baron Herbert of Lea,
born 20 Feb 1853.
See wikipedia.
He mar Beatrix Louisa Lambton.
He succ 1895.
Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin, was laid out in 1907.
It was handed over to the Pembroke Urban District Council by the 14th Earl in 1911 (though a sign at the park says 1903).
It was named after his father Lord Herbert.
He died 30 Mar 1913, age 60 yrs.
She died 1944.
Memorial to both of them in Wilton parish church. See 2023 photo.
14th Earl and Beatrix had issue:

  1. Lady Beatrix Herbert, born 1878.
    She mar 1903 to Sir Nevile Wilkinson [Major Sir Nevile Rodwell Wilkinson, born 1869].
    From 1903 to 1914 they resided at Mount Merrion, Co.Dublin.
    They planted on the lawn there slips (cuttings) from the cedars of Lebanon at Wilton House.

    Sir Nevile built in 1907 for his dau Gwendolen, the "Pembroke Palace" doll's house. This was a loosely based miniature of Wilton House, containing miniature versions of family portraits (including a miniature portrait of Augustus Reebkomp) and special miniature portraits of 14th Earl, Gwendolen and Sir Nevile.
    He then built the famous "Titania's Palace" fairy doll house. This is fantasy, not based on Wilton. Titania's Palace was started 1907. Not completed until 1922 (after his children grown up). Many items in it are ancient antique miniatures that he collected over the years.

    Sir Nevile was author of a catalogue of pictures at Wilton 1907 (with his father-in-law the 14th Earl).
    He was Ulster King of Arms from 1908 to his death in 1940 (allowed to keep the office after independence 1922).
    Author of a guide to Wilton for his father-in-law the 14th Earl.
    Author of brief history of Mount Merrion 1925.
    He died in Dublin 1940, age 71 yrs.
    Lady Beatrix remarried in 1942 to the elderly (like her) and long widowed Ralph Howard, 7th Earl of Wicklow.
    She died 1957.
    Lady Beatrix and Sir Nevile had issue:

    1. Gwendolen Wilkinson, born 1904.

  2. Reginald Herbert, 15th Earl of Pembroke,
    born 8 Sept 1880.

  3. Sir George Herbert, 1st Baronet, born 1886.
    He was cr a Baronet in 1937.
    He died 1942, Baronetcy extinct.

Sir Nevile Wilkinson

Sir Nevile Wilkinson (with "Titania").
From [Titania's Palace, 1925 guidebook]. Used with permission.

Sir Nevile Wilkinson.
From here.

Titania's Palace

"Titania's Palace" fairy doll house.

"Titania's Palace - A Place For The Fairies".
Sir Nevile Wilkinson (silent) presents Titania's Palace to the camera.
Video of 1928 from British Pathe. See page.

Sir Nevile Wilkinson (with audio) gives a lecture on antique miniatures.
Video of 1931 from British Pathe. See page.



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