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Nunton House, Wiltshire

Nunton House, Nunton, S of Salisbury, Wiltshire.
Nunton House was built c.1715-1720 for the Batt family. Replaced an earlier Nunton House.
The seat of the Batt family moved in the 18th century to New Hall, Bodenham, to the E of Nunton (see OS map).
Batt owned Nunton House and estate until 1843.
Their descendants Buckley then owned Nunton House and estate until 1921.
Clearly the family rented out Nunton House, which is how Montgomery was there.

Rev. George Augustus Montgomery and his wife Cecilia Markham were living at Nunton House as at 1834.
Rev. George was Rector of Bishopstone a few miles to the W. Possibly they were living at Nunton while he was rebuilding the Rectory at Bishopstone. It is a bit of a drive though. Nunton House is 5 miles as the crow flies from Bishopstone Church.
Cecilia's brother George Markham died at her house at Nunton in 1834.
Rev. George and Cecilia were living at Bishopstone Rectory (not Nunton) as at 1842.
Rev. George died 1842.
His widow Cecilia Markham is found again living at Nunton House as at 1851.
She wrote letter of 15 May 1856 from Nunton House.
She died at Nunton House in 1879.

Nunton House survives today.
See entry at Historic England.

Nunton House, Nunton, Wiltshire.
Photo 2011. From here.

Location of Wilton (top left), Bishopstone Church (LHS of the drawn straight line) and Nunton House (RHS of the line).
The straight line is drawn to figure out the distance from Bishopstone Church to Nunton House.
From Google Maps.

Nunton on OS map. Surveyed: 1871 to 1879. Published: 1886.
Nunton House on E side of village.

Extract from BUCKLEY in [Burkes Landed Gentry, 1886, pp.243-244].
Gen. Edward Pery Buckley inherited the Batt estate in 1843, including Nunton House.
He lived at the Batt seat, New Hall.

Nunton and Bodenham on p.89 of 1855 Post Office Directory of Wiltshire.
Buckley at New Hall are the family that own Nunton House.
Mrs. Montgomery is renting Nunton House.

Opening of letter of 15 May 1856 from Cecilia Markham, Nunton House, to her nephew Arthur Augustus Gibbon.
Written after the death of the 11th Earl of Pembroke's widow Catherine Woronzow on 27 Mar 1856.
Lady Pembroke was Cecilia's late husband's aunt, and Arthur's grand-aunt.

Nunton on p.316 of Kelly's Directory of Wiltshire, 1867.
Buckley at New Hall.
Mrs. Montgomery at Nunton House.

Nunton on p.160 of Kelly's Directory of Wiltshire, 1898.
Shows one of the Buckleys (not a tenant) in Nunton House.
Clearly Buckley always owned it and Montgomery was just renting.

Stained glass window in memory of Cecilia Markham, Nunton church.
Photos 2023 courtesy of Hatty Hillier.



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