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Cecilia Markham

Cecilia Markham,
born 27 Oct 1792.
Descendant of Edward I.
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Parents divorced in 1803 when she was a child.
Her father died 1822.
She went to live at Ightham, Kent.
She mar 26 June 1827 [her age 34, him age 33] to Rev. George Augustus Montgomery [born 7 Nov 1793]. No issue.
They mar at Ightham, Kent.

Entry for Cecilia Markham on pp.80-81 of vol.2 of [Markham, 1913].

Extract from Will of Cecilia Markham, 14 Apr 1866.
Executors are her sister Sarah and her niece Isabella Chadwick.

Art by Cecilia Montgomery

Cecilia Montgomery (née Markham) was a talented painter, with known paintings and drawings dated from 1828 to 1863.
She and her husband were wealthy and childless. They travelled extensively abroad.
[Sorowka, 2021] notes their travels in 1833 to 1840 in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Malta.
George died in 1842.
Cecilia continued to travel. She travelled in 1850 to 1852 in Egypt and Italy.
They (or just she) also visited Greece.
On her travels she painted and drew scenes and buildings.

"Mount Olympus and Brusa, Asia Minor". Signed "Cecilia Montgomery, 1845".
After an illustration opposite p.28 of vol.1 (1839) of Constantinople and the Scenery of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor, Thomas Allom.
This is Bursa, now in Turkey, and the mountain is the ancient Mysian or Bithynian Mount Olympus rather than the Greek Mount Olympus.
See full size.
Sold at Mellors & Kirk auction, 14 Mar 2023. Lot 655.

The 4th Earl of Pembroke (her husband's ancestor).
Painting by Cecilia Montgomery, 1857.
From the original portrait by Van Dyck (think c.1625) at Wilton House.
See full size. See back.
Sold by Helsingborgs Auktionskammare, 21 Feb 2017.

"View of the seafront, Walmer, Kent", painting by Cecilia Montgomery, 1863.
Sold by Canterbury Auction Galleries, Canterbury, 7 October 2014.


"Southern landscapes"

"Southern landscapes". Two paintings by Cecilia Montgomery, 1839.
Sold by Stockholms Auktionsverk Globen on 18 Apr 2022.

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