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Four generations photo, c.1915.
Margaret Foley (bapt 1837), her daughter Joanna McGrath (born 1865), her daughter Aileen Lane (born 1888), her daughter Anna Blake (born 1913).
See full size. From Yann Blake. Posted here.

Michael McGrath,
He was a farmer, of Drominboy, Co.Limerick (E of Limerick city, near Co.Tipperary border).
He mar 1861 to Margaret Foley [bapt 13 Sept 1837].
He died young, leaving widow to bring up children.
Margaret lived to see great-granddaughter Anna Blake born in 1913.
They had issue:

  1. Jimmy McGrath,
    James, eldest son, after maternal grandfather.
    Farmer. He inherited family farm at Drominboy, Co.Limerick.
    Listed as cousin at Dr.David's funeral 1903.
    He mar pre-1907 to Sara Nicholas [or Sarah].
    They were meant to be 2nd cousins somehow.
    They had issue:

    1. Michael McGrath, born 1907,
      died unmarried, c.Oct 1991, age 84 yrs.

    2. Mary McGrath,
      died unmarried, 1990.

    3. John McGrath,
      went to England c.1950-52,
      mar --- [English] and had issue:
      1. (2 sons) McGrath.

    4. Rita McGrath,
      mar --- Carroll [of Moyneard, Moyne par (NE of Thurles), Co.Tipperary, see map],
      had issue:
      1. Pat Carroll.
      2. Annette Carroll, mar --- Doyle and had issue.

    5. Willie McGrath, born 1910,
      died unmarried, 11 Nov 1984, age 74 yrs.

  2. Nora McGrath.
    Listed at her sister Joanna's funeral 1941.
    She died unmarried, c.1950.

  3. Dr. Michael McGrath,
    Michael S. McGrath.
    Doctor, LRCPI, LRCSI, also D.P.H. (RCPI and RCSI).
    Listed as "cousin" at Dr. David's funeral in May 1903.
    He is doctor, living Limerick, at mar.
    He mar 3 June 1903 to Cis Clune [Mary].
    Her family had snuff and tobacco business, Limerick city.
    John Clune had a tobacco factory in Denmark St, Limerick, founded 1872.
    John Clune, "tobacco and snuff manufacturer", shop, is listed at 59 William St, Limerick, in [Bassett's directory, 1880-1881, p.12].
    John Clune, 59 William St, Limerick, listed under "tobacco and snuff manufacturers" in [Guy's directory, 1912, p.31].
    Michael and Cis mar at St. Saviour's Church, Dominick st, Dublin. See mar cert from here.

    Dr. Michael was Medical Superintendent Officer of Health, Limerick.
    He is listed in [Thoms, 1910, p.911] as doctor at Limerick.
    He is listed in [Thoms, 1910, p.1219] as Visiting Medical Officer to Limerick Union.
    He had practice in Dublin.
    He died Dublin.

  4. Pat McGrath,
    Patrick J. McGrath.
    District Commissioner.
    He mar --- Englis.
    Lived "Cahernorry", Caherconlish, Co.Limerick.
    "Cahernorry" is apparently name of his house, although there is a "Cahernarry" townland between Caherconlish and Limerick city.
    Listed as cousin at Dr.David's funeral 1903.
    Listed at his sister Joanna's funeral 1941.
    Pat and his wife had issue:

    1. (dau) McGrath,
      lived Sexton St, Limerick.

  5. (dau) McGrath.
    She mar --- Hartigan.

  6. Joanna McGrath,
    or Johanna,
    born 1865, Co.Limerick.
    "Johanna" at children's births.
    She mar 1888 to Patrick Lane and had issue.

  7. Annie McGrath.
    Mar cert shows she is dau of Michael McGrath the farmer, NOT Michael McGrath the doctor.
    Joanna McGrath's funeral 1941 lists as her sister "Mrs. Walters".
    She wit brother's mar 1903.
    Living family farm, Drominboy, Co.Limerick, at mar.
    She mar 15 July 1906 to Will Walters and had issue.
    They mar at Castleconnell RC church, Co.Limerick. See mar cert from here. They were married by Fr. John Coffey.

Dr. Michael McGrath listed in [Thoms, 1910] as Visiting Medical Officer to Limerick Union.

Clune's tobacco shop, 59 William St, Limerick.
Photo 1930s. See full size. From Tipperary Studies.
See c.1900 photo. Posted by Randel Hodkinson. Thread has other Clune's items.



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