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John Lloyd, of Caherline

John Lloyd and Tim Lloyd grave, Towerhill graveyard.
Photo 2013. See full size.

John Lloyd,
born 1833 or 1835, Co.Limerick,
possible descendant of Edward I.
Farmer, of Caherline House, Ballybrood par, E Co.Limerick.
He came to Caherline after 1852. There by 1867.
Living "Caherline House" as at mar 1867, listed as farmer.

He mar 19th Feb 1867 to Margaret Humphreys [bapt 5th Feb 1842].
They mar at Murroe [Murroe RC par records], [GROI]. See par records entry and mar cert.
Marriage was wit by Thomas Lloyd and Mary Humphrys and Sarah Lloyd and Mary Foley.
Margaret apparently used spelling "Humphreys".
She is "Humphrys" on mar cert 1867 [GROI] and at Tom's birth 1871 [GROI].
She is "Humphreys" at almost all children's births [GROI].

"John Lloyd" sp his niece Cathy Humphreys' bapt 1878.
"John Lloyd" sp his niece Teresa Humphrys' bapt 1883.
"John Lloyd" (probably him rather than his son) owned pub at 68 Upper Georges St, Kingstown (later Dun Laoghaire), Co.Dublin. Listed there in [Thoms] 1897 to 1903 edns.
[P106/172(7)] is letter of c.1900 from Margaret Lloyd, Caherline House, to Anno. Asks about Dr. David's health.
The pub in Dun Laoghaire was taken over by his son-in-law Jack Walters who married his dau in 1902.
He and his wife were both at her brother Dr.David's funeral 1903.
David Lloyd says he owned 2 or 3 houses in Co.Limerick. One was in "Pallas Grean" (might refer to Caherline).
He is listed at Caherline House in 1901 census. He is "farmer". They have 4 farm servants. It is the biggest house in Caherline.

John dies, 1906:
He died at Caherline House, 25 Jan 1906 [grave], [death notice], [NAI], age 71 or 73 yrs.
See death notice in Freemans Journal, January 30, 1906.
He was bur Towerhill, Co.Limerick.
Probate of will granted at Limerick, 30 Sept 1909, to his brothers-in-law Fr. James Humphrys and John Humphrys, effects £532 [NAI].

Margaret is listed at 68 Upper Georges St, Kingstown, in [Census, 2 April 1911], with her two daus and Jack Walters.

Margaret dies, 1931:
She died 7 March 1931, age 89 yrs, at her daughter's house, 32 Clarinda Park East, Dun Laoghaire.
See death notice in Irish Independent, 9 Mar 1931.
Funeral Mon 9 Mar 1931, bur Towerhill, Co.Limerick.
John and Margaret had issue:

  1. Jack Lloyd [John],
    would be after grandfather,
    born Caherline, 4th Mar 1868 [GROI], see birth cert,
    educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1882-1884,
    died pre-1939 [Dick, 1939].

  2. Jim Lloyd [James],
    would be after grandfather,
    born 29 May 1870, Caherline [GROI], see birth cert,
    bapt 1 June 1870, Caherconlish,
    educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1882-1884,
    at home in Caherline in 1901 census, unmarried,
    "James Lloyd of Caherline House" was at Dr.David's funeral 1903,
    died 24 April 1909 [grave], age 39 yrs,
    bur Towerhill, Co.Limerick.

  3. Tom Lloyd [Thomas E.],
    born 25 Aug 1871, Caherline [GROI], see birth cert,
    educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1882-1887,
    wit his brother Tim's mar 1910,
    was at his uncle Mick's funeral 1934.

  4. Ned Lloyd,
    Edward, born 23 Jan 1873, Caherline [GROI], see birth cert,
    bapt 28 Jan 1873, Caherconlish.
    He moved to Dublin.
    In 1901 census he is staying with his uncle Mick Humphrys at his pub in Dublin. He is listed as "assistant" (apprentice in the pub business), unmarried.
    He was at his uncle Dr.David's funeral 1903.
    He is Edward Lloyd, unmarried, age 38, who is listed in 1911 census as "grocer and wine merchant", at 69 Summerhill (off Gardiner St), Dublin.
    He wit his uncle Mick Humphrys' mar 1919.
    His sister Mary is listed as living 69 Summerhill in 1923.
    He is grocer, living Summerhill at mar.
    He mar 24 September 1925, Dun Laoghaire, Co.Dublin, to Margaret Walsh [dau of Edmund Walsh, farmer].
    See mar cert from here. At mar she is teacher, living Lindisfarne, Sutton, Co.Dublin.
    Mar wit by Edward's 1st cousin James Humphrys.
    E. Lloyd, Summerhill, is listed as cousin of Fr.David Humphrys at his funeral 1930.

  5. Margaret Lloyd,
    Cis, Cissie, NOT Annie,
    born 15 Apr 1874, Caherline [GROI], see birth cert,
    bapt 18 Apr 1874,
    would be after mother and maternal grandmother and paternal grandmother,
    at home in Caherline in 1901 census,
    living "Caherline House" as at mar,
    mar 18 June 1902, St.Francis Xavier's, Gardiner St, Dublin [GROI], see mar cert,
    to Jack Walters [born 1877],
    they were mar by her uncle Fr. James Humphrys,
    she died 1917, age 43 yrs,
    he re-mar to her younger sister.

  6. Willie Lloyd [William],
    born 9 Oct 1875, Caherline [GROI], see birth cert,
    bapt 10 Oct 1875, Caherconlish,
    at home in Caherline in 1901 census, unmarried,
    died 16 March 1916 [grave], NOT 15 Mar, age 40 yrs,
    bur Towerhill, Co.Limerick.

  7. Tim Lloyd,
    Timothy, born 5th Sept 1878, Caherline [GROI], see birth cert,
    bapt 8 Sept 1878, Caherconlish,
    inherited Caherline House.

  8. Mary Lloyd,
    Mollie, Molly, NOT Margaret,
    born Caherline, 30th Mar 1881 [GROI], see birth cert,
    wit her sister Margaret's mar 1902,
    "Miss Lloyd (niece)" at her uncle Dr.David's funeral 1903,
    lived with her sister Margaret and her husband at Walters' pub, 68 Upper Georges St, Dun Laoghaire, listed there in census 1911,
    living 68 Upper Georges St when she wit Margaret's death 1917,
    she would later marry Margaret's husband,
    she wit her brother Tim's 2nd mar 1919,
    she is described as living at (her brother's shop) 69 Summerhill, Dublin, at mar 1923,
    mar 11 Apr 1923 [her age 42, him age 46], RC church, Lr Gloucester St, Dublin [GROI], see mar cert,
    to her late sister's husband, Jack Walters [born 1877].

  9. Fr. David Lloyd,
    Dave, born Caherline, 18th Nov 1885 [GROI], see birth cert.
    He was in primary school with Canon John M. Hayes (born Murroe, Co.Limerick, 1887; founded Muintir na Tire 1937).
    He was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1898-1902.
    He was educ Rockwell College, Co.Tipperary.
    He was educ in Paris.
    Became a priest. C.S.Sp. (Holy Ghost Fathers).
    Priest in Africa on missions.
    He was in Sierra Leone from 1914 to death. NOT in Uganda.
    He built St.Patrick's School, Bonthe, Sierra Leone.
    Vicar General of the Holy Ghost Fathers in Sierra Leone and Gambia.
    Later Religious Superior of the Holy Ghost Fathers in Sierra Leone and Gambia, possibly 1936-37.
    He died 11 Apr 1958, Sacred Heart Presbytery, Freetown, Sierra Leone, age 72 yrs.
    See obituary in Missionary Annals, Holy Ghost Fathers, Dublin, July 1958.
    Big funeral in Freetown. Thomas Joseph Brosnahan, Bishop of Freetown and Bo officiated at the funeral.
    He was bur Sierra Leone.
    See Religion in Sierra Leone.

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