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Memorial to Mary Henrietta Hunter, Ketton church, Rutland.
Photo 2015. See full size.
From jmc4 on Flickr. Used with permission.

Thomas Fortescue,
born 1682 [Burkes LG].
MP for Dundalk.
He mar Elizabeth Hamilton [sister of James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Clanbrassil].
She died 1756.
He died 1769.
Both buried at Haynestown Church, Co.Louth.
They had issue:

  1. William Henry Fortescue, 1st Earl of Clermont, born 1722,
    MP for Louth, MP for Monaghan Borough,
    cr 1st Viscount Clermont 1776,
    cr 1st Earl of Clermont 1777,
    died 1806.

  2. James Fortescue, MP,
    "Thomas James Fortescue" on tomb,
    of Ravensdale Park, Co.Louth,
    born 1727 (listed as age 30 at mar) or 1725.
    See thepeerage and

    He mar 1757 to Mary Henrietta Hunter [born 1736].
    MP for Dundalk 1757-1760.
    MP for Louth 1761-1782.
    In Feb 1762, Mary Henrietta's younger sister Kitty Hunter eloped with the married 10th Earl of Pembroke and immediately became pregnant with his child. James and Mary Henrietta were supportive of Kitty.
    See letter from James Fortescue, Dublin, 4 May 1762. He says: "I did most sincerely love her and as sincerely lament her unhappy passion for that damned villain ... which must be entirely got over before we can be of real use to her." He considers whether she should come to them in Ireland but does not think it a good idea.

    James was author of a pamphlet, Some Hints for Planting (1767, reprinted twice).
    In 1778, Kitty Hunter (now married to Alured Clarke, and the mother of two sons, both illegitimate) is found staying with her sister for a time at Ravensdale Park. Kitty's husband was away with the army in North America.
    James died 1782.
    He was buried at Haynestown Church, Co.Louth.
    Mary Henrietta died 1814.
    She was buried in Ketton church, Rutland.
    James and Mary Henrietta had issue:

    1. Thomas James Fortescue, born 1760.
      He inherited Ravensdale Park.
      MP for Louth.
      He died unmarried 1795.

    2. William Charles Fortescue, 2nd Viscount Clermont, born 1764.
      He inherited Ravensdale Park after his brother died 1795.
      In 1806 he succeeded his uncle as 2nd Viscount Clermont according to a special remainder.
      He died at Ravensdale Park, 1829.
      Viscounty extinct.

    3. Charlotte Fortescue, born 1766.
      She mar 1796 in Mold, Flintshire, to Sir Henry Goodricke, 6th Baronet [born 1765, succ 1789].
      His seat was Ribston Hall, Yorkshire.
      He died 1802.
      They had issue:

      1. Sir Henry James Goodricke, 7th Baronet, born 1797.
        He succ as Baronet 1802.
        He inherited Ravensdale Park from uncle 1829.
        He died unmarried 1833. He left Ravensdale to distant Fortescue cousin.
        Baronetcy extinct 1839.

Tomb (LHS) of James Fortescue, MP (husband of Mary Henrietta Hunter).
Haynestown church, Co.Louth.
Photo 2020. See full size.

The W bridge into the estate at Ravensdale Park, Co.Louth.
Photo 2020. See full size.


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