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Thomas Orby Hunter

Listing for the Admiralty in [Watson's Almanack, Dublin, 1761].
Shows Thomas Orby Hunter as a Lord of the Admiralty.
See full size.

Thomas Orby Hunter,
born c.1714, must be born America,
descendant of Edward III,
of Croyland, Lincolnshire, NOT of "Croydon" (must be just an error for "Croyland").

His mother died 1716.
His father became Governor of Jamaica 1727. He went to Jamaica with his father and brother 1727.
His brother died in Jamaica 1732.
His father's will, dated Jan 1733, left him his father's extensive property at Croyland, Lincolnshire and at Burton Pedwardine, Lincolnshire and at Chertsey, Surrey, and property in America and Jamaica, all provided that he did not marry a certain Mrs. Sarah Kelly, widow of Charles Kelly, of Jamaica.
His father died in Jamaica Mar 1734. He returned alone to England.
He obeyed his father's condition (or perhaps his father was simply not up to date!) and inherited the property.

He mar 1stly, 5th June 1734, by licence, at St. Thomas a Becket, Warblington, Havant, Portsmouth, to Mrs. Mary Heming [or Maria, a widow].
He was member of the Spalding Society after his father, elected 10th Oct 1734.
He was MP for Winchelsea, East Sussex, 1741-59 and 1760-70.
He was stationed at Rotterdam 1746 as deputy paymaster for the English and Dutch troops.
He bought Waverley Abbey House, Surrey 1747.
Mary died pre-1749.
Thomas had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Mary Henrietta Hunter,
    or Henrietta Hunter, "Mary Henrietta" on grave,
    born 1734,
    mar 23 December 1757, St.James, Westminster, to James Fortescue and had issue.

  2. Georgiana Orby Hunter,
    described as 2nd dau of Thomas Orby Hunter in [Mannings, 2000].

  3. Charlotte Hunter,
    must have died since there is another Charlotte,
    did NOT mar Sir Henry Goodricke (that is her niece).

  4. Kitty Hunter.
    She was probably born 1740 or 1741.
    A 1762 letter from 10th Earl of Pembroke says "she is of age" (for purposes of receiving monetary support from him) which implies age 21.
    At the time of her elopement in 1762, the London papers said she was a little over 20.
    Age given at burial implies born 1743.
    See her ancestors by Leo van de Pas.
    See her 5 descents from Edward III by Leo van de Pas.
    "Elizabeth Catherine".
    "Catherine Elizabeth" in son's entry in [Eton College register, 1753-1790].
    Listed as "Elizabetha Catherina Hunter" at mar 1770.
    Her stepmother Jacomina's will 1791 describes her as "Mrs. E.C. Clarke".
    Picture at Wilton describes her as "Elizabeth Hunter".
    "Elizabeth" must be after her grandmother Elizabeth Orby. May go back to Elizabeth Hussey in early 1500s. Tracing forward, Kitty's grand-daughter Elizabeth Montgomery may be after her. If so the name can be traced forward then to Elizabeth Germon who died 1932.
    "Catherine" also family name going back to Guernier.

Thomas mar 2ndly, 4 Apr 1749, St.Michael's church, Inkpen, Berkshire, to Jacomina Bellenden [born c.1730, descendant of Edward III].
Marriage licence dated 31 Mar 1749.
Inkpen is close to his sister's house at West Woodhay (see map).
Think did NOT marry at Broughton, Edinburgh.
He was living Tickencote, Rutland, in 1754.
Jacomina was NOT bur with her son George at Chertsey, 2nd June 1756, that is an error in the church records at St.Peter's church, Chertsey.

Lord of the Admiralty, 1756-63:
Thomas served as a Lord of the Admiralty Nov 1756 to Apr 1763.
He was on Government business in the Low Countries 1759. A diary survives from this time.
His daughter Kitty eloped with the married Earl of Pembroke in 1762.
Hunter River, Prince Edward Island, Canada, was named in 1765 after him.

Thomas dies, 1769:
He died 20 Oct 1769, age c.55 yrs.
Think NOT 1768. (Date of last child, date will proved, and date replaced as MP, all suggest 1769 not 1768.)
He was bur Burton Pedwardine, Lincolnshire.
Will pr 23 Dec 1769, Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
Replaced as MP for Winchelsea 15 Jan 1770.

Jacomina dies, 1791:
Her will dated 20 May 1791.
[Raymond Crawfurd] says she died 1791, age c.61 yrs, at her home in Bolton Street, Piccadilly (see map).
Will said she wanted to be bur Burton Pedwardine with her husband.
But [Raymond Crawfurd] says she was bur at St.George's Hanover Square, London.
Will pr 28 Feb 1795, Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
Thomas had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Charles Orby Hunter, born est c.1750,
    of Croyland Abbey.

  2. James Orby Hunter, born c.1755,
    bur at Chertsey, 27th May 1756, age c.1 year.

  3. George Orby Hunter, born 1756,
    bur at Chertsey, 2nd June 1756, died at birth.

  4. Charlotte Letitia Hunter, born 1757,
    died 7 Feb 1770, age 13 yrs, bur Farnham, Surrey.

  5. John Orby Hunter, born June 1769,
    died 30 Dec 1769, age 6 months,
    bur 6 Jan 1770 at St.Andrew's church, Farnham.

Waverley Abbey House, Surrey.
Home of Thomas Orby Hunter.
Kitty Hunter grew up here.


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