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Alured Clarke

Alured Clarke.
Portrait by Sir William Beechey 1794. This is engraving of 1833.
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Alured Clarke,
Field Marshal Sir Alured Clarke,
born 24 Nov 1744.
See wikipedia.
He was educ Eton.
British Army officer. Ensign in 50th Regiment of Foot 1759. Became Lieutenant 1760.
Became Captain of 52nd Regiment of Foot 1763.
Captain of 5th Regiment of Foot 1767.
Listed as Captain at time of mar 1770.

He mar 12 Feb 1770 to Kitty Hunter [Elizabeth Catherine Hunter, born 24 Apr 1740]. No issue.
She already had two illegitimate sons by two different fathers, both of them Earls.
Amazing she was able to marry after that, but she was clearly an extraordinary woman.
Alured was just a young Captain when he married her, but he would rise and rise in the British Army.

He became Major of 54th Regiment of Foot 1771.
A letter survives in Denbighshire Record Office, written by Alured to a Clarke relative, 1775, from Charles Fort, Kinsale, Ireland. He is about to be posted to North America. Kitty going with him. (This was the American Revolutionary War 1775 to 1783).
Alured became Lieutenant-Colonel of the 7th Regiment of Foot 1777.
By 1778 Kitty was back in Europe, staying with her sister Mary Henrietta at Ravensdale Park, Co.Louth. Alured stayed in North America.
Kitty's son Augustus Reebkomp served with Royal Navy in America 1779-83.
A letter of 14 Sept 1779 [PP, vol.1, p.248] says Kitty is "very ill at Bristol".
Letter of 30 Oct 1780 [PP, vol.2, p.61] says she is in Ireland (would be with her sister).
Alured took charge of all British troops in Georgia in 1780.
He became Colonel of the 7th Regiment of Foot in 1782.
American Revolutionary War ended 1783.

Governor of Jamaica, Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec and Lower Canada:
He was Governor of Jamaica (which Kitty's grandfather had been Governor of) 1784-90.
He became Major general 1790.
He was Lieutenant Governor of Quebec 1790-91.
He was Lieutenant Governor of Lower Canada 1791-93.
He returned to England 1793.
He was sent to India in 1795 as Governor of Madras.
En route he and his forces stopped in South Africa and defeated a Dutch army at Wynberg, 1795.

Kitty dies, 1795:
She died 18 Aug 1795, age 55 yrs, at Buxton, Derbyshire (a spa town).
She was buried 31 Aug 1795 at the burial ground of St.George's Hanover Square, London.
Notice in The Star, London, 3 Sept 1795, says: "Tuesday, the 18th last, at Buxton, where she went for the recovery of her health, Mrs. Clarke, the Lady of General Clarke, now in the East-India service."
Notice in The Oracle and Public Advertiser, London, 5 Sept 1795, says: "On the 18th of last month, at Buxton, Mrs. Clarke, the Lady of Major General Alured Clarke, lately appointed Governor of Madras."

Governor-General of India, Commander-in-chief of India:
Alured arrived in India in 1796.
He was Commander-in-chief of the Madras Army 1796-1797. Became Lieutenant-general 1796-97.
Knighted: He was knighted (Knight Companion of the Order of the Bath) in 1797.
He was briefly Governor-General of India 1798. Commander-in-chief of the Bengal Army
Commander-in-chief of the British forces in all of India 1798 to 1801.

Returned to England 1801.
General: He became full General in the Army in 1802.
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (K.G.C.B.) 1815.
He lived Mansfield St, London (see map), there as at 1822.
He often stayed at his sister's house Rhual. Think he had no country house of his own.

There is a Deed of gift from him, dated 17 June 1822, to the surviving family of his stepson Augustus Montgomery. He seems to be giving a large sum to the family. See p.3 bottom: "the said transfers of the said stocks were so made by the said Sir Alured Clarke from the regard he had for the said late Captain Augustus Montgomery and now hath for his family".
Field Marshal: He finally rose to become Field Marshal Sir Alured Clarke 1830 (highest military rank of the UK).
Listed as of Mansfield Street, London, at death.

Alured dies, 1832:
He died 16 Sept 1832, at Llangollen vicarage, Denbighshire, NE Wales (some distance to the S of Rhual), age 87 yrs.
He was bur 22 Sept 1832 [church burial register] at St.Mary's church, off High St, Mold (see map and street view).
He was bur in the Rhual vault beside church. Grave now gone, was cleared along with other graves in 1950s. Memorial to him survives inside church.
His will pr 26 October 1832, Prerogative Court of Canterbury.


Alured Clarke.
Unknown artist. Looks like copy of the Sir William Beechey portrait.
See full size. From BBC.

Alured Clarke.
Copy by Charles Fullwood. Looks like copy of the Sir William Beechey portrait.
See full size. From BBC.

Alured Clarke.
A different portrait by Sir William Beechey.
See TIF file.

Sir Alured Clarke listed as the most senior General in the Army in [Treble Almanac 1829, p.141].
Still linked to the 7th Regiment of Foot.


Memorial to Alured Clarke, Mold


Memorial to Sir Alured Clarke, inside St.Mary's church, Mold.
Photos 2009.
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Close-up of memorial to Sir Alured Clarke, St.Mary's church, Mold.
Photos 2009.
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