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James Nolan of Kilbane

James Nolan,
of Kilbane, near Limerick city.
See entry in tree by Paddy Waldron.
He mar 16 November 1825 to Catherine Fitzgerald [born 1805, Towlerton, Ballysimon, Co.Limerick, dau of William Fitzgerald and Catherine Enright].
They mar at St.Patrick's RC church, Dublin Rd, Limerick. The mar was wit by John Nolan and William Fitzgerald.
James died Kilbane.
He must have died before 1852 (when wife apparently found alone at Kilbane).
He might be James Nolan who died at Newcastle in 1838.

She must be "Catherine Nolan" who is listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1852] as holding plot 2 in Kilbane (the largest plot in Kilbane, 102 acres) and living in the largest house in Kilbane (would be Kilbane House).
Some of their children moved c.1853 [Jim Nolan tree] to W Co.Limerick.
She died Kilbane.
She must be Mrs. Nolan, the widow of James Nolan, of Kilbane, who died 1 June 1893 at Kilbane, age 90 yrs (born 1803).
See Limerick Chronicle, 3 June 1893.
Death not found in [GROI].
James and Catherine had issue:

  1. William Nolan,
    born 1829 or 1830, Kilbane, near Limerick city,
    later of South Cappa, W Co.Limerick.

  2. John Nolan,
    born 1829 or 1830, Kilbane.
    [Jim Nolan tree] calls him "Sean". (Certainly his nephew used the Irish form.)
    He and some siblings moved c.1853 to W Co.Limerick.
    He is described at mar 1858 as of "Mounttrenchard" (South Cappa), W Co.Limerick.
    John later ended up at Kilbane and his brother William at South Cappa.
    [Jim Nolan tree] says: "Sean and wife returned to Ballysimon."

    He mar 1858 to Anne Frost [bapt 9 Oct 1838, of the family of Frost of Co.Clare].
    See marriage notice in Clare Journal, 18 Feb 1858.
    John is referred to as "of Kilbane", farmer, in brother's will 1861.
    He was a Justice of the Peace.
    He lived Kilbane House.
    He died at Kilbane House, Fri 8 Mar 1895, age 65 or 66 yrs.
    Can't find death in [GROI].
    Funeral Sun 10 Mar 1895, bur Ballysimon. See funeral list.
    At the funeral were "Dr. Humphreys and Dr. O'Mara" (would be Dr. David Humphreys and Dr. Frank O'Mara, who would have known his son Dr. John Nolan).
    Anne is listed at Kilbane in [Census, 1901].
    She is listed at Kilbane in [Census, 1911].
    She fl 1916.
    John and Anne had issue:

    1. Dr. John Nolan, born 1861.
      Resident Medical Officer, Limerick Workhouse.
      He died 1907, age 46 yrs.
      See funeral list.

    2. James Nolan, born 1871.
      He mar 1stly, 17 Feb 1897, to Catherine Hourigan and had issue.
      Catherine died 1898.
      James mar 2ndly to Bridget Daly.
      He died 1916, age 45 yrs.
      See funeral list.

  3. Catherine Nolan,
    of Kilbane near Limerick,
    born 1830 or 1832, Co.Limerick.
    She is Miss Nolan of Kilbane who is listed by [Eilis Guiney] as wife of James Nolan (though she confuses James with his father).
    She mar 17 May 1853 to James Nolan [of Waterpark, Shanagolden] and had issue.
    They mar at St.Patrick's RC church, Dublin Rd, Limerick, wit James Fitzgerald and John Nolan.

  4. James Nolan,
    born 1835, Kilbane,
    bapt 22 June 1835, sp Laurence Nolan and Anna Nolan.
    Grocer, lived 30 Patrick St, Limerick.
    The will of James Nolan, dated 11 Nov 1861, refers to "my beloved brothers John Nolan of Kilbane near Newcastle in the County of Limerick and Thomas Nolan R.C. Curate in the parish of Donaghmore in the County of Limerick". See copy in Ireland, Original Will Registers 1858-1920. And here.
    He died 14 Apr 1862, age 26 yrs, at his residence, Patrick St, Limerick, "after a long and painful illness".
    See death notice in Limerick Chronicle, 15 Apr 1862 (and copy).

  5. Fr. Tom Nolan, the Fenian priest,
    Thomas, born 1838, Kilbane,
    bapt 1 July 1838 [St.Patrick's, Dublin Rd, Limerick, RC par records], sp Thomas Nolan and Margaret Burke.
    He was previously thought to be a Thomas Nolan of Shanagolden who was bapt 1837 but as shown above that is not true. He was not of Shanagolden.
    He got involved in the 1860s with the Fenians.
    While curate at Ardagh, Co.Limerick, in 1866, he helped a wanted Fenian escape.
    He was moved 1866 to be curate in Rathkeale, Co.Limerick.
    There was a disorganised Fenian Rising in Feb-Mar 1867, quickly crushed. He fled Rathkeale 1867 to escape imminent arrest.
    Went to his brother's home (either John or William) in South Cappa. Was hidden in this area for a short time.
    Soon managed to get on a boat to America. Arrived in America in 1867.
    Returned to Rathkeale in 1868.
    He died 15 Oct 1882, London, age 44 yrs.

Proof that William, John, Catherine and Fr. Tom are siblings

The family of Nolan of Kilbane has been reconstructed as follows.

It is now proved that William, John and Catherine are siblings:

It is also proved that Fr. Tom is a sibling:

Other evidence:

The proof that Catherine is the sister of William and John.
Her sons James, Thomas, Pat, Frank and Cornelius are listed as nephews of John Nolan in his funeral list 1895.

More proof: Funeral list of William in 1900 shows Catherine's sons are his nephews.

Extract from will of James Nolan, dated 11 Nov 1861.
It refers to "my beloved brothers John Nolan of Kilbane near Newcastle in the County of Limerick and Thomas Nolan R.C. Curate in the parish of Donaghmore in the County of Limerick".
From Ireland, Original Will Registers 1858-1920.


Nolan graves, Ballysimon, Limerick

Ballysimon graveyard, SE of Limerick city (beside the motorway, see satellite and street view).

Ballysimon graveyard (red cross) on 1887 to 1913 map.

The Nolan graves are in a row in the centre of the graveyard.
They are graves 102 to 108 on this plan.

Nolan graves (a row of graves 102 to 108), Ballysimon, Limerick.
Grave of Kate Nolan is on LHS.
Grave of John Nolan and William Nolan is the RHS high cross.
Grave of Nolan of Garryglass is on RHS.
Gate of graveyard visible in background.
Photo 2014. See full size. See close-up of LHS graves.

Close-up of grave of John Nolan (died 1895) and his brother William Nolan (died 1900).
Photo 2014. See full size. See other shot.
See 2013 photo from here.
See grave reading. From here.

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