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Denis Moynihan

Queen Victoria at Derrycunihy on the Royal visit in 1861.
Lord Castlerosse erected a marquee at Derrycunihy for her visit to see the scenery.
It is quite likely that his ranger Denis Moynihan was involved in the reception for her at Derrycunihy.
From Illustrated London News, 14th September, 1861, p.266 of Vol. 39.
Scan from here. See full size.

Denis Moynihan,
probably bapt 18 Mar 1806, Killarney, Co.Kerry,
descendant of the Gaelic poet Aodhagán Ó Rathaille.
His obituary says he recalled news of the Battle of Waterloo reaching Killarney in 1815.

Ranger for the Kenmare estate, probably 1836-1869:
Denis worked for many years as "ranger" or "woodranger" or "caretaker" for one of the outlying lands of the estate of the Earl of Kenmare.
His obituary says he was 33 years (probably 1836-1869) "ranger" under "Lord Castlerosse".
Lord Castlerosse was the title held by the eldest son (if any) of the Earl of Kenmare.
In 1812 to 1853, there was no Lord Castlerosse.
In 1853 to 1871, Lord Castlerosse refers to Valentine Browne, later the 4th Earl of Kenmare.
Denis' obituary says that for the 33 years he was ranger, he lived at the Queen's Cottage, Derrycunihy, Lakes of Killarney, Co.Kerry.
[Kenmare Papers] D/4151/K/87, Abstract of Accounts 1837-39, shows the Kenmare estate having a number of gamekeepers and woodrangers. It shows the woodranger at Derrycunihy was "D. Moynihan", on a modest income of £10 per annum.

Denis mar 1837, Killarney area [Margaret's death cert says she was age 19, child born 1838] to Margaret McGillycuddy [or McGillicuddy or MacGillicuddy].
She was bapt 24 July 1818 [Killarney RC par records], dau of Daniel McGillycuddy, farmer, of Knockacappul, Kilcummin par, and Ellen Brosnahan.
[P102/207(3)] says she was "Peggy McGillycuddy", and was of Maulykeavane, Kilcummin parish, a few townlands NW of Knockacappul (see map).
[P102/207(3)] says she was sister of Timothy McGillycuddy of Worcester, MA, alive in 1906.

Denis and Margaret are listed as of Killarney at children's bapts 1838-41.
They are listed as of Derrycunihy at son's bapt 1843.
They are listed as of "Glens" or "Glenns" at children's bapts 1845-59. This is apparently Glena, Killarney par, N side of Upper Lake, across the lake from Derrycunihy, see map. (The Brownes had a cottage, Glena Cottage, there, see map.)
They are listed as of Derrycunihy at dau's bapt 1862 [O'Kief].

Denis would have helped with hospitality for the new wave of tourists visiting the Killarney lakes and the Earl of Kenmare's various cottages.
His obituary says that he welcomed Bishop James Quinn (also here) on a visit to Killarney sometime before 1861. (Quinn was appointed the first Bishop of Brisbane, Australia, in 1859, and left Ireland to take up the post in 1861.)
[Kenmare Papers] D/4151/M/5, Cash Book 1860-62, shows payment to "D Moynihan, caretaker at Derrycunnihy".
Queen Victoria made a Royal visit to Killarney in 1861, and was entertained by Lord Castlerosse at Derrycunihy, where she admired the scenery. It is quite likely that his ranger Denis Moynihan was involved in the reception for her at Derrycunihy.

Emigration to Australia in 1869:
Denis and family emigrated to Australia. They went on the "Royal Dane", which departed Gravesend, Kent, England on 25 June 1869. Left Plymouth 2 July 1869. Arrived in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Sept 1869.
"Royal Dane" records have two arrival dates, 25 Sept and 28 Sept, with question mark.
Brisbane Courier, 29 September 1869, p.2, says they arrived "yesterday" (28 Sept).
See emigration record, which lists Margaret as age 40 (in fact she was age 51) and lists Denis as age 56 (born 1813, probably an underestimate too, he was probably age 63, rather old for an emigrant).
They lived Oakvale, Ascot, Brisbane.
Denis was friend of Bishop James Quinn (see above) when he got to Brisbane. Friends until the Bishop's death in 1881.

Margaret died 29 May 1894, Brisbane Hospital, age 75 yrs, see her death cert.
She was bur 31 May 1894, Nudgee RC Cemetery, Brisbane (see map). (todo) See entry in burial register, book 11, p.117.

Denis is listed as "farmer", Catholic, at death.
He is listed as "dairyman" on son Jeremiah's death cert.
He lived to see great-grandchildren.
He died Sat 15 Aug 1896, probably age 90 yrs, see death cert (and TIF).
Death cert says died "near Franz Rd" (would be Oakvale).
His obituary and death cert both probably exaggerate his age by saying he was born 1799.
He was bur 16 Aug 1896, Nudgee RC Cemetery, Brisbane. (todo) See entry in burial register, book 11, p.205.
See obituary in Brisbane Courier, 18 August 1896.
See notice on p.4 of The Evening News (Sydney), 19 August 1896, which says he died "at his residence at Breakfast Creek" (would be Oakvale).
Denis and Margaret had issue:

  1. Maurice Moynihan,
    probably named after grandfather,
    bapt 10 December 1838 [Killarney RC par records], sp Jeremiah Moynihan and Ellen Bresnahan.

  2. Honora Moynihan,
    Norah, bapt 9 March 1841 [Killarney RC par records], sp Denis Moriarty and Mary McGillicuddy,
    died pre-1857 (there is another Honora).

  3. Daniel Moynihan, after grandfather,
    bapt 23 August 1843 [Killarney RC par records], sp Dermot Moynihan and Joanna McGillicuddy,
    [O'Kief] reads sponsors as Jeremiah Moynihan and Hannah McGillicuddy,
    died pre-1855 (there is another Daniel).

  4. Ellen Moynihan, after grandmother,
    bapt 4 May 1845 [Killarney RC par records], sp John Dogherty and Margaret Dogherty,
    fl 1896.

  5. Mary Ann Moynihan,
    "Mary Anne" in marriage notice,
    just "Mary" on grave,
    bapt "Mary", 6 June 1847 [Killarney RC par records], sp James Byrne and Ann Byrne,
    emigrated to Australia with parents in 1869,
    mar 31 Jan 1874, Brisbane, to Patrick Dever and had issue.

  6. Jeremiah Moynihan,
    Jeremiah Joseph Moynihan,
    bapt Jeremiah, 15 April 1849 [Killarney RC par records], sp Cornelius Murphy and Ellen Breisnihan.

  7. John Moynihan,
    John James Moynihan,
    bapt 15 June 1851 [Killarney RC par records], sp Thadeus Doherty and Mary Doherty,
    [O'Kief] reads sponsor as Timothy Doherty.

  8. Margaret Moynihan,
    Margaret Josephine Moynihan,
    bapt 20 March 1853 [Killarney RC par records], sp Denis Sullivan and Margaret Doherty,
    emigrated to Australia with parents in 1869,
    mar 22 July 1875, Brisbane, to Richard Christoph Rosenstengel and had issue.

  9. Daniel Moynihan, second Daniel,
    bapt 20 May 1855 [Killarney RC par records], sp John Gready and Margaret Sheehan,
    emigrated to Australia with parents in 1869,
    wit his sister's mar 1874,
    died 21 July 1880, Brisbane, age 25 yrs,
    funeral 22 July 1880, bur Moynihan grave, Nudgee Cemetery.

  10. Norah Moynihan, second Honora,
    bapt 21 June 1857 [Killarney RC par records], sp John Mahony and Ellen Moynihan,
    emigrated to Australia with parents in 1869,
    "Honorah Moynihan" wit her sister's mar 1874,
    fl 1896.

  11. Cornelius Moynihan,
    Con, born 11 June 1859 [Killarney RC par records],
    his book and [ADB] are wrong to say born 10 June 1862,
    bapt 18 June 1859 [Killarney RC par records], sp James Connor and Catherine Moynihan,
    published poet.

  12. Annie Moynihan,
    Johanna, Hannah, born 24 August 1862,
    bapt 6 September 1862 [Killarney RC par records], sp Cornelius Moynihan and Mary Moynihan,
    emigrated to Australia with parents in 1869,
    lived Brisbane,
    she is "Miss A. Moynihan" of Oakvale who is giving dancing lessons in 1898,
    died 30 July 1957, Brisbane, age 94 yrs,
    bur 1 Aug 1957, Nudgee RC Cemetery, Brisbane,
    (todo) see entry for Anne Moynihan in Nudgee burial register, book 44a, p.3317,
    she would be Anne Moynihan, bur 5 Aug 1957, Nudgee cemetery, record "Old Cemetery" 184 (location of grave unknown).


Obituary of Denis Moynihan.
Page 5 of Brisbane Courier, 18 August 1896.
There is a copy of this on p.6 of The Queensland Times, 20 August 1896.
And another copy on p.380 of The Queenslander, 22 August 1896.


Moynihan emigration to Australia, 1869


Page 18 of "Royal Dane" records 1867-69, showing the voyage that arrived Brisbane, Sept 1869.
QSA Item ID: 18475. Microfilm 1: Z1957. Microfilm 2: M1696.
From Assisted immigration 1848-1912 at the Queensland State Archives.
Moynihans indexed in M list.

Group on page 20.

Group on page 21.

This is clearly them, though the ages are a bit inaccurate.


Item noting the departure of the "Royal Dane" from Gravesend and Plymouth.
Page 2 of Maryborough Chronicle, Queensland, Australia, 11 September 1869.

Leader of the Brisbane Courier, 29 September 1869, on the arrival of the "Royal Dane".
It goes on to give useful advice to new arrivals.
This is on p.2.


Daniel Moynihan grave, Nudgee Cemetery, Brisbane

Grave of Daniel Moynihan (died 1880), Nudgee RC Cemetery, Nudgee, NE side of Brisbane (see map).
Section F-03. Locations 30 and 31.
See map and close-up.

Daniel Moynihan grave.
Photo from Nudgee Cemetery.
See full size.
Maurice Moynihan grave in background.

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