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"Henry Doolan", bacon merchant and grocer, Corofin, Co.Clare.
From [Guy's, 1893].

Patrick Henry Doolan,
or Dowling,
born Co.Clare, 1833 [by age at death] or 1835 [by age in census].
Found as both "Patrick H." and "Henry".
Found as both "Doolan" and "Dowling".

He mar pre-1864 to Margaret Hanly [born 1836].
[Dowling family tree] says he is listed as "Patrick Doolan" at children's births.
However he is "Henry Dowling" at his son John's birth in [GROI]. She is "Margaret Hanly".
Their son John's marriage entry in [LDS] incorrectly lists mother as "Margaret Newley".
They lived Corofin (or Corrofin), Killinaboy par, Co.Clare.
At son's birth 1866 he is "servant", living Corofin.
Later he was a grocer in Back Street, Corofin.
Listed in [Guy's, 1893] as "Henry Doolan", bacon merchant and grocer, Back St, Corofin.

Margaret died 12 Apr 1900, Corofin, age 64 yrs.
See death cert. From here. She is wife of shopkeeper.
Patrick Henry is listed in 1901 census in Back St, Corofin. He signs himself "Patrick H. Doolan". He is grocer, widower.
He died 19 Dec 1910, Corofin.
See death cert. From here. He is "Henry Doolan" on death cert. He is shopkeeper.
They had issue:

  1. John Dowling,
    John Joseph Dowling, always went as "Dowling" not "Doolan",
    born 1 July 1866, Corofin, Co.Clare, see birth in [GROI], see [LDS copy],
    bapt 3 July 1866, RC par of Corofin (not indexed here).
    He emigrated to America 1888 [according to 1900 census]. Later censuses give 1890 or 1893.
    He was an engineer for New York state. Engineer in New York port.
    He became an engineer at Roosevelt Island, East River, New York City (also at times called "Blackwell's Island" and "Welfare Island").
    Some source said he was an engineer at Ellis Island but think not true.
    Another source said he lived on "Devil's Island" but there is no such place.

    He mar 6 June 1900, Manhattan, New York [LDS] to Eva Morris [born 12 Oct 1877].
    See entry in US census, 1 June 1900. Shows him living "Blackwell's Island". He is listed as married but it seems this is 5 days before marriage. Eva is not there. He is an "Engineer", living with a large number of other workers on the island.
    Also listed there in 1900 census is his brother "Patrick H. Dowling" (born Jan 1877, Ireland).

    See entry in 1910 US census. The family is now living "Blackwell's Island". He is Chief Engineer, NYC Home for the Aged and Infirm, Blackwell's Island.
    Living "Blackwell's Island" when Nell Humphreys wrote to Eva after the 1916 Rising in which Nell's brother was KIA. See letter of 3 Sept 1916.
    See entry in 1920 US census. They are living Decatur Ave, Bronx, New York (see map). He is "Engineer".
    John died shortly after 1920.
    See entry in 1925 NY state census. Eva is living Decatur Ave, Bronx. John is not there, probably dead.
    See entry in 1930 US census. Eva is widow, living Decatur Ave, Bronx.
    See entry in 1940 US census. Eva is living Decatur Ave, Bronx.
    John and Eva were meant to have lived at some point at Far Rockaway, Queens (on Rockaway Peninsula), New York City Harbour, but maybe this is where Eva lived as a widow.
    Eva lived New Rochelle, Westchester County, NY (just N of NYC).
    She received benefits from 1966, New York. See social security form, showing her parents.
    She died 1 Sept 1971, New Rochelle, age 93 yrs.
    John and Eva had issue:

    1. Robert Dowling,
      Robert Morris Dowling, Rob, Bob,
      born 1901, New York,
      "Robert A." in 1910 census.

    2. John Dowling,
      born 1904, New York,
      John J. Dowling, junior.

    3. Fr. Richard Dowling,
      born 1907, New York,
      Richard H. Dowling.
      RC priest, entered Jesuit Order.
      US army chaplain in WW2.
      He was captured by the Japanese with the fall of the Philippines, 1942.
      He survived the death march of Bataan, 1942.
      He was cited for bravery.

    4. Mae Dowling,
      Margaret, Mag, "May" in census, NOT Eva,
      born 1914, New York.
      She mar pre-1940 to Robert Donovan and had issue.

Eva Dowling living "Blackwell's Island" when Nell Humphreys wrote 1916 letter to her.
See full size.

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