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Things to do - Cashel

Things to do - Cashel


  1. Cashel

  2. Lyons



  1. Armstrong pedigrees and Mss.

  2. Kickham, Armstrong, Lecoq

  3. [NAI]
    1. search for Kickham wills

  4. [CSORP]
    • 1838, 2552/1, Constables claims, William Armstrong
    • 1839, no.171, Co.Tipperary, 22 Jan 1839, Rev. J. Armstrong, pig stolen.
    • 1840, I 5094, 24 Apr 1840, Inspector General Constabulary. Reward to Margaret Kickham. - This is LOST. Not in box.


  1. Find living Falvey descendants.
    • Any papers, letters?
    • They lived in Tralee. Would have heard of famous local Blennerhassett family.
    • Would have been interested in origins of their relative Blennerhassett Cashel when he visited.

  2. Papers of Charles Joseph Kickham, the Fenian. Any mention of the head of police in Mullinahone who was married to his 1st cousin?
  3. Kickham museum items moved to Tipperary County Museum, Clonmel.

  4. Any Alice Cashel papers?

  5. John Blennerhassett Riordan (died 1955) was an Urban District Councillor at Tralee, heartland of Blennerhassett. Did anyone ever ask about the "Blennerhassett" in his name?

  6. NMI, Collins Barracks, has:
    • Alice Cashel uniform


Have searched:

"From" Looking for ("To") Dates

Where Cashels buried?

  1. George Cashel, 1882, Killeshin - Killeshin burial register can identify grave plot?

  2. Limerick - known Sheahan grave
  3. Mary Kickham death

  4. Mullinahone area
    1. Nothing found in these transcripts of Lismalin graveyard. See street view.
    2. DONE - Have searched:
    3. There is a new cemetery to the N of Mullinahone. See street view and map. It does not yet exist on 1887 to 1913 map.

  5. Ferns area
    1. Ferns graveyard
      • Ferns inscriptions in Memorials of the Dead, Brian J. Cantwell, Co.Wexford, vol V, 185-186, [NAI] RR, [NLI] Ir 9295 c 2. No CASHEL found.
      • Ferns inscriptions meant to be in [JMD] vol.5-7, [NLI] IR 9295 I 1, but Ferns not found there

  6. Leighlinbridge area
    1. Agha graveyard
    2. Newtown graveyard
    3. Wells graveyard
      • Wells inscriptions meant to be in Co.Carlow Tombstone Inscriptions vol.4, by Muintir na Tire, [NLI] IR 9295 c 3, but vol.4 not found in [NLI]
  7. Bagenalstown area
    1. Dunleckny graveyard
      • (todo) see "Dunleckny headstone inscriptions", Andrew Morris, [NLI] GO, also [LDS] film 6342811
    2. Curraghacruit graveyard

  8. William Henry Cashel, Croom, 1891



  1. RIC sources

  2. George Cashel
  3. William Armstrong

  4. [NA.UK]

  5. RIC List - search complete list
    • search for events - rewards etc.
    • any way of tracking his exact station before 1846?

  6. Would be nice if could find record where he takes leave to go to possible stepfather's funeral 1862.

  7. George Cashel's wife Mary Kickham was 1st cousin of the Fenian Charles Joseph Kickham. This may be why George was transferred out of Co.Tipperary in 1858. Could RIC notes on his Kickham wife's connections survive? In London?

  8. Petty Sessions appearances
    • Search newspapers for accounts

  9. Mullinahone Petty Sessions Order Book, 1857-59, mentioned in [Larkin, 2002] p.105.

  10. [NAI]
    • Mullinahone Civic Guard Station, OPW/5HC/4/266, Sketch plan showing 'Mr Stephen O'Connor's house, 27 July 1923
    • Bagenalstown RIC Barrack (OPW/5HC/4/46). Plan showing proposed sanitary accommodation, 29 April 1921.


  1. [IRRS]
  2. GSWR
  3. William and Blen

  4. Records of the Irish Transport Genealogical Museum, Joseph Lecky, Irish Railway Record Society, 1985. [NLI] Ir 385 L 8

  5. Would be nice if could find record where the brothers take leave to go to possible grandmother's funeral 1876.


  1. [GRO.UK]


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