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John Hurly

Marriage of John Hurly, Freemans Journal, May 29, 1784.

John Hurly,
or Hurley,
of Tralee.
See wikitree.
He mar 18 May 1784, Ballymacprior, Co.Kerry, to Mary Conway.
See marriage notice in Freemans Journal, May 29, 1784.
John was Clerk of the Crown and Peace for Kerry.
Mary died 15 July 1825.
John died 26 Nov 1829.
They had issue:

  1. Rev. Robert Conway Hurly.
    He researched his family history in 1830s-1840s.
    He died unmarried, 1849.
    His family history papers are now in TCD.

  2. John Hurly,
    of Bridge House, Tralee,
    and of Glenduff, Co.Kerry.

  1. Letitia Hurly.
    If eldest daughter then born 1784-1788.
    Note that Tralee baptisms register is missing pages late 1784 to 1786.
    An unsourced note here has her born 28 Feb 1787. Though no baptism found in relevant pages in Tralee par records.
    She mar 14 May 1808 to Rowland Blennerhassett and had issue.

  2. Alice Hurly,
    bapt Allice, 4 August 1788 [Tralee CoI par records].
    Listed as Allicia Hurly, of Tralee, at mar.
    See wikitree.
    She mar 16 Oct 1810 [Tralee CoI par records] to Alexander Elliott [of Tralee] and had issue.
    See notice in Limerick Chronicle, Sat 27 Oct 1810. Though this says married Mon 22 Oct 1810.
    She died 1827.
    They had issue:

    1. Lucy Hurly Elliott.
      See entry in tree by Jennifer Willis.
      She mar 1848, Dublin, to Charles Newburgh Tisdall and had issue.
      She died 1849.

  3. Christian Hurly [dau],
    called "Kitty" at mar,
    bapt 8 September 1789 [Tralee CoI par records].
    She mar Tue 24 Sept 1816 to James Magill and had issue.
    See notice in Limerick Advertiser, Tue 1 October 1816.
    Much later, c.1870, her step-grandson Capt. James McGillycuddy Magill bought or long-term leased Churchtown House, which was formerly the home of her brother-in-law Rowland Blennerhassett.

  4. Lucy Hurly,
    bapt 1 July 1792 [Tralee CoI par records].
    Multiple sources say Lucy is a different person to Letitia.
    Note also that Letitia has two different daus Letitia and Lucy.
    Lucy died unmarried.

  5. Arabella Hurly.

  6. Mary Hurly,
    mar Barry Collins and had issue.

Baptism of Alice Hurly, 4 August 1788 [Tralee CoI par records].

Baptism of Christian Hurly, 8 September 1789 [Tralee CoI par records].

Baptism of Lucy Hurly, 1 July 1792 [Tralee CoI par records].
Signed by the Rector Rev. John Blennerhassett.


Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland, 1958

Extracts from HURLY in [Burkes Irish, 1958].

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