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O'Hara of Annaghmore, Co.Sligo

Charles O'Hara (the elder), MP for Ballynakill, listed in [Dublin Almanack, 1762].
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Charles O'Hara (the elder), MP,
of Nymphsfield (or "Nymph's field" or "Nymphfield"), later called Annaghmore House, SW of Collooney, Co.Sligo,
born Dec 1704, according to [Ms 36,434 / 12].
Estimates that he was born c.1715 have been published. But [Bartlett, 1982] says this kind of date is much too late and says it is clear from family papers that he was born around 1705.

He mar 1739 or 1741 or 1742 or 1743 to Lady Mary Carmichael [dau of James Carmichael, 2nd Earl of Hyndford].
Lady Mary descends through Carmichael, Drummond, Leslie and Stewart from James V, King of Scotland and hence from Henry VII.
She died 1759.
Charles was MP for Ballynakill 1761-68.
MP for Armagh Borough 1769-76 (see MPs).
He was a close friend of Edmund Burke. Extensive correspondence survives.
He died 1776.
Charles and Lady Mary had issue:

  1. Mary O'Hara,
    only dau, born est c.1742.
    She mar May 1766, Merrion Square, Dublin, to James Carrique Ponsonby [born 1738] and had issue.
    See [Marriage settlement, 2 and 3 May 1766]
    See item in Freemans Journal, May 10, 1766.

  2. Charles O'Hara (the younger), MP,
    born 26 Apr 1746, Shaw's Court (off Dame St), Dublin, according to [Ms 20283, folder 18],
    bapt 27 May 1746, St. Andrew's Church, Dublin.
    MP for Dungannon 1776-83.
    MP in Dublin at same time as his brother-in-law James Carrique Ponsonby, who, however, separated from his sister in 1778.
    He mar 1780 to Margaret Cookson.
    MP for Sligo County 1783-1800.
    [Ms 36489] has a draft of his will (in or before 1800) which leaves "to my nephew James Ponsonby of Crotto [Co.Kerry]" £50 or a ring of that value. He gets the name of his nephew wrong. This line did not make it into the final will dated 25 Nov 1800.
    MP for Sligo County (UK) 1801-22.
    Item [D4031/D/6/44] in [O'Hara papers at PRO.NI] is a letter from Charles in 1806 in which he writes about Ponsonby the political family but does not mention his nephews Ponsonby.
    He died 1822.
    Charles and Margaret had issue:

    1. Mary O'Hara.

    2. Jane Frances O'Hara, born 1783,
      mar 1810 to Arthur Brooke Cooper and had issue:

      1. Charles William Cooper, born 1817,
        inherited O'Hara estates 1860,
        changed name to Charles William O'Hara.

    3. Charles King O'Hara, born 1785,
      died 1860.

    4. Charlotte O'Hara,
      mar 1812 to Robert Digby and had issue.

Charles O'Hara (the younger), MP for Dungannon, listed in [Dublin directory, 1783].
When in Dublin at the Irish House of Commons his residence was in Merrion Square.

[MS 36,484 / 16] shows the connection to Ponsonby.
"Mrs. Trench's aff." would be the affidavit of Mrs. Trench (born Charlotte O'Hara, a niece of Charles O'Hara the elder) about O'Hara property.
The marriage settlement must refer to the Ponsonby - O'Hara marriage settlement of 1766.

Nymphsfield (Annaghmore), Co.Sligo

"Nymphfield" (Annaghmore), SW of Collooney, Co.Sligo.
From p.221 of [Taylor and Skinner, 1777].
N is down.

"Nymphfield" in [The Post-chaise Companion, 1786, p.395].

Nymphsfield (now called Annaghmore) on 1829 to 1842 map.
See modern map and street view of SE entrance (on N17).


Sources yet to be consulted (O'Hara)

Sources yet to be consulted (Sligo)

O'Hara papers at PRO.NI

O'Hara and Cooper papers at [PRO.NI].

O'Hara papers at NLI

O'Hara Papers. [NLI] Ms.
This is a vast collection. I am searching for references to their relatives Ponsonby of Co.Kerry.

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