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Thomas Blennerhassett, of Flimby

Thomas Blennerhassett,
of Flimby Hall, Flimby, Cumberland (Cumbria).
MP for Carlisle 1584-1588. See list of Carlisle MPs 1558-1603.

Granted lands in Ireland:
He was granted lands in Ireland in 1590 by Sir Edward Denny, Governor of Kerry and Desmond, as part of the Munster Plantation.
He was granted the forfeited Desmond estate of Ballycarty, near Tralee, Co.Kerry.
See grant dated 14 Aug 1590.

Thomas visited Ireland, "at an advanced age".
Thomas and his son Robert appear in the petition of 1598 from early settlers who had to flee Kerry in the insurrection of 1598.
He returned to Cumberland, but his son Robert stayed in Kerry, and was ancestor of Blennerhassett there.
He had issue:

  1. John Blennerhassett,
    of Flimby Hall, Cumberland (Cumbria).
    Ancestor of Blennerhassett of Flimby Hall (stayed in family until sold 1772).

  2. Robert Blennerhassett,
    born est c.1570,
    of Ballycarty, Co.Kerry,
    settled in Ireland.

1590 grant


Photocopy of 1590 grant from Sir Edward Denny to Thomas Blennerhassett.
Grant of "Ballecartin" (Ballycarty).
Ms. 14,347 in [NLI]. Photocopy deposited in 1978. Apparently by Brian Fitzelle.
Location of original deed unknown.
See full size. See signatures.

Back of document.
See full size. See closer.
A note on this side of uncertain date says "24th Aug 1590".
This may be a mis-reading for 14 Aug 1590 (see below).

Note about 1590 grant by Edward Francis Jemmett Browne, dated 1910.
Says he then (1910) had a copy of the 1590 grant.
Note on p.7 of a bound Ms. book titled "Blennerhassett Notes, chiefly Cumberland", in Kynnersley-Browne papers, box 28 of deposit 823.
Says the grant is dated "Decimo quarto die Augusti. Regni Domi. Elizabethae Tricessimo secundo".
That is, 14 Aug, 32 Elizabeth.
That is, 14 Aug 1590 (NOT 1591 as written here).

Similar note on p.VII (a different page) of the same.

Extract from claim of 1654 by Thomas' grandson John Blennerhassett about his family's lands in Co.Kerry.
He refers to the original 1590 grant of lands to his grandfather Thomas.
See full size.


1598 petition

Thomas and his son Robert appear in the petition of 1598 from early settlers who had to flee Kerry in the insurrection of 1598.

The signatures of Thomas Blennerhassett and his son Robert Blennerhassett on the petition of 1598.
See larger and full size.

A reading of the signatures on the petition by Sir Henry Denny, 7th Baronet.
He notes that this is Thomas and Robert Blennerhassett, the first two settlers of that name in Kerry.


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