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Robert Blennerhassett, of Ballycarty, Co.Kerry

The signatures of Robert Blennerhassett and his father Thomas Blennerhassett on the petition of 1598.
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Robert Blennerhassett, of Ballycarty, Co.Kerry,
born est c.1570, Cumberland, England.
His father was granted lands in Co.Kerry, Ireland, in 1590.
He and his father appear in the petition of 1598 from early settlers who had to flee Kerry in the insurrection of 1598.
His father returned to England but Robert stayed in Kerry.
He lived Ballycarty Castle.
He mar Elizabeth Conway [bapt 26 Aug 1576, poss. descendant of Henry I].
Possibly the entire Blennerhassett family of Co.Kerry has a Royal Descent.

He got a further grant of land in Ireland 1611.
He was the first Provost of Tralee 1611.
He was the first MP for Tralee 1613.
He acquired c.1620 (post-1619) the forfeited Desmond estate of Ballyseedy Castle, in Ballyseedy parish, Co.Kerry.
He obtained the advowson of Ballyseedy 1622.
He built c.1627 the second Ballyseedy Castle.
[Hickson, 28 Apr 1897]. says he was MP for Tralee again in 1632.
There was a 1638 letters patent listing every freeholder and householder on the Denny estate of Co.Kerry, including Robert Blennerhassett. This is referred to in [Hickson, 14 Apr 1897] and was possibly burnt in 1922.
Robert was alive during the 1641 Rebellion which began in Oct 1641.
He and his son John surrendered Ballycarty Castle to the rebels in Nov 1641.
Robert and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. John Blennerhassett, of Ballycarty, Co.Kerry (and later of Ballyseedy).

  2. Arthur Blennerhassett, of Loughgur, Bruff, Co.Limerick.

Blennerhassett of Ireland - Wills

Robert Blennerhassett above would be the ancestor of all the Blennerhassetts of Munster.
Blennerhassett and variants listed in [Vicars' index of wills 1536-1810].
All of these wills were burnt in 1922.
See another list of Blennerhassett wills at PROI before 1922. From here and here.

Blennerhassett wills listed in Ardfert and Aghadoe in [Index to Irish Wills].
All of these wills were burnt in 1922.

Blennerhassett wills proved at Ardfert and Aghadoe up to 1858.
From here and here.
All of these wills were burnt in 1922.


Blennerhassett of Ireland - Education


Blennerhassett entries in [King's Inns].

Start of Blennerhassett entries in [TCD Alumni].
See full list.


DNA-linked Blennerhassett families of Co.Kerry

DNA testing indicates a link of our family to the following disconnected families that descend somehow from Blennerhassett of Co.Kerry.
Unfortunately their exact descent from the main Blennerhassett family is not known.

The DNA match of our family with the following families may not actually be through the Blennerhassett line. But there is some evidence that, in both cases, it is through the Blennerhassett line.


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