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Thomas Ebrill

Thomas Ebrill, his wife Nell Walsh, and dau Rosaleen.
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Courtesy of John de Courcy.

Thomas Ebrill,
Tom, born 20 Feb 1873, Limerick.
He was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1880-1889.
He was educ Clongowes.
He registered his father's death 1892. He was then living Courtbrack (the area including Summerville Cottage) [GROI].
His father left him his houses 3 and 4 Bellevue Terrace, South Circular Rd, Limerick.
He registered his brother John's death 1894. He was then living Summerville Cottage [GROI].
Listed with mother in 1901 census, "university student", unmarried.
Listed as "B.A. R.U.I." in census 1911.
Listed at Summerville Cottage in Deed of 1905.
He taught mathematics at Mount Melleray (site of monastery and school), N of Cappoquin, Co.Waterford.
He is listed in 1911 census at Mount Melleray. He is unmarried, "Professor of Mathematics", living with other young unmarried male academics.
Listed as of Summerville Cottage in Indenture dated 19 Mar 1912 and Indenture dated 25 Feb 1913. But clearly he is living in Co.Waterford.
He is listed as "Professor", living Cappoquin, at marriage in July 1913.

Thomas mar 22 July 1913 to Nell Walsh [Ellen, born 1883, Co.Waterford, "Walsh" in census, "Walshe" on mar cert].
She was dau of John Walsh, merchant, of Cappoquin, Co.Waterford.
See entry for her family in Barrack Street, Cappoquin, in 1901 census.
See entry for her family in Barrack Street, Cappoquin, in 1911 census.
They mar at SS Peter and Paul's, Cork [GROI].

Thomas was offered job as professor at UCD. But Nell wouldn't go to Dublin. She wanted to stay near family.
He taught at secondary school at Mount Melleray monastery.
Listed as "Professor in Education", living Bank House, Cappoquin, Co.Waterford, at dau's birth 1920.
Listed as "Professor of Physics", of Bank House, Cappoquin, in Deed of Sept 1932.
Listed as "Professor", of Bank House, Cappoquin, in Deed of Dec 1932.
"T.E. Ebrill, B.A." listed as member of Cappoquin Race Committee (horse racing) in Munster Express, 30 Nov 1934.
See Letter of 1 July 1943 from Charles to Frank. This seems to say that Thomas is very ill.
See Letter of 16 Sept 1943 from Charles to Frank. Frank is visiting a dying Thomas, who is still at Bank House, Cappoquin.
Thomas died 17 Sept 1943, Cappoquin, age 70 yrs [GROI].
Probate of will granted 28 Mar 1944 to Frank.
Nell died 1 Jan 1949, age 66 yrs [GROI], at Mountain Rd, Clonmel. (Although Clonmel is Co.Tipperary, Mountain Rd is across the county boundary in Co.Waterford, see map.)
Thomas and Nell had issue:

  1. Rosaleen Ebrill,
    Rosaleen Elizabeth Mary Ebrill, "Rosamund",
    born 7 Oct 1920, Cappoquin, Co.Waterford [GROI].
    Both parents died by 1949.
    At mar she was living 8 Verona Esplanada, O'Connell Ave, Limerick.
    She mar 11 Oct 1951 to James Geary [Jimmy, Jim, James Thomas, from Limerick, son of John Geary, Company Director].
    They mar at SS Peter and Paul's, Cork [GROI].
    He was building contractor.
    Around 1957 she was living 58 Palmerstown Rd, Dublin.
    "Mrs. Geary (nee Ebrill) and Mr. Geary, Dublin and Limerick" are listed as attending opening of Doorus House 1961.
    They had issue:

    1. Gwendoline Geary, had issue:
      1. Coral Rose Brown.
      2. William Jack Brown.
      3. George Alexander Brown.
      4. Henry Lloyd Bennett-Brown.

Thomas Ebrill, his wife Nell Walsh, and dau Rosaleen, c.1930s.
From this picture.
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