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William Flanagan

William listed on his brother's grave, Glasnevin.


William Flanagan,
bapt 29 July 1840.
He must be "William Flanagan, fruiterer" who is listed in [Thom's] at least 1861 to 1868 at Tourville, Rathmines Rd (beside his brother-in-law Peter Doyle, grocer).
He wit mar of his sister Agnes 1866.
He wit mar of his brother John 1869.
He lived Walkinstown House, Walkinstown, Co.Dublin, but kept the farm at Greenhills.
He would be William Flanagan of Kilnamanagh, Green Hills, "kitchen gardener", who is party to [Deed, 1870] about Walkinstown.
"W. Flanagan, Walkinstown" is listed in Irish Times, July 9, 1873, as a subscriber for the new church at Rathfarnham.
At mar 1874 he is listed as "farmer", of Crumlin (would be Walkinstown).

He mar 21 June 1874 to Anne Murtagh [dau of James Murtagh, butcher].
At mar she is living 8 Duggan Place, Rathmines.
They mar at Rathgar RC church. See mar cert from here. Mar wit by Francis Dowling and Clare Murtagh.
They had no issue.

"William Flanagan, farmer" is listed at Walkinstown House under Crumlin in [Thom's, 1875] and later.
His father William senior died July 1874. He and his brother Michael Flanagan inherited the family farm at Greenhills, Tallaght, Co.Dublin.
They also possibly inherited the John Flanagan farm at Greenhills, the property of (maybe their relation) John Flanagan.
"John Flanagan, farmer" was the only Flanagan listed at Greenhills in [Thom's] up to 1873.
It is noteworthy that neither William senior or junior, or Michael, are listed in [Thom's] up to 1873.
As soon as John Flanagan vanishes from the listing, "William Flanagan" starts being listed, 1874 onwards.
"William Flanagan, farmer" (which would be William junior) is listed at Greenhills under Tallaght in [Thom's] 1874 to 1889 (obviously some of the last entries are stale).
"William Flanagan" sp bapt of his nephew Charles in 1875.
His brother also inherited family land. [Owners of Land, 1876] shows his brother Michael Flanagan as owning 6 acres at Greenhills and Crumlin.

Poor Law Guardian 1877-86:
He was a member of the board of guardians of the South Dublin Union (as was his brother Michael, and Thomas Cosgrave).
He was elected for Rathfarnham area in March 1877.
He is listed as Poor Law Guardian, South Dublin Union, in Freemans Journal, 10 Aug 1877.
William Flanagan sp the bapt of Louisa Flanagan 1878.
He is listed as elected Poor Law Guardian for Rathfarnham in [Thom's, 1879].
William Flanagan and "Anna Flanagan" sp the bapt of Joe Flanagan Mar 1880.
William Flanagan sp the bapt of Martha Flanagan July 1880.
[Thom's, 1884] lists him as an elected Poor Law Guardian for Rathfarnham district in South Dublin Union, living Walkinstown House.
Listed as "farmer" of "Walking-town House" in will 1886.
His will dated 24th Sept 1886, making his brother Michael of Portmahon House, sole executor.
His will suggests he had no children.
He was still a Poor Law Guardian at the time of his death 1886.
Listed as "farmer and market gardener" at death.

William dies, 1886:
He died 27 Oct 1886, at Portmahon House, age 46 yrs, of cirrhosis of the liver [GROI].
He was bur Glasnevin Cemetery.
A tribute to him was paid at the meeting of the South Dublin Union on 28 Oct 1886. See Irish Times, October 29, 1886. They express "our sympathy with his wife and relations".
See death notice in the Nation, Oct 30, 1886.
Think his brother John might have disputed the will. See decree 12th Jan 1887, "Michael Flanagan v. John Flanagan".

Anne fl 1886.
[Thom's] 1891 to 1892 lists "William Flanagan, Walkerstown, Crumlin". This must be his widow at Walkinstown House, still under his name.
[Thom's] 1893 to 1895 lists "Mrs. Flanagan, Walkinstown House".
Cannot find any Anne Flanagan, widow, in 1901 census.
She might be "Mrs. W. Flanagan" listed at Cooleen, Green-hills under Tallaght in [Thom's] 1918 to 1921 (at this point "The Bird" Flanagan had moved into Walkinstown House).

Walkinstown House, home of William Flanagan.


The Flanagan political dynasty

William Flanagan's election as Poor Law Guardian in 1877 was the start of the Flanagan/Cosgrave/Humphreys/Kennedy political dynasty.
This lasted from 1877 to 2019. And may perhaps resume again.

William Flanagan is nominated as a Poor Law Guardian for South Dublin Union in 1877.
The Nation, Sat 17 Mar 1877.

Flanagan is elected in Rathfarnham.
He is in the Liberal Party (Gladstone's party, see leaders).
He was elected on Sat 24 March 1877.
Freemans Journal, Mon 26 Mar 1877.

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