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William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke

William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke.
Portrait early 1560s.
From National Museum of Wales.
Also on Wikipedia.

William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke,
born 1506.
See wikipedia.
He killed a man in a brawl in Bristol, escaped to France. Later returned to England.

He mar 1stly to Anne Parr [born 1514, descendant of Edward III, sister of Catherine Parr].
He rose with the Parrs when Catherine married Henry VIII 1543.
Knighted 1543.
Granted Wilton Abbey and lands by Henry VIII by 1544.
He pulled down Wilton Abbey. Built the first Wilton House in 1540s.
He was a guardian of the young Edward VI after death of Henry VIII 1547.
K.G. 1549.

Created Earl, 1551:
He was created 1st Earl of Pembroke by Edward VI in 1551, by the influence of his fellow Protestant John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland.
In 1551 he was granted the massive Baynard's Castle in central London.

Anne Parr dies, 1552:
She died 20 Feb 1552, age 38 yrs.
She was bur in the old St.Paul's Cathedral, London.
He married his son the future 2nd Earl to Lady Catherine Grey 1553, while Dudley married his son to Lady Jane Grey, and tried to make her Queen.
He managed to distance himself from the Grey and Dudley families after their fall in 1553. (Later in 1577 his son would marry Dudley's grand-daughter.)
There is a stained glass window commemorating the marriage on 25 July 1554 of Queen Mary with Philip II of Spain at Winchester Cathedral in the presence of the 1st Earl.

He mar 2ndly to Anne Talbot [born 18 March 1523, dau of George Talbot, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury].
There is a surviving Survey of the lands of William, first earl of Pembroke, made in 1567.

Death, 1570:
He died at Hampton Court, 17 Mar 1570, age 64 yrs.
He was bur in the old St.Paul's Cathedral, London.
Anne Talbot died 18 July 1588, age 65 yrs, bur 8 Aug 1588.
The 1st Earl had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Henry Herbert, 2nd Earl of Pembroke,
    born 1536-1541, probably 1538-1541.
    See discussion in [Complete Peerage].

  2. Sir Edward Herbert,
    of Powis Castle, Welshpool, Powys, Wales.
    Ancestor of Herbert, Baron Powis and Marquess of Powis (extinct 1748).
    Female-line ancestor of Herbert, Earl of Powis (of the second creation in 1748).

A medal depicting the 1st Earl, date 1562.
See front and back. Posted by John McCafferty.

William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke.
Portrait 1567.
See full size. From Wikimedia Commons.
See other version from Tudor Place.

William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke.
Engraving 1620. From NPG.

Later pictures


The 14th Earl dressed as the 1st Earl, "after a painting by Hans Holbein the Younger". Photo 1897.
Note Hans Holbein the Younger died 1543, before Herbert was created Earl.
From NPG. See terms of use.

William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke.
A copy made around the late 19th century by Herbert descendants, the Marquesses of Bute.
Now at Castell Coch.
See full size. From Wikimedia Commons.

Tomb of 1st Earl of Pembroke, St.Paul's Cathedral, London

Tomb of William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke (died 1570) and his 1st wife Anne Parr (died 1552).
In the old St.Paul's Cathedral, London.
The cathedral and the tomb were totally destroyed in the Great Fire of London 1666.

The lost tomb of the 1st Earl of Pembroke, old St.Paul's Cathedral, London.
From pp.88-89 (in Latin) of The history of St. Paul's Cathedral in London by William Dugdale, 1658.
See full size.
From Wenceslaus Hollar Digital Collection at University of Toronto. See page and image.

Close-up of above.
See full size. From above.

From p.47 of the book above.

List of the tombs lost in the fire of 1666.
This is a modern monument in the new St.Paul's Cathedral.
Above is the section listing the tomb of the 1st Earl.
See full size. From here.




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