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William Nolan, of Kilbane and South Cappa

William Nolan (died 1900).
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William Nolan,
born 1829 or 1830, Kilbane, near Limerick city.
He and some siblings moved c.1853 to W Co.Limerick.
William lived at South Cappa (Mount Trenchard), near Foynes, W Co.Limerick.
His brother John seems to have been at South Cappa first (as at 1858) and then John took Kilbane and William took South Cappa.

His brother Fr. Tom Nolan, the Fenian priest went to him at South Cappa for help when he was on the run in 1867.
He mar 8 Feb 1870 [Shanagolden RC par records] to Bridget Nolan [bapt 12 Apr 1838, of Ballyane, near Shanagolden, W Co.Limerick].
The mar was wit by James Nolan and Cornelius Nolan.
Can't find mar in [GROI].
They were living South Cappa by 1871 (since children baptised in the area).
Bridget died South Cappa, 11 Dec 1884, age 46 yrs (3 months after giving birth).
She was bur Knockpatrick, Co.Limerick.
William is listed as farmer, of South Cappa, at death.
He died South Cappa, 24 Nov 1900, age 70 or 71 yrs. See entry in [GROI].
He was bur Ballysimon.
William and Bridget had issue:

  1. Catherine Nolan,
    Kate, after paternal and maternal grandmothers,
    bapt 14 Apr 1871 [Loughill RC par records], sp Cornelius Nolan and Catherine Nolan,
    apparently also bapt 12 Apr 1871, Shanagolden.

    She must be identical with:

    Sister Mary Antonia Nolan,
    or "Sister Mary Antonio",
    nun, of Presentation Convent, George's Hill, Dublin (N city centre, see map),
    fl 1948.

  2. Rev. Dominic Nolan, or Dominick,
    born James Nolan, 19 Jan 1874, after grandfather,
    apparently bapt 17 Jan 1874, Shanagolden,
    Cistercian monk,
    of Mount Mellary, Co.Waterford,
    fl 1948.

  3. Sister Mary Alphonsus Nolan,
    born Alice Nolan, Co.Limerick.
    Nolan family notes say born 17 Apr 1876. Either this or the baptism transcript must have the month wrong.
    She was bapt 21 Mar 1876 [Loughill RC par records], sp Con Nolan and Teresa Nolan.
    Listed as unmarried, living with brother John at South Cappa in 1901 and 1911 census.
    She became a nun.
    She was at the Perpetual Adoration Convent, Bride St, Wexford.
    She died at the convent in Wexford, 8 June 1944, age 68 yrs.
    See notice in Irish Independent, June 12, 1944.
    See notice in Limerick Leader, June 17, 1944.
    See death cert from here.

  4. Very Rev. Louis Nolan,
    prominent cleric in Rome,
    born Cornelius Nolan, Con, after grandfather,
    born 29 May 1878, South Cappa,
    bapt 30 May 1878 [Loughill RC par records], sp Rev. Michael ---- and Ellen Danaher.

  5. John Nolan, TD,
    John Thomas Nolan, Séan T. Nolan, Jack,
    born 5 Feb 1880, South Cappa, see birth in [GROI],
    bapt 7 Feb 1880 [Loughill RC par records], sp John Fitzgerald and Alicia Nolan.

  6. Rev. William Nolan,
    William Nolan, born 1884 (mother age 46),
    bapt 7 Sept 1884 [Loughill RC par records], sp Thomas Nolan and Margaret Nolan,
    his mother died 3 months after giving birth to him,
    priest, C.Ss.R.,
    priest in Belfast,
    died pre-1944.

William Nolan with one of his sons.
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Apparent location of grave of Bridget Nolan at Knockpatrick.
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South Cappa, Co.Limerick

The Nolan house at "South Cappa" is in Mounttrenchard townland, Loghill par, between Loghill and Foynes, W Co.Limerick.
It is just S of the Mount Trenchard demesne.
See map.

The Nolan house at South Cappa, on 1887 to 1913 map.

South Cappa.
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