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Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery.
Portrait perhaps c.1825 (it was a pair with the one of Arthur Gibbon).
Her dress was gold with the dirt. When cleaned, it came up as the original silver.
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Elizabeth Montgomery,
born 12 July 1796.
She mar Sept-Oct 1814 to Arthur Gibbon [born 7 July 1780] and had issue.
They mar in Bedlington, Northumberland, far N of England. Not sure why. Arthur was of Aberdeen.
See copy of entry in Bedlington par records (and transcript).
Parish records and abstract of marriage contract say mar 3 Oct 1814.
Other family papers say 11 Sept 1814.
One copy of marriage contract says "on or about" 3 Oct, then written in margin is 11 Sept.
Bedlington parish records say they were both living Bedlington at the time, perhaps only temporarily.
He was age 34, she was age 18. She was the niece of the 11th Earl of Pembroke and had a great inheritance.
Postmarital contract 2 May 1815, Aberdeen, just before first child born. She is entitled to a massive £8,000 from the Herbert family. This is perhaps £5m in today's money.

Baptism of Elizabeth Montgomery, 13 July 1796, St.Margaret's, Westminster, London.
19th century copy of original. See full size.

Inscription on a book given to Elizabeth Montgomery (age 10) on 22 Dec 1806 by her uncle the 11th Earl of Pembroke.
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The book is an 1803 edition of Gulliver's Travels.
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Inscription on a book given to Elizabeth Montgomery (age 11) on 21 Oct 1807 by "the Dowager Lady Pembroke".
This is Elizabeth Spencer, widow of the 10th Earl of Pembroke, who is being remarkably generous to the daughter of her husband's natural son.
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The book is Fables by John Gay.
See title page.

A lock of hair, with writing "Miss Elizabeth Montgomery" (i.e. pre-1814) and something illegible (maybe just "hair grown").
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Marriage of Elizabeth Montgomery and Arthur Gibbon, 3 Oct 1814, Bedlington, Northumberland.
Later copy of original. See full size.

Inscription "Elizabeth Gibbon, 1820" [age 24, young mother] on a family medical guide.
See full size.
The book is The Medical Guide by Richard Reece, 11th edn, pub 1814.
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