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Michael Spain

Kathleen O'Donnell and her daughter Maureen Spain (born 1911).
Photo 1913. Courtesy of Nancy Ashburn.
See larger and full size.


Michael Spain,
born 15 Oct 1881.
His father died Dec 1900.
He is listed as "M.A. Spain", living Crescent View, Military Rd, Limerick, at father's death 1900.
He is listed in [Census, 31 Mar 1901] as the 19 year old head of the household at Military Rd, Limerick. His father dead. This is only days before his mother's death. His younger brothers are there but his mother is not (she would be in Dublin). He is "provision merchant". They have two domestic servants living with them.
Listed as "M.C. Spain, Limerick" at grandfather's funeral, 1 Apr 1901.
His mother died 8 April 1901. He was orphaned.
He took over father's business on Roches St, Limerick.
He sold Crescent View 1901-02.
He is listed as merchant, Roches St, at mar 1909.

Michael mar 24 Nov 1909 to Kathleen O'Donnell [Kate, born 6 Mar 1884, 58 William St, Limerick].
See her birth cert from here.
She was dau of Bryan O'Donnell, merchant, J.P., and Parnellite Lord Mayor of Limerick 1893 to 1895.
Bryan O'Donnell ran a business at 58 William St, Limerick.
He knew Michael's father and sent a tribute at his funeral in 1900.
The O'Donnells lived at Ballyclough House, Ballyclough, S of Limerick city (see map).
See them listed in 1901 census at Ballyclough House.
Kathleen is listed as of William St, Limerick, at mar.
Michael and Kathleen mar at St.Michael's RC church, Limerick. See mar cert from here.
Mar wit by Andrew Spain and Ethel O'Donnell.

Michael and Kathleen are listed in 1911 census as living 6 Alexandra Terrace, Military Rd, Limerick (near Crescent View). He is bacon merchant. They have 1 servant, no children.
"Michael Spain" (the business) is listed at 39-40 Roches Street in [Guy's, 1912].
"Michael Spain" listed as living 6 Alexandra Terrace, O'Connell Avenue, Limerick, in [Guy's, 1912] to [Guy's, 1914].
"Lynch and Spain", bacon merchants, and bacon curers, and provision merchants, and "Provision Importers (American)", 40 Roches St, are listed in [Guy's, 1912] to [Guy's, 1914], and [Cork & Munster, 1915] to [Cork & Munster, 1920].
M. Spain, Provision Merchants, Roches St, listed in [Cork & Munster, 1915] to [Cork & Munster, 1920].
Living 6 Alexandra Terrace at son's birth 1917. He is "Motor Garage Proprietor".

They emigrated to USA. Arrived New York on or about 28 Mar 1921.
Settled in Culver City, Los Angeles, California. There in 1926.
See his U.S. Naturalization declaration, 17 Mar 1927, California. From here. He is a "salesman", living 422 Lincoln Ave, Culver City.
He died 1942, Los Angeles. See findagrave.
She died 1959, Los Angeles. See findagrave.
They had issue:

  1. Maureen Spain,
    Maureen Alice Spain, born in Limerick, Sept 30, 1911.
    She mar Glenn Albert Ashburn [born 1910].
    He died 1960.
    She died 1998.
    They had issue:

    1. Nancy Ashburn.
      DNA match to me.

  2. Cyril Spain,
    born 1913, Limerick.
    Served in U.S. Army in WW2.
    He died 1964. See findagrave.

  3. Eric Spain,
    Michael Eric Spain, born 1914, Limerick.
    He mar 1951 to Lucy M. Bacon.
    He died 1977.

  4. Noel Spain,
    Noel Mary Spain, born 14 Dec 1917, 6 Alexandra Terrace, Limerick.
    See birth cert from here.
    He died 2003.
    He had issue:

    1. Timothy Spain.
      DNA match to John Lavelle and Malachi Spain.

  5. Kathleen Spain,
    Kathleen Patricia Spain, born 1926, Culver City, Los Angeles.
    She died 2018. See findagrave.

Kathleen O'Donnell (born 1884).
Courtesy of Nancy Ashburn.
See larger and full size.

Kathleen O'Donnell (born 1884).
Courtesy of Nancy Ashburn.
See larger and full size.

Maureen Spain (born 1911, died 1998).
Courtesy of Nancy Ashburn.
See larger and full size.


Lynch and Spain, Roches St


Ad of 1903 for Lynch and Spain, provision merchants, of Roches St (now being run by young Michael Spain).
See full size.
From "Colleen Bawn" Fete in aid of St.John's Hospital, Limerick, June 8th to 13th, 1903. Limerick City Museum.

Lynch and Spain, 40 Roches St.
Photo 1970s or early 1980s.
Courtesy of Nicole Spain.
This building on Roches St survives today.


Crescent View, Military Rd, Limerick

Michael Spain moved there sometime in 1893 to 1900.
He died there in 1900.
His wife died 1901.
Their son Michael Spain sold Crescent View in 1901 or 1902.
The Morony family are listed there in 1911 census.

Location of Crescent View, among the villas off the Military Road, running SW out of Limerick.
Including Summerville.
From 1829 to 1842 map.


The location on the 1887 to 1913 map.
It is unclear if Crescent View is gone or is part of Mount St. Vincent Convent.
This site is now part of Mary Immaculate College.
See modern map.

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