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Jack O'Mara

Jack O'Mara,
bapt 26 Dec 1856.
He is listed as "John O'Meara", "merchant", living Limerick, at mar.

He mar 1stly, 7 June 1880, to Anne Craven [Ann, Annie, "Nano", "Anne" on grave, born 1856].
She was dau of Rody Craven, merchant, of Scarriff (sometimes spelt Scariff), E Co.Clare.
Her family were small merchants from Scarriff where they had a hotel, stables and a farm.
The Cravens were agents for O'Mara's in Scarriff, which is how they met.
She is listed as "Nano Craven", living Scarriff, at mar.
They mar at Scarriff [GROI].

Anne dies, 1887:
Anne is listed as living Roches St at death 1887 [burial record].
She died 9th Jan 1887, age 31 yrs [grave].
The story in O'Mara family is that she died of complications of childbirth (this was a few months after giving birth to twins).
[Enda MacMahon] says the story in the Craven family was that "Nano died from TB which she caught in the Bacon Factory where she helped with the books. Conditions were very damp. She was brought to Scariff to die by horse and cart from Limerick. On the way they passed through Bodyke during the evictions and died a few days after". The problem with this story is the Bodyke evictions were June 1887.
Death not found in [GROI] 1885-89.
She was bur 11 Jan 1887 in Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
Jack had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Norah O'Mara,
    bapt Norah Mary, 25 Apr 1881 [St.Michael's, Limerick], poss. Nora.
    She was educ Laurel Hill, Limerick, boarding school.
    Not at home in 1901 census.
    She worked as a secretary in the Irish Embassy in Paris.
    Apparently did NOT work in French Embassy, 53 Ailesbury Road, Dublin.
    She apparently taught in Paris.
    She didn't marry.
    Years later she died in Dublin.

  2. Tom O'Mara,
    Thomas, born Limerick, bapt 4 Feb 1884 [St.Michael's, Limerick].
    He was educ Mungret College, Limerick.
    At home in 1901 census. He is "clerk".
    He worked in the bacon factory.
    He developed TB.
    He and his sisters Norah and Kathleen and cousin Jim Ray went to Canada for their health. It was believed Canada was better climate for avoiding TB.
    It was thought they went in 1909, but Jim Ray is still found in Ireland in July 1910. He might have gone later than the O'Maras.
    They went to Calgary, Alberta. Kathleen and Norah came home. Tom and Jim Ray stayed in Calgary.
    Letter of Tot Waldron, 23 Aug 1910 says: "P.J.N. [P.J. Nolan] is practically "it" in Calgary and has fixed up several Limerick chaps in good jobs up there. One of the O'Mara's writes to McCarthy and he gives a glowing account of his greatness up there."
    Tom and Jim Ray moved to US, to Arizona.
    Jim Ray moved to California 1917. Tom followed in 1918.
    He settled Santa Barbara, California.
    He mar 1920 to Molly Kenney [or Mollie, Irish-American, born Lompoc, Santa Barbara county, California].
    She was sister of Jim Ray's wife Hanora Kenney.
    They had no issue.
    He worked as accountant.
    He used to spend his summer holidays back in Ireland, in Scarriff, Co.Clare.
    Living Santa Barbara as at 1933.
    He died Santa Barbara, c.1960, age c.76 yrs.

  3. Kathleen O'Mara,
    bapt Kathleen Josephine O'Mara, 11 Apr 1885 [St.Michael's, Limerick], NOT Katherine.
    She was educ Laurel Hill, Limerick, boarding school.
    Not at home in 1901 census.
    She qualified as a domestic economy instructor.
    She mar Dr. Dan McCormack [from Nenagh, Co.Tipperary, NOT MacCormack].
    He might be D. McCormack of Nenagh, son of John McCormack by his wife, a dau of William Spain. See Spain funeral reports.
    He was doctor in Royal Navy.
    He retired from Navy. He set up private practice, "King's Road", London (must be Kings Road, Chelsea).
    He died of pneumonia, quite young, c.1925.
    He was NOT "killed".
    Kathleen moved back to Dublin and rented a house in Harcourt Terrace, off Adelaide Rd, Dublin.
    "Mrs. McCormack" is found at 18 Harcourt Terrace in [Thom's, 1945].
    She fl 1965.
    She died c.1970, age c.85 yrs.
    They had issue:

    1. Dr. John McCormack, mar Bríd ---- and had issue:
      1. John McCormack.

  4. Ellen Mary O'Mara, twin,
    born Limerick, bapt 2nd Aug 1886 [St.Michael's, Limerick].
    She is NOT Ellen who died Scarriff, 1st qr 1887 [GROI].
    Not at home in 1901 census. Must have died.

  5. Anna Mary O'Mara, twin,
    Annie, born Limerick, bapt 2nd Aug 1886 [St.Michael's, Limerick].
    At home in 1901 census.

    O'Mara family story is that one of the twins died soon after birth, with the mother, and the other twin died 1898, age 12 yrs. But Annie is alive in 1901 census.
    Craven family story is that one of the twins died "after a seizure after playing the piano at about 6 or 7 years of age", and the other twin also died "at about 6 or 7 years of age". This also cannot be totally correct since Annie is alive in 1901 census.

Jack was instrumental in building up O'Mara's bacon factory with his brother Stephen.
They expanded into connections with US, Canada, Russia, Romania and France.
They acquired Donnellys bacon factory, Dublin.

Goes to Russia:
At invitation of Tsar Alexander III, Jack went to Russia (after 1st wife died 1887) to show them how to cure bacon, and to build a factory. Jim Kemmy's grandfather was one of the pork butchers who went with Jack on this expedition to Russia. They went to St.Petersburg.
Jack stayed there to supervise building of bacon factory, ran it for them.
Russian Bacon Company founded May 1891.
See notice in the Munster News & Limerick and Clare Advocate, 9 May 1891, about the purchase of the Russian Bacon Company by James O'Mara. As printed in [McCloskey, 2001]. Says it "has been officially recognised by the Russian Government and received the supreme assent of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor [Tsar Alexander III] on 2 Jan 1891".
Jack stayed in Russia for several years. (Who minded his children?)
From 1891 to 1903, O'Maras produced bacon in Russia and shipped it to London. They leased and worked the slaughter and curing houses, situated in or near Gryazi, on the railway line, near Lipetsk, Russia.
[Pat Lavelle] says: "A Russian manager carried on the business and produced bacon which was shipped to Dad in London".

Jack's relatives wanted him back in Limerick.
He may be John O'Mara, with address given as Catherine St, Limerick, who was admitted as a member of the Catholic Institute, Limerick at meeting of 10 June 1892.
He was home on holiday, no intention of staying in Ireland, loved Russia. But he went on holiday to Kilkee, the setting for so many O'Mara romances, and he met Minnie Whelan, age 18 yrs. He married her, never went back to Russia.
His address is listed as Limerick at mar.

Jack mar 2ndly, 5 Feb 1895 [him age 38, her age 19 or 20] to Minnie Whelan [Mary, Min, born Limerick city, born 1875 or 1876 by census age].
She is "Minnie" in records, like census and children's births.
Can't find her birth in [GROI].
She was from old Limerick family, dau of Thomas Whelan, who died young. Her father was meant to be a sea captain, though her mar cert lists him as a shopkeeper. The Whelans owned undertakers, and later a pub.
She is listed as living Limerick at mar.
They mar at Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Cork [GROI].

Jack and Minnie were living Wellington Terrace, Limerick, at son's death 1899. He is "bacon merchant".
They are listed in 1901 census at Military Road, Limerick. He is "bacon merchant".
Living 13 Pery Square, Limerick, at dau's birth 1906, he is "manager of bacon store".
At dau's birth 1910 he is "merchant", living 4 Lansdowne Terrace, Limerick. Lansdowne Terrace is on the Ennis Road. This might be the same place as "Noraville".
They lived "Noraville" (or "Norahville"), Ennis Rd, Limerick.
They are listed in 1911 census on Ennis Rd, Limerick. He is "bacon merchant". None of the children of the 1st marriage are with them. They have 2 servants with them.
He is listed as "merchant" at "Norahville" at Eileen's birth 1915.
Listed as "factory manager" at Maureen's birth (not registered until 1925).
Listed as "manager of a bacon factory" at death.

Jack dies, 1919:
He died Thur 24 July 1919, Noraville, age 62 yrs.
See notice in Limerick Chronicle, 24 July 1919.
He was bur Sat 26 July 1919 [NOT 31 July] at Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
See funeral report in Limerick Chronicle, 26 July 1919.
No admin found in [NAI] 1919-25.

Minnie was living Norahville, Ennis Rd, in 1925.
She died c.1948/1949.
Can't find death in [GROI]. She is NOT Mary Kate O'Mara who died Limerick, 1st qr 1949.
Jack had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Jim O'Mara,
    born Limerick, bapt 7 Nov 1895 [St.Michael's, Limerick].
    Can't find birth in [GROI].
    At mar 1927 he is merchant, living Norahville, Ennis Rd, Limerick.
    He mar 15 June 1927 to Mary McMahon. No issue.
    He worked for O'Mara's bacon factory, Limerick, travelled for them.
    He was agent for Co.Clare. Lived Ennis.
    He died 1948, age 53 yrs.
    Can't find death in [GROI].
    He is NOT James O'Meara, Thurles, 1948, 4th qr.

  2. Jack O'Mara,
    born Limerick, bapt 10 Apr 1897 [St.Michael's, Limerick].

  3. Joe O'Mara,
    Joseph Francis,
    bapt 1 Mar 1899 [St.Michael's, Limerick].
    He died 12 May 1899, Wellington Terrace, Limerick, age 2 months, of capillary bronchitis. See entry in [GROI].

  4. Lena O'Mara,
    bapt Helen, "Helena" in census,
    born Limerick, can't find birth in [GROI],
    bapt 6 Aug 1900 [St.Michael's, Limerick].
    She mar Eoin Clarke [Eugene], no issue.
    He worked in Guinness brewery, Dublin.
    They lived Shankill, Co.Dublin.
    He died pre-1952.
    She is listed at death 1952 as "Helen Clarke", widow, of 24 Greenfield Rd, Mount Merrion, Co.Dublin (her sister's house).
    She died at St.Laurence's Hospital, N Brunswick St, Dublin, [poss. 30th] Apr 1952, age 51 yrs [GROI].

  5. Maureen O'Mara,
    born 19 Aug 1902, 62 Henry St, Limerick [GROI].
    She didn't marry, stayed home to look after mother.
    She died 22 Feb 1959, age 56 yrs [grave].
    Death not found in [GROI].
    She was bur Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.

  6. Patricia O'Mara,
    Trixie, born 21 Mar 1906, 13 Pery Square, Limerick [GROI].
    She was engaged to be married to a man called Percy Devlin. Despite the fact that he was in the British Army, and she was a strong Irish republican.
    He was out in India, building roads. The others were fiddling the money. He was the only honest one.
    He was out big game hunting, in November. He was shot in suspicious circumstances, died.
    Trixie never married after.
    She died 1984, age 78 yrs.

  7. Peggy O'Mara,
    Margaret, born 1908, Limerick.

  8. Betty O'Mara,
    Elizabeth, born 23 Aug 1910, 4 Lansdowne Terrace, Limerick.
    See birth cert from here.
    Father died 1919.
    At mar she is living 21 Landsdown Park, Limerick.
    She mar 22 June 1938 to Owen Hayes and had issue.
    They mar at Shankill, Co.Dublin. See mar cert from here.

    1911 census says they had 8 children, 7 then alive.
    So these 8 are all accounted for.

  9. Stephen O'Mara, died age c. 1 yr.
  10. (child) O'Mara, died very young.
  11. (think another child) O'Mara, died very young.

  12. Eileen O'Mara,
    born 15 July 1915, "Norahville", Ennis Rd, Limerick [GROI].
    34 years younger than her eldest half-sister.
    42 years younger than her 1st cousin James. Younger even than all his children.
    She wit her sister's mar 1938.
    She mar post-1938 to Brian McMahon and had issue.

O'Mara's bacon factory on Roches St, Limerick, in [Guy's, 1893].
Lists John O'Mara and his father James and his brother Stephen.

Kathleen O'Mara (who mar Dan McCormack).
Photo taken in Blackpool. Courtesy of Enda MacMahon.



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