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The family that married Humphrys are the Catholic Lloyds of Portnard.
Who they are is unknown. Presumably they are some branch of the Protestant Lloyds of Portnard who were disinherited for becoming Catholic, but given a lease on the family estate.

Protestant Lloyd of Towerhill and Portnard

Lloyd were prominent Protestant landowners in E Co.Limerick from the 17th century on.
Lloyd of Towerhill are ancestors of Lloyd of Linfield, Castle Lloyd, Pallasbeg, Beechmount, Heathfield and Odell Ville, all in Co.Limerick.

Rev. Thomas Lloyd, born 1690,
of Towerhill, Co.Limerick,
mar 1stly, 1710, to Mary Burgh [descendant of Edward I],
she died 1722,
his will dated 1741, pr 1746,
had issue by 1st wife:

Rev. Rickard Lloyd, born 1716,
of Castle Lloyd, Co.Limerick,
mar Mary Armstrong [dau of William Armstrong of Mealiffe (Moyaliffe), Co.Tipperary],
died 1796, age 80 yrs,
had issue:

Rev. Edward Lloyd, born 1755,
Rector of Fethard, Co.Tipperary,
mar Denise Connor,
died 1810, age 55 yrs.

[Andrew Morgan] thinks they are parents of:

  1. Rev. Rickard Lloyd, born 1795,
    of Meldrum, Co.Tipperary, and Portnard, Co.Limerick.
    He mar 1843 to Elizabeth Coote.
    Lloyd papers show Lloyd of Portnard as related to the main family.
    Rev. Rickard is listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] as holding all of Portnard, and living in the big house, Portnard House.
    His possible relation John Lloyd is renting from him.
    He died 1856, age 61 yrs.
    Rev. Rickard and Elizabeth had issue:

    1. Rickard Edward Lloyd,
      or Richard, of Portnard, born 1846,
      mar 1878 to Isabel Neilson Cassells,
      he died 1889, age 43 yrs,
      she is listed as "Isabella Lloyd", a Protestant widow, at Portnard in 1911 census,
      Lloyd papers show "Sale of Portnard, Cappamore (1910-1913)".

Catholic Lloyd of Portnard

Our Lloyd family starts with John Lloyd of Portnard, a Catholic.
He is listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] as renting land in Portnard from (his possible relation) Rev. Rickard Lloyd above.
David Lloyd says there was a story in his family that John Lloyd of Caherline was Protestant.
[Andrew Morgan] says it was his father (i.e. John Lloyd of Portnard) who was Protestant.

Towerhill House

Towerhill House, S of Cappamore, E Co.Limerick.
The original seat of Lloyd in the 17th century.
Entry in [NIAH] says the current house dates from 1760-1800.
It is now in ruins.

Towerhill House on 1829 to 1842 map.
See modern satellite view and street view of N entrance.

The ruined Towerhill House.
From photos at [NIAH].

Portnard House

Portnard House, Portnard, Tuogh par, Co.Limerick (N of Cappamore).
Not far from Glenstal.
Portnard is a large townland.

Portnard House. From 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern satellite view.

Portnard House (now a ruin).
From photos at [NIAH].
Entry at [NIAH] says Portnard House was built 1780-1820.



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