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Patrick "Porridge" O'Brien.
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Patrick "Porridge" O'Brien,
born 18 Mar 1798, Mount David, Shanagolden, Co.Limerick,
wealthy farmer who eventually had extensive land holdings in W Co.Limerick,
mar 1stly, 1818, to Catherine Enraght and had issue,
she died late 1818,
mar 2ndly, 1824, to her sister Margaret Enraght [born 8 Jan 1789],
she died 18 Mar 1831, age 42 yrs,
had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Thomas Enraght O'Brien, born 1827,
    lived South Hill, Limerick (South Hill House, see old map),
    South Hill House survives, but is now in the notorious high-crime area Southill (see modern satellite view),
    Lord Lieutenant of Limerick 1894-96,
    died 1896,
    see death and funeral in Limerick Chronicle,
    left estate of £31,000.
    For more on him see [Donovan, 2010].

Patrick mar 3rdly, 1839, to Mary Enraght [born est c.1815, 1st cousin of his first two wives],
all three wives were from the Protestant Enraght family of Shanagolden, though their children were Catholic,
Patrick earned the nickname "Porridge" from his efforts feeding the hungry at Shanagolden during the Famine in 1847,
after the Famine he purchased many properties, including the old Enraght house (the post office) on Main St, Shanagolden,
after 1851 he moved to a farm at Dernish (or Durnish), near Foynes, Co.Limerick (see map),
the O'Brien family eventually had farms at Dernish, Leahies, Bawnmore, Clashganniff, Ballymorris and Mount David,
he died 28 Dec 1871, age 73 yrs,
bur with his 3 wives in Shanagolden,
had issue by 3rd wife:

  1. Bessie O'Brien,
    Elizabeth O'Brien, born 21 Jan 1840, Co.Limerick,
    bapt 9 Feb 1840, Shanagolden RC church,
    written "Bessie" on grave, "Bossy Bessie".

    She mar 1stly, 1862, to Tim Madigan and had issue.
    Tim and Bessie ran a pub at West End, Shanagolden. And a farm on the Clashganniff side of Shanagolden.
    They were Home Rulers, and supporters of William Henry O'Sullivan, MP (MP for Limerick County 1874-85). Bessie would later marry him.
    Tim died May 1876.
    After he died, Bessie ran the farm and pub, was very wealthy.
    She funded the election campaign of William Henry O'Sullivan, MP.
    She became friendly with Elizabeth Butcher, wife of the landlord 2nd Baron Monteagle. She went to tea at their seat Mount Trenchard.
    "Bessie Madigan", Shanagolden, listed among farmers in [Postal Directory of Munster, 1886].

    She mar 2ndly, Jan 1887 [him age 57, her age 47] to William Henry O'Sullivan, MP [born 1830, of Kilmallock, Co.Limerick].
    He had been MP for Limerick County 1874-85, and she was a long-time supporter of his.
    He died 27 Apr 1887, age 57 yrs, bur Kilmallock.
    She wrote a letter in 1897 from Shanagolden to Rev. Thomas Enraght Lindsay about family tree research. They clearly knew they were related through Enraght.
    She took over Clashganniff House when her brother died 1900, and took care of her brother's orphaned child.
    In 1911 census she was living with Madigans in Clashganniff House.
    She died 16 June 1916, age 76 yrs,
    bur Kilbradran graveyard, see inscription.

  2. William O'Brien, born 1847.
    Lived Clashganniff House, S of Shanagolden (see map and street view).
    Living Clashganniff as at 1876.
    Like his sister he was a strong supporter of William Henry O'Sullivan, MP.
    He mar Kate Fitzgerald.
    Living Clashganniff at dau's birth 1885. Listed as farmer.
    "William O'Brien", Clashganniff, is listed among farmers in [Postal Directory of Munster, 1886].
    Kate died pre-1900.
    He took to drink.
    He died in the hotel in Rathkeale, 1900, age 53 yrs.
    See obituary in Limerick Chronicle, 15 May 1900.
    Listed as "farmer" at dau's mar 1916.
    He had issue:

    1. Mary O'Brien,
      Mary Josephine O'Brien, Mary Jo,
      born 23 Feb 1885, Clashganniff.
      See birth cert from here.
      She was orphaned 1900, age 15.
      In 1911 census she is living with her aunt and the Madigans in Clashganniff House.
      Listed as living Shanagolden area (spelt wrong) at mar in Dublin.
      Not sure why married in Dublin.
      She mar 28 Sept 1916, Fairview RC church, Dublin, to Joe Nolan [bapt 1884] and had issue.
      See mar cert from here.
      Married by a Fr. James Nolan at Fairview. Might look like a relation. But 1911 census seems to show him here, born Co.Carlow, so no relation.

  3. Mary O'Brien, born 1850, Co.Limerick,
    marriage settlement dated 1 Mar 1870 is registered in [LR] and is reproduced in [Donovan, 2010],
    her father gave her a massive £1,000 at marriage,
    mar 1870 to Michael Donovan [born 1836] and had issue.

  4. Kate O'Brien,
    Catherine, born 1854, Co.Limerick,
    mar cert says she was of Ballymorris,
    mar 1877 to Dr. Cornelius Nolan and had issue.

Clashganniff House

Clashganniff House.
Photo 2008. See full size.

Clashganniff House on 1887 to 1913 map.
In 1911 census it is listed as having 11 rooms, 3 windows in front of house, 14 outbuildings.

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