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Thomas T. Madigan

Thomas T. Madigan.
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Thomas T. Madigan,
born 12 June 1863.
His father died 1876.
His mother re-married in 1887, but her husband died 1887.
Thomas mar pre-1896 to Margaret Nolan ["Daisy", born 4 Jan 1865].
He ran family pub and grocery at West End, Shanagolden. Family lived there.
They are listed at West End, Shanagolden, in 1901 census. He is "farmer". His mother is living with them. They have 4 servants living with them. The house has 9 rooms, 9 windows in front of house, 13 out-buildings.
Thomas died 17 Jan 1904, age 41 yrs, of cardiac pneumonia.
Funeral Tue 19 Jan 1904, bur Kilbradran graveyard.
The local landlord 2nd Baron Monteagle went to his funeral.
The 2nd Baron's wife, Lady Monteagle, delivered a tribute to him at Rathkeale District Council [Donovan, 2010].
Thomas is listed as "farmer" at son's mar and dau's mar 1931, and dau's mar 1935.

Margaret moved around 1905 to Clashganniff House, S of Shanagolden.
She is listed at Clashganniff House in 1911 census. She is "farmer". Her mother-in-law Bessie is living with them. They have 3 servants.
Her son Tim was shot dead in 1920 in the War of Independence.
Her dau Peg died 1934.
She died in a Limerick hospital, 17 Jan 1935, age 70 yrs.
She was bur Kilbradran graveyard.
Thomas and Margaret had issue:

  1. Elizabeth Madigan,
    Bess, Bessie, born 1896, Co.Limerick,
    listed as "Bessie" at father's funeral,
    mar Jim Ryan [of Cratloe, Co.Clare, brother of Robert Ryan],
    he was in Irish Army, retired,
    later farmed at Ballinlough, W of Kells, Co.Meath (see map),
    had issue:
    1. Bob Ryan.
    2. Tom Ryan.
    3. Tim Ryan.
    4. Jim Ryan.
    5. Peg Ryan.
    6. Kitty Ryan, died in childhood.
    7. Mary Ryan, died in infancy.

  2. Capt. Tim Madigan,
    Timothy Brian, born 11 Jan 1897, West End, Shanagolden,
    Captain in IRA,
    shot dead in War of Independence 1920.

  3. James Madigan,
    Jim, born 1898, Co.Limerick.
    He was in IRA in War of Independence.
    Listed as of Shanagolden at mar.
    He mar 1931 to his 3rd cousin Catherine Donovan [Kitty, born 1903].
    Double wedding with his sister Peg.
    They lived West End House, Shanagolden.
    He wit his sister Catherine's mar, July 1935. Also wit by "Catherine Madigan", who must be James' wife.
    Mr and Mrs J. Madigan, of West End, Shanagolden, were at Mary Nolan's funeral, Aug 1935.
    James Madigan was at his uncle Thomas Nolan's funeral 1936.
    He died 27 Oct 1964, age 66 yrs. He was bur Kilbradran graveyard.
    Catherine died 18 June 1987, age 83 yrs.
    She is written on Kilbradran grave, but apparently bur Shanagolden town graveyard.
    They had issue:

    1. Tom Madigan.
    2. Pearl Madigan.
    3. Mary Madigan.
    4. Betty Madigan, mar Pat Joy.
    5. James Madigan, mar Sheila ----.
    6. Kaye Madigan.

  4. Thomas Madigan,
    Tom, born 23 Mar 1899, Co.Limerick,
    in IRA in War of Independence,
    mar Margaret Hartney [born 13 June 1906, Peg, of Shanid, perhaps related to these Hartneys],
    farmed at Clashganniff,
    Mr and Mrs T. Madigan, of Clashganniff, were at Mary Nolan's funeral 1935,
    Thomas Madigan was at his uncle Thomas Nolan's funeral 1936,
    he died 26 June 1967, age 68 yrs,
    she fl 1977,
    had issue:
    1. Daisy Madigan.
    2. Joan Madigan.
    3. Pat Madigan.
    4. Irene Madigan.
    5. Tom Madigan.

  5. Willie Madigan,
    William J. Madigan, Billy, born May 1900, Co.Limerick.
    In 1911 census he is listed as "visitor" staying with O'Brien cousins at Leahies, Co.Limerick.

    War of Independence, 1920-22:
    Willie was in the IRA in War of Independence.
    He was involved in burning the uniforms of the RIC men in Shanagolden in Aug 1920.
    He was arrested 28 Dec 1920 by the same RIC party that killed his brother Tim that day.
    He was badly beaten the same day by the Black and Tans in Foynes. See his statement p.1 and p.2. This is in [Ms. 13,416]. His statement says he was beaten by the District Inspector in Foynes, apparently John M. Regan.
    He was jailed from Dec 1920 until Independence. He was in Limerick jail, Dec 1920 to Feb 1921.
    Trial in Limerick, Feb 1921. The landlord and family friend, the 2nd Baron Monteagle, arranged for his defence. (Monteagle was a Gaelic revival enthusiast, and his daughter was a republican activist.) Willie refused to recognise the court. He got 10 years for burning the RIC uniforms, remitted to 7 years.
    He was sent to English prison in Feb 1921. Interned in Portland and Dartmoor.
    Released Jan 1922 at Independence.

    Willie emigrated to South Africa.
    He qualified as a wireless ship's officer in "Jan Smuts Academy" (unidentified).
    He mar 1stly to Taffy McNamara, divorced.
    He mar 2ndly to ---- [South African, had one child, Moira Flack].
    He fl in South Africa in 1950s,
    died South Africa, think pre-1979.

  6. Catherine Madigan,
    Catherine Alice, Kitty, born 12 July 1901, Co.Limerick.
    Listed as "Kathleen" at father's funeral 1904.
    She wit her sister Peg's mar 1931.
    Peg died 1934.
    Kitty is listed as of Shanagolden at mar.
    She mar 1935 to her sister's widowed husband Dan Donovan [born 1900 or 1901] and had issue.

  7. Peg Madigan,
    Margaret Mary, born 1903, Co.Limerick.
    Listed as of Shanagolden at mar.
    She mar 1931 to her 3rd cousin Dan Donovan [born 1900 or 1901] and had issue.
    Double wedding with her brother James.

Thomas T. Madigan on Madigan grave, Kilbradran.
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Daisy Nolan on Madigan grave, Kilbradran.
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Elizabeth Madigan and Jim Ryan.
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Gravestone of Jim Madigan and Kitty Donovan, Shanagolden.
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Tom Madigan (born 1899).
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Willie Madigan and Taffy McNamara.
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