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William Blennerhassett, of Elmgrove


Ballyseedy on p.163 of [Smith, 1756].
This shows John Blennerhassett at Old Ballyseedy and his younger brother William Blennerhassett at Elmgrove.

William Blennerhassett, born 1705,
of Elmgrove (later Ballyseedy House), Co.Kerry.
His father died 1709.
He (or someone in his family, possibly his brother Col. John) built the new "Elmgrove" house at Ballyseedy in 1721.
Col. John lived at the old Ballyseedy Castle. William lived at Elmgrove.

William mar 1732 (NOT 1718) to Mary Morley [dau of John Morley].
William Blennerhassett is reported in residence in Elmgrove in [Smith, 1756].
He re-built Elmgrove 1760s.
Mary died 16 Mar 1775.

William's will dated 27 Oct 1783.
Death, 1785: He died at Elmgrove, 1785, age 80 yrs.
Will proved 22 June 1785.
Will would be burnt in 1922. Notes survive on p.39 and p.40 of [D950/1/9].
See abstract of will in [MGH, 1883].
William and Mary had issue:

  1. William Blennerhassett,
    of Elmgrove, born est c.1735.
    He mar 22 Apr 1765 to Catherine Johnson [dau of Noble Johnson].
    Marriage articles dated 22 Apr 1765 [according to his father's will].
    Collector of Customs, Tralee.
    He re-modelled Elmgrove in and around 1788.
    Death, 1797: He died Elmgrove, 1797.
    Catherine Blennerhassett, of Blennerville (widow of William Blennerhassett of Elmgrove) is party to [Deed, Oct 1807].
    Her will dated 19 Apr 1810. Described as of Blennerville, widow.
    Will proved 18 Oct 1810.
    Will burnt in 1922. But notes survive on p.23 and p.24 of [D950/1/9].
    William and Catherine had issue:

    1. John Blennerhassett, born c.1769.
      See wikipedia.
      MP for Kerry 1790-1794.
      He died 1794.

    2. Catherine Blennerhassett,
      Catherine Mary Blennerhassett, born 1 February 1777,
      bapt 6 Feb 1777, Tralee [Tralee Protestant par records].
      She mar 1stly, 1 Oct 1796, to Col. John Gustavus Crosbie and had issue.
      Mar licence dated 20 Sept 1796. See note in [D950/1/9, p.25].
      Col. John died 1797.
      She mar 2ndly, Apr 1798, to George Rowan of Rathanny, Co.Kerry, and had issue.

    3. Arthur Blennerhassett,
      of Elmgrove and Ballyseedy,
      born 4 Dec 1779.

    4. Frances Blennerhassett,
      Frances Anne, bapt 30 Jun 1783, Tralee [Tralee Protestant par records],
      mar 1stly to Anthony Denny and had issue.

    5. Mary Blennerhassett,
      mar 1810 to Capt. Nevinson de Courcy and had issue.

  2. Agnes Blennerhassett,
    born at Ballycarty on 12 Oct 1740.
    She mar 1761 to Sir William Godfrey, 1st Baronet and had issue.
    Marriage settlement 1761. Witnessed by "George Cashel".

William Blennerhassett of Elmgrove (the younger) writes to Edward Leslie of Tarbert in [Note of 1786].
This is about the attempted collection of a debt by Leslie's agent Joseph Lindsay.
See larger and full size.

New Ballyseedy (built 1721).
Photo apparently 2005. From Bill Jehan.

Location of big houses near Tralee, 1777.
Up is West.
From [Taylor and Skinner, 1777].
Oak Park is on N side of Tralee.
Ballyseedy is E of Tralee.
Arabella House is further E (then seat of Blennerhassett, later seat of Rowan).
Rathanny (or Ratanny) also further E (then seat of Rowan).
See full size. From Bill Jehan.

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