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Jim Gaffney

Jim Gaffney.
From Crescent College Review, 1897 and 1898.
See larger and full size.

Jim Gaffney,
James Stanislaus Gaffney,
born 12 Oct 1866, Limerick city.
He was educ Crescent College, Limerick. Entered 1877.
He was educ Royal University. Matric Oct 1884. Went to University College Dublin. BA Oct 1887.
He became a solicitor in Limerick.
In 1887 he became an apprentice to Patrick Shelton Connolly, solicitor, Limerick.
He qualified as solicitor in Nov 1890.

Taking over 86 George St:
Jim is listed as one of the "chief mourners" at the funeral in 1894 of Patrick Shelton (P.S.) Connolly, solicitor, whose residence was 86 George St, Limerick.
See Limerick Chronicle, 28 April 1894 and 1 May 1894.
He took over Connolly's solicitors' business, and premises at 86 George St. Later, 86 George St became Gaffney's home.

He was very active in Limerick social life.
A truncated article in Limerick Chronicle, 9 January 1897, shows him in some dramatic production. (todo) See full article.
He was prominent in Limerick Boat Club. See Limerick Leader, 12 Dec 1998.
A truncated article in Limerick Chronicle, 23 July 1898, shows him at Regatta Dinner. (todo) See full article.
He is listed at 64 George St, Limerick, in scrapbook in 1890s.
He is at funeral of James O'Mara Apr 1899.
He was at Michael Spain's funeral 1900.
He is described as of 86 George St, Limerick, at marriage 1901. He is solicitor.

He mar 23 Jan 1901 to Cis Spain [Mary, born 11 July 1878].
They lived at Eveleen, Ennis Road, Limerick. They are listed there in 1 April 1901 census.
He is listed at William Spain's funeral and Kate Lynch's funeral, both in Apr 1901.
They were living at Eveleen, Ennis Road, Limerick, at children's births Nov 1901 and 1902.
Jim lived 86 George St, Limerick (later 86 O'Connell St) from at least dau's birth 1904 until his death 1933.

Crown Solicitor for Co.Limerick, 1907-1920:
Jim became the Crown Solicitor for Co.Limerick. He carried out prosecutions for the Crown.
Despite this loyalty to the Crown, he was an Irish language enthusiast. He gave his children Irish names and his grave is in Irish.
His descendant Heather Miller says the family belief is he was an Irish nationalist, despite his job.
Note that his brother was so strong an Irish nationalist that he supported Germany in WWI.

He is listed as Crown Solicitor, Limerick, at dau's death 1910. Listed at 86 George St.
They are listed at 86 George St, Limerick, in [Census, 1911]. They have 4 servants living with them.
86 George St became 86 O'Connell St (re-named).
He is listed as Crown Solicitor, 86 George St, Limerick, at son's birth and death in Sept 1911. Also listed as 86 O'Connell St.
J. Gaffney, BA, Crown Solicitor, George St, Limerick, listed in [Guy's, 1912] to [Guy's, 1914].
His residence is listed at 86 O'Connell Street, Limerick, in [Guy's, 1912] to [Guy's, 1914].
He was at funeral of Kate McCoy 1913.
He was at funeral of William de Courcy 1915.
In [Thom's, 1919] he is listed as Crown Solicitor, with offices in Limerick and also at 48 Upper Sackville St, Dublin (later re-named O'Connell Street).
See him in a 1919 case in Ch.5 of [Cahill, 1990].
He was at funeral of Matthew McCoy 1922. He is described as "Crown Solicitor". Though it was thought he left this post in 1920.

Jim was said in an article about his daughter to have been "one of the first presidents of the Irish Law Society". But the Law Society of Ireland was founded 1830 so not sure what this means.
An obituary of his daughter lists her parents as "Sir James and Lady Mary Gaffney" but this seems to be wrong. He worked for the Crown but was not apparently knighted. He is not listed in the Knightage in [Thom's, 1929].
He is listed with his son Niall in [Thom's, 1929] with offices in Limerick and also at 15 South Frederick St, Dublin.

Jim dies, 1933:
He died 86 O'Connell Street, Limerick, 21 Oct 1933, age 67 yrs.
See death cert from here.
See death notice in Irish Times, October 23, 1933.
See death notice in Irish Independent, October 23, 1933.
Funeral 23 Oct, bur Gaffney grave, Mount St. Lawrence, Limerick.

Cis dies, 1949:
Cis is listed as of 86 O'Connell Street, Limerick, at death.
She died 4 June 1949, at Barrington's Hospital, Limerick [grave, burial record, death notice, death cert], age 70 yrs.
See death cert from here.
See death notice in Irish Independent, 6 June 1949.
Death notice says funeral Mon 6 June, but burial record says bur 9 June.
She was bur Gaffney grave, Mount St. Lawrence, Limerick.
See legal notice in Irish Times, June 18, 1949. This lists her as "Mrs. Cis Spain Gaffney" late of 86 O'Connell Street, Limerick.
Jim and Cis had issue:

  1. Una Gaffney,
    Una Moira Gaffney, born 10 Nov 1901, Eveleen, Ennis Road, Limerick.
    See birth cert in [GROI]. Also here.
    See notice in Freemans Journal, November 12, 1901.
    She died of TB, 18 Aug 1910, St Vincent's Hospital, 96 Lr Leeson St, Dublin [death notice, death cert], age 8 yrs.
    See death cert from here.
    (todo) See death notice in Limerick Chronicle, think 18 Aug 1910.
    See death notice in Irish Independent, 19 Aug 1910.
    See death notice in Freeman's Journal, 19 Aug 1910.
    Funeral 19 Aug 1910 [death notice, burial record].
    She was bur in Gaffney grave, Mount St. Lawrence, Limerick. Name written on grave above Toirdhealbhach. (todo) Read this again.
    (todo) See funeral report in Limerick Chronicle, think 20 Aug 1910.

  2. Niall Gaffney,
    Niall Seumas Gaffney [thus spelt at birth and in census],
    born 29 Nov 1902, Eveleen, Ennis Road, Limerick, see birth in [GROI],
    see notice in Freemans Journal, 2 Dec 1902.

  3. Nessa Gaffney,
    Nessa Kathleen Gaffney, born 86 George St, Limerick, 3 Nov 1904. See birth in [GROI].
    Think sent to boarding school in England about 1919.
    She went to British Malaya.
    She mar June 1929 in Penang, Malaya, to Frederick Bede-Cox [or "Frederick Cox", English Catholic].
    He was son of F. Bede Cox, of Lynwood, Church Crookham, Hampshire.
    See notice in The Straits Times, 11 May 1929, Page 8.
    They lived in Malaya.

    Japanese occupation of Malaya in WW2:
    In WW2, the war of Britain with Japan started in Dec 1941. Japan invaded Malaya Dec 1941, and occupied it until the war ended 1945.
    Nessa was evacuated from Singapore shortly before it fell on 15 Feb 1942.
    She got out on the Empress of Japan, went via Australia, then South Africa, arrived Liverpool 19 Mar 1942.
    See evacuation record at Malayan Volunteers Group.
    Frederick did not get out. He was a civilian imprisoned by the Japanese.
    Nessa and Frederick had issue:

    1. Peter Frederick Bede-Cox.

  4. Doreen Gaffney,
    Doreen Eithne Gaffney, "Doreen Ethna" in mar cert,
    born 86 O'Connell St, Limerick, 25 Sept 1908.
    See birth in [GROI]. Also here.
    Think sent to boarding school in England about 1919.
    Living O'Connell St, Limerick, at mar.
    She mar 28 Oct 1937 to Roger Lionel Kirkpatrick [son of Lionel Kirkpatrick, estate agent].
    He is listed at mar as "miller", living Adare, Co.Limerick.
    They mar at Adare RC church, Co.Limerick. See mar cert from here.

  5. Toirdhealbhach Gaffney [son],
    born 22 Sept 1911.
    See the name Toirdhealbhach (and here). It is often anglicised as "Turlough".
    "Toirdhealbhach" written on grave.
    He died same day, 86 O'Connell St, 22 Sept 1911, age 8 hours.
    Grave says died 26 Sept but this is error.
    See death cert from here.
    See birth and death notice in Irish Times, September 25, 1911.
    He was bur 22 Sept [burial record], Gaffney grave, Mount St. Lawrence, Limerick.

  6. Iseult Gaffney,
    Iseult Derlua Gaffney, born 4 November 1912, Limerick.
    Known as "Lady Lua".
    Sent to boarding school in England at age 7 (1919).
    Stayed in England for many years.
    Volunteer in war effort, after WW2 started 1939. She drove a truck. Volunteered for the relief of people in Devon and Cornwall.
    She returned to (neutral) Ireland in 1941.
    She mar 1942 to Rory O'Connor and had issue.

  7. Clora Gaffney [dau],
    "Clo", youngest child.
    Listed as "Clodagh Gaffney" on wedding announcement but later appears as "Cloradh".
    "Clodagh" in her uncle's letter of 24 Mar 1924.
    She mar 18 Oct 1940, St. James's RC Church, Spanish Place, London, to Jack Scott-Harston [John Charles, English Catholic].
    He was graduate of Sherborne and Magdalen College, Oxford.
    They had issue:

    1. Michael Scott-Harston, mar Francoise ---- and had issue:
      1. Lionel Scott-Harston.
      2. Lucas Scott-Harston.

Signatures of "J. S. Gaffney, 64 George St, Limerick" and "Cis Spain, Crescent View House, Limerick" (before marriage in 1901).
From Scrapbook of Bissy Cusack, 1890 - 1900, page 1985.0123.


Jim Gaffney grave

Jim Gaffney grave, Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
Location: Lat. 135 (and 134), Long. Kb. Go through gate, straight on, up to chapel, just on RHS of centre of chapel.

Jim Gaffney grave, Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
Photo 2009. See larger and full size and similar shot.
See wider shot showing location relative to chapel.
See close-up.

Una Moira and Toirdhealbhach on Gaffney grave, Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
Photo 2009. See larger and full size.

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