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William Lindsay

Marriage of William Lindsay and Letitia Blennerhassett, 1811.
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William Lindsay,
bapt 19 Mar 1790,
from Tarbert, Co.Kerry.
His father died Feb 1805, leaving his mother a widow with a young family.
He was immediately given his father's job as a boatman in the Customs and Revenue service at Tarbert Island. Appointed Mar 1805 [CUST 20/49], age barely 15. His boss (head of customs) was Letitia's 1st husband Richard Ponsonby.
[Joseph Lindsay, 1897] says William worked under Ponsonby in the Revenue service at Tarbert Island.
William is listed as a boatman, Tarbert, in CUST 20/48 (Salary Books and Establishments - April 1809 to Mar 1810).
He is listed as a boatman, Tarbert, in CUST 20/49 (Salary Books and Establishments - Establishment Book, 5 Jan 1811).
Ponsonby died Apr 1811, and soon after, in July 1811, William married Ponsonby's widow.
William is listed as of Tarbert at mar.

William mar July 1811, Limerick, to Letitia Blennerhassett [bapt 10th June 1780, descendant of Edward III].
He was age 21. Letitia was age 31.
They lived Tarbert. Listed as of Tarbert at children's baptisms.

[Deed, 1812] is a lease from Sir Edward Leslie, Baronet to William Lindsay of Tarbert, gentleman, of 3 houses in Tarbert that were built by his father: "lately built by Joseph Lindsay, deceased".
It says this property is "in front 49 feet and in depth 33 feet" so these do not look like the Church St properties.
It says they are bounded on the E by the Bridewell. The current Bridewell was built 1831 on the road to Tarbert Island. Not sure exactly where the old one was, but obviously somewhere on Bridewell St (which runs into Church St).

William is listed in 1817 in [Vestry Minutes Book, Kilnaughtin].
He is listed as of Tarbert in 1818 in [Vestry Minutes Book, Kilnaughtin] when he is appointed as a Church Warden for 1818-19.
In [Deed, 1820] he has definitely succeeded to the Church St properties in Tarbert. Robert Leslie renews the lease of these properties to William Lindsay, gentleman, of Tarbert.

See William involved in policing actions in the Agrarian Rebellion of 1821-1824.
William Lindsay of Tarbert wrote a letter on 23 Jan 1822 to the Chief Secretary for Ireland, reporting a book "which is in private circulation amongst the lower orders of the Roman Catholicks" which predicts "the Prodestants exterminated out of this kingdom before the year 1825".
This book was General History of the Christian Church by "Pastorini" (an English Catholic bishop, died 1797) which predicted the end of Protestantism by 1825.

Letitia's dau Louisa Ponsonby (living with Ponsonby relations) got pregnant outside marriage in 1825.
William Lindsay of Tarbert witnessed [Deed, Mar 1827].
William is listed in 1828 in [Vestry Minutes Book, Kilnaughtin].
William living Tarbert as at Deeds of 1829.

Lived in Co.Limerick at least 1830 to 1842:
William lived for a time at Granard, Croom par, S of Adare, Co.Limerick (see map).
There is a marriage notice of his sister Dorcas Lindsay in Limerick Evening Post, 24 December 1830. Also notice in Freeman's Journal, 28 December 1830 (and here). This lists William as of Granard (incorrectly says Co.Kerry).
Though he kept contact with and property in Tarbert (and would later move back).
He witnessed the Will of Marmaduke Smith of Tarbert on 12 Feb 1832.
And he is listed at Tarbert in [Kilnaughtin Tithe Book, 4 Aug 1832]. He has 1 rood and 29 perches (nearly 1/2 an acre). His mother is also listed. His mother died Nov 1832.
Louisa Ponsonby's mar settlement 1833 was witnessed by "William Lindsay of Granard, Co.Limerick, gent."
William is described as of Adare at dau's death 1834.
William and Letitia are party to [Deed, 1842], in which Thomas Carrique Ponsonby is selling off the Ponsonby estate. There was an inheritance from the Ponsonby estate inherited by Letitia's daughters by her 1st marriage. In [Deed, 1842] William is described as of Adare, Co.Limerick.

They later lived back in Tarbert.
Apparently back in Tarbert at death of son William in 1847.
He is listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] as renting out the old Lindsay properties on Church St, Tarbert.
He is also listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] as landlord of various properties in Chapel St, Tarbert.
He himself in 1851 is occupying a modest house (house numbered 17) in Chapel St (smaller than 3 of the properties he is renting out). He might have been away living in Adare for some time, renting out his properties in Tarbert, only needed a small house when he came back (children grown up). Also, it may not have been convenient to remove the tenants when he came back, so initially he lived in one of the smaller properties.
He moved to another Chapel St property later, and later still we see his widow living in one of the larger Church St properties.
William's will dated 5 Jan 1852, from Tarbert.
His will of 1852 leaves his Tarbert properties - the two houses on Church St and the old Sessions House on Chapel St - to his brother Thomas, except Thomas ended up dying before him.
He is listed as "Gentleman" at son's mar 1854.
He is listed at Tieraclea Lower and Tarbert in [1859 Rental] of Leslie estate at Tarbert.
See Leslie estate 1860-70 accounts for William Lindsay and heirs, property in Tieraclea and Tarbert.
He did not stay in the house numbered 17 in Chapel St. [Deed, 1864] says he lived before his death in another of his houses on Chapel St (must be house numbered 10, beside the old Sessions House).
An undated addition to his will leaves the house in which he dwells, together with the furniture, to his wife.
He is described as "gentleman", of Tarbert, at death [NAI].

William dies, 1862:
He died Tarbert, 16 Apr 1862 [death notice], [NAI], or 15 Apr [grave], or 19 Apr [Lindsay family tree], age 72 yrs,
bur Aghavallen church, near Ballylongford, Co.Kerry.
Notes of Rev. T.E. Lindsay say there was an entry in Aghavallen parish register (possibly now lost) which said he was bur 19 Apr.
See death notice in Cork Examiner, 21 April 1862.
See death notice in Freemans Journal, Apr 23, 1862.
[Deed, 1864] says Letitia was then living in one of the Lindsay properties in Church St (would be The White House).
Item in Freemans Journal, Jan 19, 1865, says that a Mr. Sterne (see following) is applying in the Court of Probate to get "James Lindsay" of Tarbert (unidentified) to produce the will of William Lindsay.
Identical item in Cork Examiner, 19 January 1865.
Admin (with will) of estate of William Lindsay granted 25 Feb 1865 to William Sterne, attorney, of Dublin, "a creditor of the deceased", "effects under £21", no papers survive in [NAI].
See Chancery notice in Co.Kerry newspaper, probably Tralee Chronicle, Dec 1865.

Letitia continued to live in Tarbert.
[Hickson, 1897] says about Letitia in Tarbert: "I never saw her but friends of mine knew her very well in 1860-70."
1869 Rent book of Leslie estate lists the "Reps." (Representatives) of William Lindsay at property no.66 in Lower Tieraclea and property no.76 in Tarbert.
Letitia appears multiple times as a complainant in Tarbert Petty Sessions in 1869-70:

See Leslie estate 1870-79 accounts for William Lindsay heirs, property in Tieraclea and Tarbert.
Notes (and here) of Rev. Thomas Enraght Lindsay recall a visit to Tarbert in 1872 when his father took him and his brother to see Letitia (his father's aunt). Her son Joseph "did not appear". Letitia "was then 98" [actually 92] "and said she managed her own little property because she could not rely on Joseph then aged about 65!" [actually 57].
As at 1875 Letitia was living in the old Lindsay property, The White House, Church St, Tarbert.
The Lindsay buildings in Church St were put up for sale in 1875, subject to the continuing occupation of one of the houses (the White House) by Letitia.
She is described as "gentleman's widow" at death.

Letitia dies, 1876:
She died Tarbert, 29 Oct 1876 [GROI], [NAI], [Lindsay family tree], or 27 Oct [grave], age 96 yrs, of "obstinate constipation".
Her age is given as 101 on grave and in [GROI], but this is not true. Spelt "Lititia" on grave but not in other records.
See death cert from [GROI].
She was bur Aghavallen church.
Notes of Rev. T.E. Lindsay say there was an entry in Aghavallen parish register (possibly now lost) which said she was bur 31 Oct.
Item in Irish Times, November 4, 1876, notes her recent death and says she was 101.
Searched Limerick Chronicle, [LCL] microfilm, 28 Oct to 7 Nov, for death notice, not found.
Admin granted at Limerick, 7 Dec 1876, to her son Joseph, "effects under £50", no papers survive in [NAI].
William and Letitia had issue:

  1. William Lindsay,
    after father,
    bapt 20 Dec 1812 [Kilnaughtin (Tarbert) Protestant par records].
    He must have died young (there is another William).

  2. Letitia Lindsay,
    after mother,
    bapt 6 Mar 1814 [Kilnaughtin (Tarbert) Protestant par records].
    [Joseph Lindsay, 1897] describes her as eldest child.
    She is described at death as "only daughter" of William Lindsay.
    She died unmarried at Granard, near Adare, Co.Limerick, 22 July 1834, age 20 yrs.
    See Limerick Chronicle, 30 July 1834, [NLI] microfilm: "At Granard, Adare, in this county, in the bloom of life, aged 19 years, to the deep affliction of her sorrowing family and friends, Letitia, only daughter of William Lindsay, Esq. - charitable, amiable, and gentle in her manner, her memory will be long regretted by the poor of that neighbourhood."
    See Kerry Evening Post, 2 Aug 1834, [NLI] microfilm. Lists her as "only daughter".
    She did NOT die 1891.
    She was bur Aghavallen church, near Ballylongford, Co.Kerry, but no inscription.
    Notes of Rev. T.E. Lindsay say there was an entry in Aghavallen parish register (possibly now lost) which said she was bur 22 July 1834.

  3. Joseph Lindsay,
    Joe, named after grandfather,
    bapt 31 Aug 1815 [Kilnaughtin (Tarbert) Protestant par records].
    Listed as age 5 "or thereabouts" in [Deed, 1820].

  4. Catherine Lindsay,
    after grandmother,
    bapt 7 Apr 1817 [Kilnaughtin (Tarbert) Protestant par records].
    She must have died young. Her sister Letitia is described at death 1834 as "only daughter".

  5. Eliza Lindsay,
    bapt 26 April 1818 [Kilnaughtin (Tarbert) Protestant par records].
    She must have died young. Her sister Letitia is described at death 1834 as "only daughter".

  6. Blennerhassett Lindsay,
    Blennerhassett Goddard Lindsay,
    Goddard after grandmother,
    bapt 25 Apr 1819 [Kilnaughtin (Tarbert) Protestant par records].

  7. Mathew Lindsay,
    bapt 20 Jan 1822 [Kilnaughtin (Tarbert) Protestant par records].
    The parish records have an entry showing "Mathew, John, William, sons of Letitia and William Lindsay", all bapt 20 Jan 1822.
    Are they triplets? Note Letitia is age 41 at this point.
    Note that in their step-sister Louisa Ponsonby's mar settlement 1833 she refers to her "favourite stepbrothers ... Joseph Lindsay, Blennerhassett Goddard Lindsay and William Lindsay", which suggests that Mathew and John did not live.
    William was William John. Perhaps there was no John. Perhaps the parish records are in error and there were twins, Mathew and William John.

  8. John Lindsay,
    would be after grandfather,
    Letitia had a previous son John,
    bapt 20 Jan 1822 [Kilnaughtin (Tarbert) Protestant par records].

  9. William Lindsay,
    William John Lindsay,
    would be after father and grandfather,
    second William (earlier one must have died young),
    bapt 20 Jan 1822 [Kilnaughtin (Tarbert) Protestant par records].
    He was alive as at his step-sister Louisa Ponsonby's mar settlement 1833.
    (todo) Try mar of William Lindsay and Anne Mahony, 1840, Diocese of Cork and Ross [NAI].
    [Deed, 1841] implies that he is alive.
    He died 1847, age 25 yrs (it is NOT his brother John who died then).
    (todo) See notice about death of William Lindsay, "youngest son" of William Lindsay, of Tarbert, Kerry Examiner, 2 May 1847.
    His father's will 1852 refers to "my late son William John Lindsay".

"Mr. Lindsay of Tarbert" stumbles across a murder near Shanagolden on Sat 10 Sept 1808.
This must be 18 year old, unmarried, William Lindsay visiting his mother's family. His father is dead.
From Belfast Newsletter, September 20, 1808.
See copy in Belfast Commercial Chronicle, 19 September 1808.

Signature and seal of William Lindsay on [Deed, 1812].
See full size.

Signature of William Lindsay in 1818 in [Vestry Minutes Book, Kilnaughtin].

Signature and seal of William Lindsay on [Deed, 1823].

William Lindsay of Tarbert is appointed emigration agent in 1853.
Our William is quite old. His son William is dead.
Note though that his son Blennerhassett Lindsay at marriage 1854 is called an "emigration agent".
From Limerick Reporter, 7 October 1853.

From Belfast News-Letter, Wed 22 November 1854.
Mr. Lindsay of Tarbert was a passenger in the Limerick and Tralee mail coach when it crashed on Thur 16 Nov 1854 at Gortclohy Bridge, Kilflyn par, NE of Tralee (see map).
This could be William or one of his sons, or his brother George.

[Hickson, 1897] writes about Letitia in Tarbert.
See full size.


Agrarian Rebellion of 1821-1824

William Lindsay and the Tarbert volunteers carried out policing actions in the Agrarian Rebellion of 1821-1824.
This must be our William Lindsay.

William Lindsay and chief constable John Blakeney Kittson and Robert Leslie junior and the Tarbert yeomanry carry out policing action during the Agrarian Rebellion in 1821.
From Saunders's News-Letter, 8 September 1821.

Insurgents attacked and burnt the house of chief constable John Blakeney Kittson on 13 Sept 1821.
On (apparently) the night of Wed 17 to Thur 18 Oct 1821, William Lindsay and Kittson and Robert Leslie junior and the Tarbert volunteers apprehended one of the culprits across the border at Port, Abbeyfeale par, Co.Limerick (see map).
The "River Gale" is the River Galey.
See report in Freemans Journal, Wed 24 October, 1821.
The above is a more detailed report in The Morning Post (London), Friday 26 October 1821.

William Lindsay involved in a violent incident with the agrarian insurgents, Fri 14 Dec 1821.
From Dublin Evening Post, Saturday 15 December 1821.
See copy in Saunders's News-Letter, 15 December 1821.
See copy in Morning Chronicle, Thursday 20 December 1821.
See copy in Staffordshire Advertiser, Saturday 22 December 1821.

William Lindsay would be the "Mr. Lindsay" of Tarbert involved in this policing action against "whiteboys" (agrarian insurgents) on Mon 1 July 1822 (report dated Sat 6 July).
From Saunders's News-Letter, Tuesday 9 July 1822.


Children's baptisms


Baptism of William Lindsay, 1812.
See full size.

Baptism of Letitia Lindsay, 1814.
See full size.

Baptism of Joseph Lindsay, 1815.
See full size.

Baptism of Catherine Lindsay, 1817.
See full size.

Baptism of Eliza Lindsay, 1818.
See full size.

Baptism of Blennerhassett Lindsay, 1819.
See full size.

Baptism of "Mathew, John, William, sons of Letitia and William Lindsay", 1822.
See full size.

Might be related (Catherine Lindsay who married Brodrick)

Catherine Lindsay above (bapt 7 Apr 1817, family from Tarbert, family grave at Ballylongford)
may be the same as the following Catherine Lindsay (who had a son born 1846, Ballylongford).

Evidence against:

  1. Catherine's sister Letitia Lindsay is repeatedly described at her death in 1834 as "only daughter". This indicates that Catherine (bapt 1817) died young.
  2. The Brodricks are very humble. James Brodrick is a fisherman, and their son is actually illiterate.

It may be nothing but [Deed, 1871] was witnessed by John P. Broderick, solicitor, of Tralee.



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