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Jim O'Mara

Jim O'Mara,
bapt 23 Nov 1858, Limerick.
Living with father at 17 Thomas St, Limerick, at mar.

He mar 5 Jan 1884, St Michan's RC church, Dublin, to Mysie McKenna [Mary Joseph McKenna, Maria, born 1861, Waterford, dau of Thomas McKenna of Waterford].
At mar she is living with parents at 31 Glengarriff Parade, N Circular Rd, Dublin (see map).
See mar entry LHS and RHS from here.

Jim was agent for O'Mara's Bacon Company in London from at least 1886 to death 1893.
DIB thought he moved to London 1883, but marriage 1884 shows him still in Limerick.
See the various addresses of the London office of O'Mara's.
He liased with his brother Stephen in Limerick. Stephen often travelled to London to work with Jim.
[PAT/1, p.9 and p.10] relates jokes that Jim played on his brother Stephen:

Irish nationalist: Jim's brother Stephen was an MP in the Irish Parliamentary Party.
Jim was a great supporter of the party in London.

Douglas Pyne arrest, 1888: Jim was a friend of Douglas Pyne (Irish Home Rule MP, member of the Land League) who was charged with incitement in Ireland, and fled to England, and was arrested outside the House of Commons on 11 Feb 1888 (or 10 Feb). Jim's obituary says: "Poor Douglas Pyne was arm in arm with him at the time of Pyne's dramatic arrest on the threshold of the House of Parliament".
Jim's obituary says: "Joe Biggar too was one of his numerous friends". This is Joseph Biggar, Home Rule MP, who initiated the policy of obstruction, and died 1890.

Jim and family are listed in 1891 census at 97 Choumert Rd, Camberwell, London (see map). They have one servant. He is "provision agent".
Their dau was born at 97 Choumert Rd in Sept 1891, though birth cert now says father is living at 7 Lyndhurst Square, Camberwell (see map). He is "Trade Agent".

Jim dies, 1893:
He died unexpectedly in Peckham, London, Thur morning, 6 July 1893 [grave], age 34 yrs, of heart disease, "after a short illness".
See article in Limerick Chronicle, Sat 8 July 1893.
Remains brought to Limerick by train on Sat 8th July. Funeral at St.Michael's church, Limerick, Sun 9th July, NOT 16th July. He was bur Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
His nephew James then became O'Mara's agent in London.
James in letter of 2 Nov 1893 from the London office talks of going to Peckham to see "Aunt Mysie".

Mysie dies, 1898:
Mysie died at her residence, 307 Camberwell New Road, London (see map), June-July 1898, age 37 yrs.
See notice in Limerick Chronicle, Tue 5 July 1898.
Funeral Wed 6 July, bur Durrow, Co.Offaly.
Left two orphaned children.
Jim and Mysie had issue:

  1. Daisy O'Mara,
    Nora O'Mara, NOT Margaret,
    born late 1884, Lambeth.
    (todo) See birth of Nora Mary O'Mara, [GRO.UK], 4th qr 1884, Camberwell, 1d 820.
    She was orphaned in 1898.
    See entry for Daisy O'Mara, 18 Queen Mary Ave, Crosshill, Glasgow, in Stephen O'Mara's address book around 1905-1910 [P40/234].
    An O'Mara letter of 19 Mar 1912 mentions "Daisy" at a dinner in Limerick.
    She went to her sister's wedding, Austria, in June 1914.
    At mar in Limerick in 1914 she is living Auburn Villas, O'Connell Ave, Limerick. Maybe living with her uncle and aunt Richard and Kate Ray.

    She mar 27 Nov 1914 to Dr. William O'Sullivan [William John, Willie, Willy, Bill, Billy].
    He was born 1882, Limerick, son of Dr. Thomas O'Sullivan, of William St, Limerick [Lord Mayor of Limerick 1881].
    See his family listed at William St, Limerick, in 1901 census (he is away).
    He was a doctor, LRCPI, LRCSI.
    He is listed as doctor at Limerick in [Thom's, 1910].
    See him listed at family home, William St, Limerick, in 1911 census. He is "physician", unmarried.
    Listed at surgeon, living 16 William St at mar.
    They mar at St.Joseph's, Limerick. See mar cert from here. Mar wit by S.M. O'Mara and Claire O'Sullivan.

    Muffie de Courcy remembered Dr. William as very good looking, and a real charmer, fond of the ladies.
    He was a top Irish international amateur golfer. He played in Irish Open (started in 1927).
    He was not approved of by Strand House.
    They had no issue.
    He died pre-1964.
    Daisy went into nursing home in old age. She died 1964.

  2. James Thomas O'Mara,
    bapt London, Sun 3 Oct 1886, sp Michael O'Toole and Mary O'Keeffe.
    Letter of Wed 6 Oct 1886 says: "Mysie and baby are very strong."
    He died 1887.
    (todo) See death of James Thomas O'Mara, [GRO.UK], 3rd qr 1887, age 0, Camberwell, 1d 509.

  3. Connie O'Mara,
    born Mary Constance O'Mara,
    NOT Constance Mary,
    born 8 Sept 1891, 97 Choumert Rd, Camberwell, London [GRO.UK].

Letterhead of O'Mara office, 21 Tooley St, London. Telephone no. 4515.
From letter of 19 Oct 1888.
See full size.

"Lalor and O'Mara", 45 Tooley St, London. Telephone no. 4515.
From June 1890 London phone directory.

Dr. William O'Sullivan of Limerick listed on p.914 of [Thom's, 1910].
It also shows Dr. William O'Sullivan of Killarney, who married Daisy's 1st cousin, Norrie O'Mara.

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