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Cashel of Co.Kerry


The "Blennerhassett problem"

The "Holy Grail" of my family tree research has always been the Blennerhassett problem, the problem of how we connect through George Cashel (born 1807) to the Blennerhassett family.

In 2020, I finally proved that we connect to the Blennerhassett Baronets branch. See Proof of our descent from Blennerhassett. Some connection to that branch is now proved, but the details of exactly what the connection is remain a mystery.

Nothing is known about Cashel outside of George Cashel

On the Cashel side, almost nothing is known. Our ancestor George Cashel has no known Cashel relations. If a Mr. Cashel ran away with a Miss Blennerhassett, they seem to have had no other children. We are not even sure Mr. Cashel exists. George Cashel might be the natural son of a Blennerhassett man. We are not even sure if "Cashel" is a real surname, or a surname made up for a natural child.


The proper spelling of our family seems to be "Cashel" not "Cashell".


Following the family story:


The notes of Pat Lavelle show the mother of George Cashel as a Letitia Blennerhassett.


George Cashel's middle name

George Cashel is normally written with no middle name.
He is "George Cashel" or sometimes "George Cashell".
But he does appear during his life as "George Blennerhassett Cashel" and "George S. Cashel".
[PAT/13, no.6] also lists him as "George Edward Cashel", but this is long after his death.

"George Blennerhassett Cashel" on marriage cert of his son Blennerhassett Cashel in 1869.
See full size.

"George S. Cashel" sponsors the baptism of (his grandson) Willie Cashel in 1875.

Death notice of "George S. Cashel" in Irish Times, Fri 23 June 1882.

Death notice of "George S. Cashel" in Freeman's Journal, 23 June 1882.

[PAT/13, no.6] lists him as "George Edward Cashel", but this is written long after his death.


Real Gaelic descents v. Imaginary Gaelic descents


Some fictional Gaelic genealogy about Cashel from Pat Lavelle in [PAT/4].
She refers to her grandfather Blennerhassett Cashel.
Pat was fascinated by old Gaelic Ireland, but ironically, she could not see that Blennerhassett, not Cashel, or O'Mara, or any other family, was the only line that would give her a real descent from medieval and Gaelic Ireland.


There is another link to Irish nationalism: Rowland Ponsonby Blennerhassett, MP, the famous Home Rule MP elected in 1872.
According to my theory of our descent, Blennerhassett Cashel was probably his 2nd cousin.
Pat Lavelle was aware of Rowland Ponsonby Blennerhassett, MP, and talks about his famous victory for Home Rule in [PAT/12, p.14-15]. But she does not write down our link to him.

The Cashell family (that descends from Rowan and Blennerhassett)

Miscellaneous Cashels

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