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Bateman of Co.Kerry
<li>  BATEMAN in <a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846] </a>
Blennerhassett Blog
<li><A HREF="Blennerhassett/"> Genealogies of Kerry (Rowan, 1846) </A>
<li><a href=""> Rowan manuscript  items in the tree</a>
Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, 1st Baronet
<a href=""> Page 23</a> of
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846] </a>
Sir Robert Blennerhassett, 2nd Baronet
<a href=""> Page 23</a> of
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846] </a>
Arthur Blennerhassett, of Fortfield
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846] </a>
Blennerville Windmill
<a href=""> p.23</a> of
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846]</a>. 
<a href="">Genealogies of Kerry (Rowan, 1846)</a><br><font color=green><i>Blennerhassett/</i></font>
Blennerhassett of Co.Kerry
<li> BLENNERHASSETT in <a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846] </a>
Richard Carrique Ponsonby
<a href="../Blennerhassett/">  p.146</a> of
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846]</a>. 
Richard Francis Blennerhassett
<a href=""> Page 24</a> of
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846] </a>
Robert Arthur Blennerhassett
<a href=""> Page 25</a> of
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846] </a>
Genealogies of Kerry (Rowan, 1846)
See <A HREF="">full size</A>.
<a href="">front</a> and 
<a href="">p.1</a> and 
<a href="">p.2</a> and
<a href="">back</a>  
<a href="">p.3</a> and
<a href="">pp.4-5</a> and 
<a href="">p.6</a>
<a href="">p.9</a> and 
<a href="">pp.10-11</a> and 
<a href="">p.12</a> (and cutting) and 
<a href="">p.13</a> and
<a href="">p.15</a> and
<a href="">pp.16-17</a>
<a href="">p.19</a> and
<a href="">pp.20-21</a> and
<a href="">pp.22-23</a> and
<a href="">pp.24-25</a> and
<a href="">pp.26-27</a> and
<a href="">p.28</a>
<a href="">arms</a> and
<a href="">p.29</a> and
<a href="">pp.30-31</a>
<a href="">p.33</a> and
<a href="">pp.34-35</a> and
<a href="">pp.36-37</a> and
<a href="">pp.38-39</a> and
<a href="">pp.40-41</a> and
<a href="">pp.42-43</a> and
<a href="">pp.44-45</a>
<a href="">pp.50-51</a> and
<a href="">pp.52-53</a> and
<a href="">p.54</a>
<a href="">p.55</a>
<a href="">cutting</a> and
<a href="">p.57</a> and
<a href="">pp.58-59</a> and 
<a href="">pp.60-61</a> and
<a href="">p.62</a>
<a href="">p.63</a> and
<a href="">pp.64-65</a> and
<a href="">p.66</a> (and inserts) and
<a href="">p.67</a> and
<a href="">pp.68-69</a> and
<a href="">pp.70-71</a> and
<a href="">pp.72-73</a>
<a href="">p.74</a>
<a href="">insert</a> and 
<a href="">p.75</a> and
<a href="">pp.76-77</a> and
<a href="">pp.78-79</a> and
<a href="">p.80</a>
<a href="">p.81</a> and
<a href="">p.82</a> (and insert) and
<a href="">p.83</a> and
<a href="">pp.84-85</a> and
<a href="">pp.86-87</a> and
<a href="">p.88</a>
<a href="">p.89</a> and
<a href="">pp.90-91</a>
<a href="">p.92</a>
<a href="">p.93</a>.  
<a href="">pp.94-95</a> and
<a href="">p.96</a>
<a href="">p.97</a> and
<a href="">pp.98-99</a> and
<a href="">pp.100-101</a> and
<a href="">pp.102-103</a> and
<a href="">pp.104-105</a> and
<a href="">pp.106-107</a>
<a href="">p.108</a> 
<a href="">p.109</a> and
<a href="">pp.110-111</a> and
<a href="">pp.112-113</a> 
<a href="">pp.114-115</a> and
<a href="">pp.116-117</a> and
<a href="">p.118</a> 
<a href="">p.119</a> and
<a href="">p.120</a> 
<a href="">p.121</a> and
<a href="">p.122</a> 
<a href="">p.123</a> and
<a href="">pp.124-125</a> and
<a href="">p.126</a>  
<a href="">p.127</a> and
<a href="">pp.128-129</a> and
<a href="">pp.130-131</a> 
<a href="">pp.132-133</a> and
<a href="">pp.134-135</a> 
<a href="">p.137</a> and
<a href="">pp.138-139</a> and
<a href="">pp.140-141</a> 
<a href="">p.142</a> 
<a href="">p.143</a> and
<a href="">p.144</a> 
<a href="">p.145</a> and
<a href="">p.146</a> 
<a href="">p.148</a> and
<a href="">p.149</a> (plus crest) 
<a href="">p.151</a> 
<a href="">cutting</a> and
<a href="">p.153</a> and
<a href="">pp.154-155</a> and
<a href="">p.156</a> 
<a href="">p.157</a> and
<a href="">pp.158-159</a> and
<a href="">p.160</a> (and insert) and 
<a href="">p.161</a> 
<a href="">p.163</a> (and insert)
<a href="">pp.164-165</a> and
<a href="">pp.166-167</a> and
<a href="">p.168</a> 
<a href="">p.169</a> and
<a href="">pp.170-171</a> and
<a href="">p.172</a> 
<a href="">p.174</a> 
<a href="">p.175</a> and
<a href="">pp.176-177</a> 
<a href=""> printed  tree </a> 
<a href="">p.179</a> and
<a href="">p.181</a> and
<a href="">p.183</a> and
<a href="">p.185</a> and
<a href="">p.187</a> 
<a href="">p.255</a> 
See <A HREF="">full size</A>.
Rowland Blennerhassett, of Kells
<a href=""> Page 24</a> of
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846] </a>
<a href=""> Page 24</a> of
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846] </a>
<li> SHEIRCLIFFE in <a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846] </a>
Capt. Jenkin Conway
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> Page 30</a> of
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846]</a>
Conway of Dublin
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846]</a>. <BR>
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> full size</a>. 
Jenkin Conway, of Castle Conway
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> Page 29</a> of
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846]</a>
Owen McGuirk
<A href="../Blennerhassett/"> 1855   Rowan transcript of Black Jack's Book</a>.
<A href="../Blennerhassett/"> <B>1855   Rowan transcript of Black Jack's Book</B></a>.
Rowan of Co.Kerry
<li> ROWAN in <a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846] </a>
William Rowan
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> <b> "Genealogies of Kerry"</b></a> 1846.<BR>
<A href="../Blennerhassett/"> <B>transcript of "Black Jack's Book"</B></A> 1855.
Capt. Thomas Spring
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> Page 132</a> of
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846]</a>
Spring of Lavenham, Suffolk, and of Co.Kerry
<li>   SPRING in <a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846] </a>
Thomas Spring
<a href="../Blennerhassett/">  p.132</a> of
<a href="../Blennerhassett/"> [Rowan, 1846]</a>.