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From here at

Top of Mount Merrion Ave, Co.Dublin, right now. From Dublin City Council. See full size.

My wife's three connections to the World family tree:

Augustus Reebkomp.

Barbara Yeats.

Dr. William Kerr.

My possible connection to the World family tree:

Blennerhassett Cashel.


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Updates on the Blennerhassett Challenge are here.

Ryan tree now fully online.

P40 O'Mara papers in UL Archives

High-quality images from old Humphrys and Rahilly glass negatives


New images in Flanagan branch

Major update of Wells branch

I track down and photograph a document dated 1727 in my family tree, June 2016.

Aodhagán Ó Rathaille mentioned in accounts dated Sept 1727.

Films of James Mark Sullivan and the Film Company of Ireland

Humphreys and O'Rahilly prisoners in Mountjoy and Kilmainham

"The O'Rahilly" 1916 memorial events, Apr 2016.

Yeats ancestry updated


Kerr branch entirely updated

I wrote a short biography of Alice Cashel in Cumann na mBan: County Galway Dimensions, Galway County Council, 2015.

Me at the launch with one of the other contributors.
From Joe Travers.

Unfortunately, the rock star Bono does not have a Royal Descent:

Flanagan tree pushed back one more generation, to 1777:

I track down and photograph a document dated 1722 in my family tree, June 2015.

Signature of Aodhagán Ó Rathaille dated 9 Sept 1722.
See full size.

Talk on O'Rahilly family history, Ballylongford, 11 Apr 2015

I gave a talk on the O'Rahilly family history (click "Start") at a seminar on The O'Rahilly in Ballylongford, Co.Kerry, on 11 Apr 2015.


The topic of my talk.
See full program.


Apparently we exist because a man called Kennedy O'Brien was killed in a faction fight in 1825.

UCD Archives

New updates


The song "Darling Michael"

The song "Darling Michael".

Dicey family tree - new photos

Possible living descendants of the poet Aodhagán Ó Rathaille

O'Rahilly tree now fully online.
  • O'Rahilly (or Rahilly, or O'Rahilly "Fionn", or The O'Rahilly) of Sliabh Luachra (and Ballylongford and Dublin)


The poet James Clarence Mangan

Brian Ború Millennium talk, 12 Apr 2014

I gave a talk on how we all descend from Brian Boru at the Brian Ború Millennium Commemoration Weekend, Killaloe, Co.Clare, 12 Apr 2014.

Brian Boru weekend, Apr 2014. Left to right:
Genealogist John Hamrock (of Ancestor Network).
Historian Grania Weir (dau of 16th Baron of Inchiquin).
Genealogist Paddy Waldron.
And myself.
See full size. From Ancestor Network. Used with permission.

Royal Descents in my family tree

Tree The descendants of: descend (or may descend) from: Notes
Cashel George Cashel and Mary Kickham Edward III Unproven
Ebrill Edward John De La Poer and Frances Mary Croker Edward I Not proved related
Flanagan Tom Jacomb and Philippa Winter Henry VII Proved
Humphrys Dick Humphreys and Eithne O'Mara Edward III Unproven
Humphrys Mark Humphrys and Elizabeth Gibbon Edward III Proved
Humphrys Dermot Humphreys and Eibhlín Sigerson Piatt Henry II Proved
Humphrys John Lloyd and Margaret Humphreys Edward I Unproven
O'Mara James O'Mara and Agnes Cashel Edward III Unproven
O'Mara Alec Spain and Eileen O'Mara Edward III Unproven
O'Mara Michael Rynne and Mary O'Mara Edward I Unproven
O'Mara Count Johann Heribert of Herberstein and Connie O'Mara Edward III No descendants
O'Rahilly Edward Wren and Josephine Hickie Edward III Unproven
O'Rahilly Peter Rahilly and Aileen O'Connell Edward III Not proved related

My grand-aunt descends from Henry II, but not Henry III.

Donnybrook, Co.Dublin

Lloyd may have a Royal Descent

My wife and my children have 23 descents from Edward III

Ahnentafel (Ancestor Number) Online Parser


Glasnevin Cemetery - New photos and street view

Westminster Abbey

Mangan tree now fully online.
Entirely new Nolan and Donovan trees.

Finns Leinster Journal, 28 Sept to 2 Oct, 1799.
My ancestor Joseph Donovan of Lisgordan signs a statement in favour of the proposed Act of Union.
See full size.

I discover a possible Royal Descent for my grand-uncle, Jan 2013

Major update to Maltass and Icard

New tree and images

New images


Fixed error in ancestry of Kitty Hunter

I previously had Kitty Hunter's ancestor Sir Charles Somerset listed in error as son of the 4th Earl of Worcester. In fact, he is son of the 2nd Earl. (Thanks to Hal Bradley for pointing this out.) Fixing this required wiping out many, but not all, of Kitty Hunter's Royal Descents.

I also took the time to check thoroughly the line from Sir Charles Somerset down to Kitty Hunter. This descent is now definitely proved:

Gould of Limerick city

US Presidential election, Nov 2012

Media coverage

Media appearance: "Coleman at Large", Irish radio, Aug 2012

I talked about my genealogy work on "Coleman at Large", Newstalk radio, 14 Aug 2012.

Click to play first part of "Coleman at Large" show on identity.
Length 25 minutes.
The second part is missing.

  • You have to grab Newstalk shows while they are there. The first part of the show used to be from 28:43 to the end (53:00) in this: This URL no longer works. It points to another show.
  • The second part of the show is missing. It was never online.

  • The celebrity who discovered to his shock that he was not Irish was indeed John Hurt.

Cecil tomb at Westminster Abbey

New details and images

4th Viscount Fitzwilliam.
Portrait 1700. Used with permission.

Detailed mapping

New details and images

Detailed mapping

New images in O'Rahilly branch

New images in O'Mara branch

Blog - Archive (1983-2011)

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"Ochone! When I Used to Be Young".
Sung by Joseph O'Mara in 1901.


"O'Rathaille's Grave" by Gan Ainm (2006).
About the Gaelic poet Aodhagán Ó Rathaille.

"My Love: The O'Rahilly" by Mary Buckley-Clarke (2006).
About the death of The O'Rahilly in 1916.


"Darling Michael" by Aideen O'Rahilly (2014).
About the death of The O'Rahilly in 1916.


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